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🌙 Forest Fae & Artist from Germany Owner of: 💎@vespermoth 💎 Business mail ✉️ [email protected] Art: @manic_moth_art YouTuber ⬇

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Name this picture 🌱🖤🌿 I hope you'll all have an amazing weekend ✨ I'm drowning in work lately but I'll take two days off to relax with the best @panicpug 🖤

6 days ago

Do you believe in soulmates? I think you can have more than one to be honest ☺️ But one of mine is definitely my favourite human @panicpug 🖤🖤🖤 . . . Armor @mytholon_store

2 weeks ago

Family, Duty, Honor 🐟 House Tully 🌊 The words of house Tully are definitely the ones that I can most identify with 🖤 What would be the words for your house? . . . Hiddensee Crystal Earrings @vespermoth 💎

2 weeks ago

Winter is coming 🐺 House Stark ⚔️ Is this more wolf or white walker 😅? Btw incoming rant... I loved the series so much (still love the books ) but after all this horrible writing I'm a bit sad about the way the story is ending in the series 😢 What are your thoughts about this? Let's get this off our chest and rant together 😅🙈 And for those of you that didn't watch the last episode and don't want to be spoilered I'd advise to not read the comments under this post 😉 . . . Wolf Brooch @armstreetcom

2 weeks ago

Fire & Blood 🔥 House Targaryen 🐲 Who's your favourite house? I'm starting my new makeup series today 😁🙌 Thank you for this awesome idea @l.u.c.i.p.u.r.r 🖤 I'm already super excited to show you all I planned for this series 😱😍 . . . Crescent Black Agate Earrings @vespermoth Headpiece made by me 😎

2 weeks ago

The story continues 👑... Part 1 written by my lovely follower @jadexcute : It was the last day before the night of the six blood moons. The princess knew that from that moment onwards her life would no more be the same. Her true destiny the awakening of her true powers would be unveiled. The journey unleashed in the sea of her own soul. Will she drown in her abyss or rise from the shadows in grace... Part 2 by my love @panicpug 🖤 : Visions of darkness, visions of light, visions of color and visions of their absence all crashed into her mind. The chaos threatened to undo her, there were just too many possibilities and no order to it! But as she managed to pull herself back into reality just enough to catch a single breath of the cool night air and see the order of the big, red moons circling her world she found serenity. Diving back into her inner world she could finally see the paths and the order in the madness of her visions. . . . Dress & corset @armstreetcom @armstreet de ✨ Crown made by @panicpug 👑 Hiddensee Crystal Earrings @vespermoth Picture taken by the talented @phirst blood 🖤 Edit by me ☺️

3 weeks ago

Let me know the story to this picture ☺️👑 I'm going to post my favourite one from you guys tomorrow under my next picture from this shooting 😃 and I'll continue your story 😁🙌🖤 . . . Beautiful clothing plus shoes from @armstreetcom @armstreet de 👑 Picture taken by @phirst blood Edit by me 😎

3 weeks ago

Sagittarius ♐ The last look of my zodiac sign series ☺️🖤 Let me know what makeup series I should do next 😁🙌 It was SO much fun to create all my zodiac sign interpretations 😊 and since I'm seriously super satisfied with all these looks there's a limited calendar in stock @vespermoth with all of them included right now 😁🖤 . . . Air Bender Earrings @vespermoth Metal Choker @mirirart

3 weeks ago

Leo ♌ They're said to be fierce & proud 🖤 Tell me something about yourself that you're proud of ✨☺️✨ . . . Golden Hiddensee Earrings @vespermoth 💛

3 weeks ago

Aries ♈🔥 This week I'm going to post all fire zodiac signs ☺️🖤 What's your first association with fire 😁? I know that fire signs are often interpreted as angry although I'd say that they're full of energy & drive to fullfil their goals 🔥🔥🔥 . . . Beautiful copper moth harness & hand jewelry by the super talented @valk_jewelry 🖤 Hiddensee Crystal Earrings with Citrines & Honey Calcite Seidr Necklace @vespermoth

