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Music Promo Snap 👻 “LoveNicocoa” Twitter “therealnicocoa” Leggings by @poshsnobleggings Pillows click link

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6 days ago

😩😍 I can’t express enough how much I LOVE genuinely happy/good people. People who genuinely care about people without motive or intent are SO beautiful to me. Lately I’ve been surrounded by really good people. That vibe, that warmth you get from their presence is priceless. ❤️❤️ Shout out to all the good people that haven’t let this world turn you cold. I LOVE YOU. namaste 🙌🏽

1 weeks ago

🤔 Any good Netflix recommendations please? Everything I choose has been nothing but “ass” lately 😂😩 #ineedjesus #netflixandyoga Song 🔥🔥🔥 “on chill” by @wale Leggings 👉🏽 @poshsnobleggings

2 weeks ago

Hey 😘 just having some wild wild wild thoughts 😜😊 hope you’re having an amazing day! Desi denim Leggings by 👉🏽 @poshsnobleggings QueenTop 👉🏽 @fashionnova #leggings #jeggings

3 weeks ago

Who knows what I’m drinking? 😂 if you know I know where you’re from 😜 just enjoying a slow summers day 🌞 Leggings “pink camo” by @poshsnobleggings Song 🙌🏽🙌🏽 “If” by @davidoofficial 🔥🔥

4 weeks ago

🤔 you’re not brushing right if it doesn’t hit the back of the throat 😊 brushing and “bouncin” ft offset by @kianalede @offsetyrn 🔥🔥 #bouncin

last month

🤔What’s your favorite book??? Nothing like Reading my fav book & listening to my fav song by @yfnlucci “all night long” 😜😜🔥🔥 ft trey songz #allnightlong

last month

🙏🏽 happy Father’s Day to all the great dads!!

last month

Damn the remote slipped under the couch 😂 you see it?? Leggings 👉🏽 @poshsnobleggings

last month

#tistheseason 😎 Mood ALL Maxi Dress Season 2019. Practicing my “no hand” wedgie removal while waiting on Ups😂😋 Song 👉🏽 Juicy Booty #touche

May 2019

To anyone having a tough time 👉🏽 The harder it gets, means the greater the good to come. Stand still and in peace through difficulty because it is your guide. Don’t panic or lose faith. Find comfort in knowing how bad things may get usually predicts exactly how good they will become. ☯️ The yin and the yang; light must come with darkness. Namaste 🙏🏽

May 2019

🎮 What’s your fav ps4 game? Drop your Psn gamertag 👇🏽 Song 🔥 MY PYT by @wale

May 2019

Toned but fluffy 😂. HAVE AN AMAZING DAY ❤️ LEGGINGS SHOP @poshsnobleggings 🎼Song “Dirty” by Tank #leggings #jeggings

April 2019

This Nipsey Blue though 💙💙💙😩 going to be a great night with great people for a great cause 💙 no leggings or 🧢 allowed 🤬lol

April 2019

🤔 Have you Ever had pineapple upside-down pound cake? I heard it was pretty good lol Song 👉🏽 “Girls need love” by @summerwalker Leggings 👉🏽 nude cotton by @poshsnobleggings

April 2019

Im a cancer 🦀 so it’s hard for me to come out of my shell. But once I do I give it all or nothing. #whatsyoursign

April 2019

You guys this account is SUPER FAKE. I HAVE SEVERAL FAKE ACCOUNTS IMPERSONATING ME. i do not have any other pages. I DO NOT ask for money for ANY SERVICES. I DO NOT have any premium pages. Snaps. Or website links. DO NOT GET SCAMMED. Im contacting @instagram shortly. I have way too many impersonation accounts. This is my only page.

April 2019

Appreciate the good AND the bad. Both are equally a blessing. Happy Sunday 🙏🏽 #happysunday

April 2019

Out of respect for his wife I didn’t want to post a picture of Nipsey on my page. I never knew or met him, but this last week I have been intrigued by his words. Learning about whom Nipsey Hussle was as a person has been one of my most fulfilling journeys. He walked in his purpose without the need to criticize or devalue others. He truly set out to uplift others as he himself was elevating. “The highest human act is to inspire” has become one of my favorite quotes ever written. May he rest within the peace of heaven and thank you Nipsey for the peace you created here on earth 🙏🏽 #ripnip #themarathoncontinues

April 2019

You need friends that hype you up as much as @roxiperkins does me 😂😂 our laughs are contagious. Have fun; laugh A LOT and keep your REAL friends close. 📹 @roxiperkins #bravesgamewithmybestie

April 2019

Who me?? Just Scrolling ig and enjoying thirstraps and voluptuous backsides 😝 while bumping @pnbrock #ilikegirlschallenge Song 🔥🔥 👉🏽 @pnbrock “I like girls” ft lil skies

March 2019

Sometimes you have to climb up on hard steel to knock the dust off 😁☺️ #cleaningday love this song by @jamilahmusic “D-Licious” 👅

March 2019

Me: “hey should I clean the banister in my video today?” Banister: “nah im good luv, enjoy” 😩😩😩😂

March 2019

🤔 Any tips on how to get in between the hard to reach areas??? Im struggling a bit😂😂 this song is 🙌🏽😩 @iamcardib & @brunomars “Please Me” yes please 🔥 #pleaseme

March 2019

😂😂😂 @rob_lane_edits Posted @withrepost@faithfulmalecommunity So you get home from Bible Studies & see your cleaning lady cleaning the house like this...What’s yo next move??🤓🐶😂😂😂 #FaithfulMaleCommunity #BlackMenDontCheat

February 2019

Come eat 😋😋😋 #leggings #fitness Jegging shorts by 👉🏽 @poshsnobleggings

February 2019

🤔 What meal would you come over and eat??? 👇🏽 Trying to decide what to cook 😊 🙌🏽🙌🏽 song “Fall” by @davidoofficial Leggings by @poshsnobleggings #leggings #fitness

February 2019

Playing around on the bed in red ❤️❤️ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY 😘😘🥰 this song in EVERYTHING 🙌🏽 Song 👉🏽 “pretty little fears” by @6lack Leggings sheer by 👉🏽 @poshsnobleggings

February 2019

Hmm What would hire me to come fix??🤔 Orange splashing while doing some work at the crib 😜 bumping this song all day 🔥 Splashin by @richthekid 🙌🏽

February 2019

This is your reminder to take 15 seconds out of your hectic day and breathe. Enjoy the beautiful nature that surrounds you 😘

February 2019

Stretching my spine and yes I wiggled my cheeks to go along with the song because I’m extra AF 🤫😂 @artisthbtl Song 🔥🔥 “Look Back at IT”

February 2019

Thank @roxiperkins for capturing the exact reason I don’t record when I’m out. This was on the way to the party. I really don’t know how to act; if y’all only knew what comments and questions I get 🤫😂😋 #giddyup #atlantaturnup #superbowl2019

January 2019

🤔 hmmm might need a jacket 🥶. Hope you have a great night and be SAFE!! Call an Uber if you have to many drinks please and gracias ❤️❤️

January 2019

Gained a few healthy pounds and I’m loving it 🍪🥛 Hair @octobersilkextensions

January 2019

I was definitely just laying around waiting for my food delivery to come 🤤😋 #leggings

January 2019

Can you Finish my sentence ?😌 Laying down waiting for __________ 🙈🙉🙊 Leggings bare by 👉🏽 @poshsnobleggings

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