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Actress//Creator Birdie on Chicken Girls @brat #justrememberyourebeautiful @madxrosie YouTube ~Mads Lewis @bangenergy ↘️Get tickets to meet me↙️

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4 days ago

Happy one year to/with my literal best friend. I <3 you @charlesgitnick

3 days ago

Had such a fun day at the #santamonicapier today with my boy.🎡🎢 and of course, I didn’t forget my @bangenergy #bangenergy @bangenergy ceo 💛 #energydrink

2 weeks ago

Like for #zads and comment for #chody 💛❤️<3

2 weeks ago

Which one is your mood? 💛🧡💙💚💜❤️ #justrememberyourebeautiful #mood

2 weeks ago

Honestly, the only way I ever get up in the morning is with my @bangenergy 😴💕 #bangenergy @bangenergy ceo

3 weeks ago

Happy 4th of July babes! 🇺🇸 #justrememberyourebeautiful #art #beauty #chalkart 📸: @marksingerman

3 weeks ago

The only way I can ball up is if I drink @bangenergy first 😎🔥 Follow the inventor @bangenergy ceo #bangenergy #energydrink ❤️

3 weeks ago

Me and my guy <3 @charlesgitnick 📸: @tamm blue

4 weeks ago

Never a dull moment with these pretty girls. 🗿📃✂️❤️

last month

You’re living your story not someone else’s.🍍🌴<3 #justrememberyourebeautiful #travel #summer #beach #hawaiilife #style

last month

Dancing with you is always the best. The git up...ya dig!? @charlesgitnick @blancobrown 🌴🐎😂🌺 - btw it’s a bathing suit under my skirt. #justrememberyourebeautiful #thegitupchallenge #beauty #humor #dance #couplegoals #brandyusa #yeehaw #thegitupchallenge Watch the video we did on @charlesgitnick page

last month

Making mistakes is better than faking perfection.🌼💋 - 📸: @tamm blue #justrememberyourebeautiful #photography #style

last month

Did you know you’re on fire? Did you know that you’re beautiful? Did you know you got me fucked up? Did you know that you’re.......? 🖤 #justrememberyourebeautiful #style #art #photography #beauty

last month

Try and say bubbles in a mean voice 😂🤪. You just can’t do just sounds cute. 📸: @marksingerman #justrememberyourebeautiful #art #style #photography

May 2019

Name a better couple <3 I’ll wait ✨😋❤️ @charlesgitnick #loveyou #justrememberyourebeautiful #art #couplegoals #couplevideos Go get your tickets for @boysofsummertour 18 cities across America! We can’t wait to meet all of you babes. Make sure to select me or Charles as your favorite person to meet. 💕🎉😻

May 2019

I’m not crazy, my reality is just different than yours. ✨ @samcahill #justrememberyourebeautiful #nature #photography #art #beauty

April 2019

We love the earth, it is our planet, we love the earth, it is our home!!! 📸: @marksingerman #art #beauty #style #humor #justrememberyourebeautiful

April 2019

The greater your storm the brighter your rainbow✨🌈

April 2019

You’ve made my eyes ✨sparkle for the last 9 months @charlesgitnick <3 📸: @tamm blue #justrememberyourebeautiful

April 2019

Raise your hands if you are loving the jewelry. Oh, you all are loving it? Wellll #itsatclaires 😻. HEHEHE Im so in love with my new accessories that I’m raising both hands! 😂💕 @clairesstores @claireseurope

April 2019

Babes come meet your girl on tour ❤️ I wanna meet all of your beautiful souls!!!!! <3 @boysofsummertour #bos19 Pick me as your favorite person to meet and I’ll give you a cute signed sticker by @charlesgitnick and I. Link in bio. 18 cities across America 😱🤪🥺❤️🦋💜💕🔥👍🏼✨😌😽 #justrememberyourebeautiful

March 2019

Ring...Ring... 📞 OOP THAT’S Mads, Charles, and Brandon calling!!! 😻 We’re Leaking our NUMBERS!! My beautiful BABES, I had this vision that if you Text, dm, FaceTime and tell 10 friends that don’t follow us to follow us RiGhTNoW! 🤪 We will get to @madslewis - 1.3M @charlesgitnick - 750k @brandonrowland - 2.3M in three days!!! It’s crazy BUT I believe in each and everyone of you babes. We are SO CLOSE, LETS DO THIS ❤️❤️❤️

March 2019

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun 🧚‍♀️ (📷: @marksingerman ) #justrememberyourebeautiful

March 2019

Pranking Brandon into thinking he’s taking a picture with a dandelion!!!! 😂🥺 #eatingdandelionschallenge #eatingdandelions @brandonrowland

March 2019

Vintage. 🌹 #justrememberyourebeautiful

March 2019

Fake freckles.🍒 #justrememberyourebeautiful

February 2019

I’m always smiling around you. 🥰

March 2019

Happy Valentine’s Day to my best friend.🌹 You make me smile everyday without even telling a joke, you are so loving, kind, funny, heart warming, and you are just such an amazing human. I am so happy that I can spend V-Day with you. I love you so much handsome. 📸: @marksingerman #couplegoals #chads #valentinesday

February 2019

Hey babes when it rains on your parade, look up rather than down. 🌈 #chaserainbows because without the rain there would be no rainbow. #dreambigwithclaires 🌧 @clairesstores @claireseurope 💜 #clairespartner

February 2019

I tried and it didn’t really go as planned lmao 👄 @vereenasayed - - - New YouTube video coming soon!

February 2019

My boy right here put on something that I thought nobody his age could do. He made not only me, but 1,600+ people smile, cry tears of joy and laugh for literally 6 hours (and highkey they are all probably still smiling ). He brought so many amazing people together and created a day for people to never forget. He created a memory, he created a dream. I am so proud of what you did babe. I never doubted you and I will never, doubt you. When you say you wanna do something you never give 100% you always give 1,000%. And I love that about you. You also never just wanna make yourself happy, you wanna make others happy. 😊 which is honestly just amazing. Without your hard work, time and, dedication this would have never of been possible. So thank you @charlesgitnick ❤️, I always want you to remember how you didn’t just make me happy YOU made 1,600+ beautiful people happy. This was absolutely astonishing!! What’s next my love? 🥰

January 2019

Issa MOY sandwich🥪 Comment for Oliver Like for Sebastian 🤣

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