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‘It’s when we’re together that I’m alone’. Thanks for all the support and responses, much appreciated, it’s great to see that even tho it doesn’t seem like it as much, there’s still a community here!

May 2019

Zandvoort aan Zee. I think the tones in this scan are a bit whack, but I tried a few times and it seems to get the reds in a good tone the blues have to be green. Anyone any recommendations?

April 2019

Dutch industrial landscape.

March 2019

I wish you could see this. ‘Other Places’, an ongoing series discovering ordinary beauty in inland Spain.

March 2019

Hiding in plain sight. Taken from ’Other Places’.

March 2019

I do remember this place vividly, as I walked around the building trying to peak inside, figuring out what it used to be. The palm looks like it’s sucked the life out of the building and the sky liquifies the roof paint. Interpretations of the ordinary...

February 2019

Gas station. Found in eastern Andalusia, I should be more precise in documenting where I’ve been. ‘Other Places’.

February 2019

The only right way to store a boat. Taken from ‘Other Places’.

February 2019

Decapitated palm. Part of my ongoing series ‘Other Places’.

February 2019

The man next to me ordered a ‘fruit dessert with mandarins’. He got two mandarins. This made me smile on a particularly dark day. ‘Other Places’ is a series that runs parallel to my mind, as often I either am in another state mentally or wandering where I should go next.

February 2019

Young palms planted to obscure the plastic greenhouses (‘invernaderos’ ). Taken from ‘Other Places’, a series in which I document my vision of Spain.

February 2019

For a few years now I’ve been traversing southern Spain, working on different projects. In between, while on the road, I encounter numerous scenes that are somewhere in between beauty and hardship, away from the tourist ‘hotspots’ and ‘highlights’. This is the Spain I’m in love with. These are the other places.

January 2019

Mad light in the village of Quetana.

December 2018

The few people living here rely heavily on the passing jeeps carrying tourists on multiple day tours around world famous Salar de Uyuni. #newtopographics

December 2018

Quetana Chico, a settlement in the heart of the altiplano. #newtopographics

August 2018

Time for progress, time for reflection. Hit me up on mark @markrammers com and say hi.

August 2018

Commercial break.

August 2018

I don’t usually talk about politics here, but I really, really don’t understand how you can (politically ) be against abortion. I just don’t get it. I hope for you, Argentina.

August 2018

Parking in Buenos Aires.

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