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3 days ago

Again, I almost forgot to post the finished piece! Thanks for reminding me to do that 💪 You’re the best! #hair #hairdrawing #hairpainting #digitalsketch #ipadproart #ipadprodrawing

6 days ago

Do you like your nose? I’m almost done with the 3rd portrait winner, but as we all wait for that let’s take a look at my new nose process video. I’ve received quite a few requests about it recently 😊 Hope you like it! #ipadpro #ipadproart #ipadproartist #procreate #artvideo #speedart #drawingprocess #procreate #nosedrawing

6 days ago

Let’s do a Throwback Thursday today. I really like this piece and wanted to give it some extra glory time 😊 Especially because I have some new people here (hey new people! 🤗 ) and they most probably haven’t seen it yet. I hope you all have a lovely day!

3 weeks ago

PORTRAIT GIVEAWAY! To celebrate 100k and my birthday, I have decided to host another portrait giveaway 😊 I’m so excited! If you want me to draw you, post a photo of yourself, TAG me in the photo (! ) and use this hashtag ( #drawmemarika ) in your caption. I’m not sure how many winners are going to be (at least 3 ). I’ll choose them randomly. I hope some of you would like to participate! App: Procreate Brushes: Painting2 and Texture1 from my Portrait Brushset Song: Sundown - Nick Gallant (Facebook Sound Collection ) #ipadpro #ipadproart #ipadproartist #procreate #giveaway #artgiveaway #procreateart #hairdrawing #artvideo #speedart

2 weeks ago

I have finally organized my colour palette! Are you proud? It took me only 2 months! It’s visible here and there in the video if you’re interested in my new layout. I keep it on a separate layer so that I can hide it anytime it bothers me, or leave it visible and have it as a guide 😊 I’m really happy with it and I feel like my workflow is so much smoother now! PS. No shaking this time! My new tripod is doing great! It’s such an upgrade for me guys! I’m so happy I ordered this baby 😊 I can finally retire my arm-tripod now and relax my body as I draw.

2 weeks ago

I enjoy my tripod so much! Why did I wait so long to buy it? I didn’t edit the video of this eye yet, but it’s coming soon 💪 Keep an eye on that!

2 weeks ago

Long or short? I totally forgot about recording this one 🙈 My arm hurt a lot and I thought “I’ll just do a base and start recording from there...”. Guess what! I woke up when it was almost done. I guess I’ll just record another hair process for you. It should be much easier now as I have a tripod now! Trying to set it up right now 💕 Can’t wait to use it!

2 weeks ago

Here’s the finished version from the process video I posted on Thursday 😊 I’m really happy with how it turned out! Have you ever tried sculpting with polymer clay? I’m really tempted to try! I mean... it’s not an option until we move to a bigger flat, but I can still dream about it. Am I right?

4 weeks ago

I’m back home and just found out I never posted these hands! You might remember them from my ring process video from a while ago.

5 weeks ago

I posted lashes, I posted brows, and I think it’s time for the full portrait this time! #digitalart #digitalpainting #ipadart #ipadartist #girldrawing #portraitart #ipad #ipadart #procreateart

last month

Today I have an eyebrow process for you! I used the same brush as in my previous video featuring eyelashes process. It’s Lash&Brow brush from my Portrait Brushset. PS. I’m still here, but I check my phone less often 😘 I’ll get to your comments/DMs, but it might take me longer than usual. I’m having great time here! #ipad #ipadart #digitaldrawing #digitalpainting #portraitart #rysunek

5 weeks ago

Eyelashes won! Thank you for helping me to decide. I didn’t cut much of the video. Just the parts when I was thinking/rotating the image. The original video file was 1:34, and the edited one is 0:58 so you’re basically getting it all 💛 I hope you will like it!

5 weeks ago

Do you have a favorite?

last month

Hair sketching 💕 It doesn’t have to be hard. Starting with simple shapes and working with highlight colors gets you quite far very quickly. This one took me less than 3 minutes (without any rush ) and I’m pretty happy with it 😊 It reminded me how much I love loose hair paintings as well! #ipadartist #procreateartist #digitalartist #applepencil #hair #hairdrawing #drawinghair #drawingtutorial

last month

“Sketch” vs. finished painting. I just wanted to remind you that everything takes time. Sometimes you’ll need an hour to finish something, sometimes it’ll be 5 hours, and sometimes it’ll be 60 hours! Take your time and remember to have fun with it!

last month

New portrait alert! You seem to enjoy my portrait process videos and I’m really happy to deliver them to you 😊 It might be a spoiler, but you’ll see her very soon in a bigger piece that I’m working on.

last month

I guess I haven’t posted lips in a while!

last month

Look! I’m keeping my word 💕 Here’s the portrait from the video I recently posted. I’m so glad you convinced me to do this!

last month

Eye can see you!

last month

Do you have scars? I have a few myself (surgery and accident scars ). I used to hate and hide them, and now I totally don’t think about them. Someone asked me recently “What happened?” pointing to my neck, and I needed a moment to understand what do they mean 😂 Yes! You can forget you have huge scars across your neck!

last month

I’m back home! We have just came back to Warsaw and I’m sad I had to part with Portugal, BUT I’m so happy I can draw again! You don’t even know how I miss it! 😭 I’m sooo ready for it!

last month

I promised to post finished pieces, so here is one! Do you still remember the video process of this one? It seems like it was ages ago!

last month

Just a quick iris process 💛 I hope you like it! Lisbon is great so far! I’m so happy we came here 💛 If you want to see better quality photos from the trip, check out @kaspertravels profile (insta stories especially ). He documents it way better than me.

last month

Would you like to see finished paintings from my videos? I just noticed I almost never post them 😱 And I don’t mean that I’ll post them right away and bore you to death with the same content. I’d like to know if you want to see it a few posts later.

last month

It’s an oldie, but I couldn’t help myself 💛 I think it’s still my favorite.

May 2019

Most of you guessed correctly! It’s an eye! This time it’s a little bit more delicate. Hope you like it! I really enjoyed working on it.

May 2019

Do you like rain? I enjoy it only if I’m safely hidden in a warm and cozy space. You know. I can wave at it through the window, but that’s it.

May 2019

Thank you so much to all the people who drew her ALREADY! Really! I was so afraid no one will do it 😂 You saved the day! And to everyone else who’s drawing her - don’t worry! There’s still plenty of time!

May 2019

Bad news is that I haven’t finished the DTIYS drawing yet. Good news is that I’m almost done with it! It’s coming on Friday. And this nose is basically a spoiler, because the character in my drawing will have a very similar one 😉 Cant wait to show it to you! I’m also recording full process, so maybe later on I’ll edit it and post as well.

May 2019

Do you know any good screen recording apps for iPads? I want something that I can use to record the full process without the program automatically speeding it up. A lot of you requested this type of a drawing process, so here it is! I don’t think it shows a lot since Procreate’s video recordings have their flaws. It just jumps ahead at some points, especially if you use a Liquify tool to adjust your painting (so it doesn’t show you the process of moving and forming the lips, and skips to the point when it’s all done ). If you can recommend anything, please let me know!

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