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Live announcement one week from now, till then have an amazing week!

4 days ago

‪今夜23時半〜日テレの有吉反省会に出ます。御高覧賜りたく存じます!じゃん!‬In Japan? I’ll be on Ariyoshi Hanseikai at 11:30 tonight on Nippon Television. It’s a fun show!!!

2 weeks ago

??? Love this

3 weeks ago


last month

With DPS doing a brand new song! Heard it yet?

last month

It’s an awesome looking night tonight, thought I’d show you all-

last month

Sometimes it’s good fun to do a tv show you have been watching for years—-: )

last month

Rimi Nishimoto just after finishing her bass tracks! I wrote a new song for Fudanjuju and it is angelic and demonic at the same time! 西本りみちゃんの初ベースREC無事終了!僕の鬼ディレクション楽勝に対応した!

last month

Good morning

last month


last month

16ヶ所日本遺産認定されました。とてもおめでたい事で、令和の嬉しいスタートです!!Yesterday, 16 places in Japan were officially announced as points of Japan Heritage. Even after living here, I didn’t know many of these wonderful places before. So much more to explore!

last month

令和初の日本遺産認定証交付式に参加させて頂きました。日本遺産車も発見! With the Japan Heritage car at the first Japan Heritage event of the Reiwa era!

last month

This was shot when we played “Canon ala Koto” for a beautifully done SMBC bank commercial. Full version of the song here: And can you imagine how hard it was to get my hair packed down so tight???!!

last month

A couple of hos and free flowing drinks...sounds like a night to remember

May 2019

This is the Japanese ad for the amazing Inferno, my sig amp from Engl. Give a try wherever you are!!

May 2019

With Miki Nishino from AKB48, she is cute and hilarious too! 西野未姫さんとのツーショット。

May 2019

Loving this custom version of my Jackson sig. One day to be released as a standard option....?!

May 2019

嬉しい発表です!7月5日渋谷のeplusでスペシャルライブ行います!チケット販売は12日からです!「guitar-spirit-of-鰻-night」 Announcing a very special concert! July 5 at Eplus in Shibuya, we will do our orchestral ballad show-plus a Rock Fujiyama-ish section?!? Tix on sale 5/12 at the link above.

May 2019

I apologize in advance to my Instagram friends... unfortunately I’m still mentally about 8 years old. But I saw both of these in the same day. I’m pretty easy to make laugh.

May 2019

A bit of Self Pollution from the UK

May 2019

It’s a bittersweet feeling as a truly wonderful era ends, but the possibility of an even better new one, starting today, is exhilarating.

April 2019

A sunny day in Tokyo

April 2019

In case you needed another reason to go to Tokyo....check yours truly at this link—/

April 2019

Admiring the EMG sig pickups... to hear them up close and personal, check out the brand new video by searching Marty Friedman performs Whiteworm on EMGtv

March 2019

Here’s a clip of Whiteworm from the master class at the Larvik Guitar Festival in Norway. Very well organized event, and everyone there was friendly and very intelligent too. An extremely diverse collection of unique guitarists there.

March 2019

I always think it’s kind of funny when I I play this type of heavy metal stuff for the studious audience at a master class—but then I remember that many of the studious looking kids out there go home and write even heavier stuff...this is the Intro to Self Pollution in Guildford UK

March 2019


March 2019

Self Pollution in the UK. Last day of the master class tour of Europe, thanks for all the fantastic support, and I will be back with my band soon!!! Until then enjoy the One Bad MF LIVE album!!

March 2019

Little bit of the Japan Heritage Theme Song played in Luxembourg

March 2019

First time in Luxembourg

March 2019

Fear of heights in beautiful Orvieto Italy

March 2019

First time in Venosa italy, I was floored by the city and the extremely friendly people here. Will be back! 初めてイタリアのベノサに来ました。昔ながらの美しい街です!

March 2019

When I lived in Hawaii I listened to Raven every single day. I think they were the first band to play metal with over the top energy, and without the demons and castles cliches that were so common back then. Even today their influence is in my riffs and arrangements. The long ending riff on my “Self Pollution” could have been a Raven song. What a thrill to do a few songs with them in Tokyo!!!

March 2019

There’s a theory floating around that McDonald’s french fries prevent baldness. I tend to believe it

March 2019

If you’re in Japan, don’t miss this special show Saturday night on NHK nationwide at 8:15! I go all over Tohoku and introduce you to incredible places and inspirational people, a unique glimpse into a rarely seen Japan! 土曜日の午後8:15NHKのみちのく冬物語スペシャルを見逃しなく!!僕の心に残った東北の話いっぱいあります!

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