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World ranked on a world title chase!

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1 weeks ago

Let’s go Pettis!!! It’s showtime! @showtimepettis The more active fighter coming off a highlight reel knock out! Who you picking? #TeamPettis #UFC241 #PettisDiaz

2 weeks ago

Live and learn. Still going strong!

3 weeks ago

War last night didn’t go my way. Learning more about myself each fight. I will grind harder then ever and do whatever it takes to sit on that throne. Marathon continues. #TeamArias

4 weeks ago

Weigh ins complete! Refuel then war tomorrow live on @Espn +! #TeamArias #AriasKeeler #Roadwarrior

4 weeks ago

Let’s go! August 3rd live on @espn +. #TeamArias #AriasKeeler #Roadwarrior

4 weeks ago

If I say I’m coming, I’m coming to smack s**t! No 🧢. August 3rd live on ESPN +. #TeamArias #AriasKeeler

5 weeks ago

#Repost Closing up camp over @ihpfit with @teamrsvp August 3rd live on @Espn +. #TeamArias #Roadwarrior

last month

August 3rd live on @espn +. 🗣let’s go!! #TeamArias #Roadwarrior

last month

August 3rd live on ESPN+. Victory 19 coming up! 👊🏽. #AriasKeeler #ConlanRuiz #Roadwarrior

last month


last month

I got 12 round championship experience now! I’m back in the ring 👊🏽. Journey to upgrade these continues now! #TeamArias

June 2019

Blessed to see another year 🙏🏽. Another bday in the gym, just in a different country lol👊🏽. The marathon continues! Thanks to all my loved ones and supporters! #TeamArias

June 2019

With some of Japan’s elite fighters 👊🏽. @ryota_murata_official @tenshin nasukawa

June 2019


June 2019

Shinjuku 🚊

June 2019

Working next to a warrior! Trabajando al lado de un guerrero!! @jorgelinares

June 2019

Only getting better

May 2019

Milwaukee is on fire!! The energy @fiservforum was unbelievable last night. Milwaukee has always supported its own, just always overlooked. Can’t wait to bring that same energy with a world title fight there!!! This three years ago before any tv fights, and it will only get bigger! Bucks in 6!!! Let’s go!! #Fearthedeer #Bucksin6 #TeamArias #tbt

May 2019

Unbreakable determination. I get better with time. I will be champ! #TeamArias

May 2019

After sparring. Grind continues!

May 2019

Went 12 rounds with current IBF champ. Not the best of my performances, but I realized how elite he was right away. He always is the bigger man by a lot! Lol if he uses his size advantage as well as his quickness and speed he can beat canelo. Has to keep the fight competitive in beginning then pick it in the later rounds! Canelo usually gases in 12 round fights. If Canelo makes the adjustments early and boxes for 12 rounds then he wins! Can’t wait to see this great fight on @dazn_usa ! #CaneloJacobs

April 2019

Grind doesn’t stop! 1 gallon a day. Keeps the haters away! #TeamArias

March 2019

Dog work! More punches every round. Going to average 100 punches a round from now on. @teamrsvp #TeamArias

March 2019

Less then 10 years and you’re headlining PPV as a world champ! Motivation! Spence vs Garcia this weekend from the cowboy stadium live on PPV! Winner gets Pound for Pound! #tbt #Mandown #TeamSpence #TeamArias

March 2019

It’s a marathon. We working and improving!!! #TeamArias 🎥 @phillyflyboy

February 2019

Team work! 👊🏽💪🏽 #TeamArias

January 2019

Been doing this too long! 😂 never quit👊🏽. #tbt #20yearchallenge

January 2019

Out now! My boy @corey_pieper Up to Par video Feat @beescottgothits @whoisdenny directed by @phillyflyboy 🔥🔥

January 2019

10 years later and I’m still in a gym dropping bombs to the body!

January 2019

Happy bday to my brother Rio @teamrsvp ! One of the best strength and conditioning coaches in south Florida. Always with me through thick n thin and pushes me to the limit! God bless with many more #IHP #happybirthday

December 2018

Fancy brunch 😅. Last cheat meal of the year lol award winning restaurant. Chicken was great. Waffles not as great but still tasty! 4.6/5. #Cubathefoodcritic #ManvsFood #Endtheyearwithabang

December 2018

Midwest work

December 2018

You are in control of how your story will be told. Rest of my story to be continued soon! #TeamArias #NeverQuit

November 2018

Doing what I love and having fun with it! Grateful 🙏🏽

November 2018

I wasn’t the one doing the running.

November 2018

Perception. I was the aggressor landing more significant punches. He was moving and busier. He finished strong I won most of early rounds. Not mad at the draw. Keep climbing and get better! Back to work. Need to be busier!! #TeamArias 📸: @oscar_d11

November 2018

I’m not the most liked but tonight I’ll get everyone’s respect! I’m a warrior and I put my all into this! Forever gonna be confident and will always believe in myself like no other! Victory 19 coming up. #TeamArias 📸= @oscar_d11

November 2018

159.4. Haven’t skipped a meal and didn’t have to run all week! @ihpfit has me ready for war! #TeamArias #AriasRosado 📸 @oscar_d11

November 2018

👈🏽 Puts his money where his mouth is!! Scared money don’t make no money #TeamArias #AriasRosado 📸 @muls96

November 2018

Las Vegas!! Come check out the new and improved Rex Center at the South Boulevard Mall. Best place to have fun and great food. UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT! Go to the front desk and say the code words: ROSADO IS TRASH! And get a free go kart, laser tag or golf game on me!! code words available all weekend!

November 2018

@dazn_usa came by today to shoot. Nov 17th! We ready! #TeamArias #AriasRosado

November 2018

Last week of that dog work! Nov 17th live on @dazn_usa #TeamArias #AriasRosado #TeamEverlast 📸: @freetoagoodroam

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