4 weeks ago

I miss this beautiful man so much right now 😪❤️ Only a few more days ☺️🙌 Who are you looking forward to be reunited with 🙂? Let's appreciate our loved ones 💕 . . . My dress & corset + Leon's garment & brooch @armstreetcom 🖤 @armstreet de Leon's shawl @celticfusiondesign Picture taken by the talented @phirst blood Edit by me 😎

4 weeks ago

Oldie cause I'm currently drowning in work for @vespermoth & @vespermoth fashion 🙈🖤 Tell me how you recharge your energies when you only have a few moments during the day without work 😓 . . . Semi permanent tattoos @cosmicdrifters 🖤 Black Agate Pentagram Earrings @vespermoth 🔮

4 weeks ago

Hugin & Munin 🖤 Thought & Memory/Desire ✨ Who of these two has more influence over you or do you cherish them equally? Picture taken with one of my favourite humans 😁 @maimagi 🖤 We're currently planning our next meetups and I can't wait to create magic together again ☺️🙌 . . . Picture taken by the talented @phirst blood Beautiful Raven Masks @francescosanseverinomakeup Völvagamen Necklaces @vespermoth & @creations by.magi

5 weeks ago

Who am I defending the beach against 😅? ⚔️🖤 . . . Beautiful armor @mytholon_store Hiddensee Earrings @vespermoth The shoes are thrifted 😎 #pagan #pagangoth #anzeige #manicmoth #gothic #viking #vikingwarrior #warrior

last month

Today's my birthday 😍🎉🎂🎊 And all sites of me are super happy ☺️🖤🖤🖤 Personal rambling coming... If I would have known how happy my life would become I wouldn't have been such a sad teenager. I was bullied severely in school and during the same time I was anorexic. Later during my studies my art style was often regarded as Kitsch and I was laughed at for loving fantasy. And now in my late 20s I have my dream job as an independent business owner ( @vespermoth & @vespermoth fashion ), the most wonderful partner @panicpug , super supportive friends and like always my wonderful family 🖤 How did I manage to turn my life around? Ongoing hard work! And it paid off! If you're feeling unhappy with your life right now just know that you can always change its direction if you work hard on yourself and be persistent despite not earning any praise or understanding for it. You can always make your life the one you want it to be if you're willing to make sacrifices and I'm believing in your capabilities to push yourself even further of what you think you could achieve ✨🙌✨ All the love to you guys 🖤🖤🖤

last month

Hugin and Munin fly each day over the spacious earth. I fear for Hugin, that he come not back, yet more anxious am I for Munin. - Odin, the poetic Edda I think a lot of you guys know that Hugin stands for thought and Munin is often translated as memory although it could also mean passion & desire. Considering this it's understandable that Odin fears the loss of Munin even more. Tell me one of your favourite mythological creatures 🌿 I love to get to know some stories that I don't know of yet ☺️ . . . Picture taken & edited by the talented @phirst blood 🖤 Beautiful raven mask @francescosanseverinomakeup 🖤 (use the code MANICMOTH10 for 10% off )

last month

Libra 🌑♎☀️ How do you find balance in your life 🤔? Libras are said to be both playful & responsible. Completely in balance 🧘 . . . Crystal Necklace @vespermoth

last month

Gemini ♊ Tell me two different sides of your personality 😈😸 When I asked you guys about the biggest misconceptions of your sign most people wrote me that Geminis are often seen as two faced or that one side of them is fighting against the other. With my Gemini look I wanted to show you that different sides of your personality can also create harmony together 🧘🖤

last month

Aquarius ♒ Since this is an air sign I wanted to give it a different feel to the water signs I did before ☺️🌬️ Who of you is an air sign or feels connected to this element despite having another one 😃? I'm actually a Taurus (earth sign 🌱 ) and also feel connected to this element the most but air would definitely be my second pick since they're said to be independent, curious and tend to overanalyze 😅🌬️ . . . Twig Earrings @vespermoth

last month

Story of the life of an Instagram boyfriend 🙈: I woke @panicpug up early in the morning to take some pictures of me in the bathtub only to decide to paint his face afterwards to take pictures of him in the bathtub 😂💧 So happy that @panicpug is down for every creative adventure with me 😅🙌🖤🖤🖤 Who's the person that can deal with all your weirdness or even admires it 😁?

last month

Scorpio ♏ Tell me five things you aim to be 🖤 I'll start 😁 I want to be compassionate, fearless, creative, strong minded & curious ✨☺️✨ Now you 🤗🖤 . . . Earrings @vespermoth Metal choker @mirirart

last month

Cancer ♋ Tell me your biggest misconceptions about your Zodiac sign 😁🖤 I think you can guess which sign will come next 😎

last month

Pisces ♓ Who of you guys is a water sign or feels strongly connected to this element even though your zodiac sign is something else ? ☺️💙🌊 The next few days I'm going to continue my zodiac series with all the water signs ✨☺️✨ . . . Aqua Aura Quartz Seidr Necklace @vespermoth 💎 The eyes are photoshopped 😎

last month

What do you look forward to the most for the warm seasons?☀️ This was the first day in Hamburg when I could walk around sleeveless and it reminded me how much I'm longing for spring & summer, spending all my free time outside with friends and ofc the festival season 😍😍😍🌸☀️ . . . Picture taken by @maimagi 🖤 Edit by me 😎

last month

My cute father almost fell into the sea while taking this picture 😅🖤 I'm seriously super thankful that everyone in my family is so creative & supportive 🖤 Who's your main support 🙂? Although I got so many wonderful people in my life my biggest support is definitely the handsome man standing next to me here ☺️🖤🖤🖤 @panicpug Armor @mytholon_store #pagan #manicmoth #warrior #gothcouple #anzeige #gothlove #vikings #medieval #pagangoth #gothic

last month

Ice & Fire Druids ❄️🔥 Twice a year we meet to keep the balance of the world and the change of the seasons 🖤 I already miss this wonderful woman @maimagi 😪 So happy that we meet up much more than twice a year in real life 😅 Who's your long distance friend you miss? Let's spread the love, tag him/her and tell them how you feel 🤗🖤🖤🖤 Btw for all of you who missed out on our joined livestream it's on my Patreon now ✨ link in my bio ✨😃🙌

last month

If you could switch looks with someone who would it be and why 🤔? I think you can guess my answer 😅🖤🙌 . . . Hiddensee Crystal Earrings @vespermoth

last month

Anzeige / Advert ▪️Tell me three random facts about you 😁🙌 I'll start 😎 I love playing video games (especially with medieval fantasy settings ), if I would be a fantasy creature I'd probably be a dwarf (crafting all day 😎💎 ) and I can't wait to hang out with my friend @maimagi the upcoming days 😍🖤 . . . Kendra armor set from Mytholon #manicmoth #warriorwoman #warrior #viking #fantasyshoot #pagangoth #gothicfashion #anzeige #armor

last month

Anzeige / Advert ▪️Name this picture 😁🙌⚔️🖤 I'd love to hear the stories you come up with ✨☺️✨ . . . I'm wearing the gorgeous kendra armor set from Mytholon ⚔️ Picture taken by my love @panicpug 🖤 #warrior #pagangoth #armor #viking #manicmoth #gothic #goth #warriorwoman #anzeige #pagan

last month

Anzeige / Advert ▪️Taurus ♉ This is my zodiac sign and I'm happy that it's an earth sign cause that's the element I always felt most connected to 🌱☺️🌿 To which element do you feel the strongest connection and why 🤗🖤🔥🌊🌱?

March 2019

Virgo ♍🗡️ This week I'm going to do all the earth zodiac signs 🌱☺️🌿 Which one's should I do in the upcoming week 🤔🌬️🔥🌊?

last month

Anzeige / Advert ▪️Capricorn ♑ I'm finally starting a new makeup series today 😁🙌 ✨Zodiac✨ What's your zodiac sign? And do you think it fits your personality 😄? I'm a taurus btw and I think it describes me quite well 🐂🖤 (stubborn, loyal & loves all the food 😂🙌🥞🍕🍰 ) . . . Headpiece made by me 🖤 Everything else is tagged

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