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self-acceptance photos and videos

December 2017

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March 2018

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November 2017

LOST AND FOUND PRESENTS Lost and Found: Self-Acceptance Hello everyone! Mark your calendars on WEDNESDAY, 29th OF NOVEMBER 2017 IN THE TUNAS MUDA SCHOOL HALL - Lost and Found presents to you our little corner to learn the importance of SELF-ACCEPTANCE. Here, Vanessa Argo is holding a talk show, that will be featuring a mental health therapist, Tessa Sawitri! From discussing her own personal journey on self-acceptance, to showcasing music on stage and learning new ways to be able to accept yourself from kak Tessa, this interactive talkshow will open your eyes to realize the goodness of being who you are! Not only that, Vania Prananto will be featuring her own self-made short film, LOST, delivering such a great message to the audience regarding the joys of being, well.. you and nobody else! Casual yet meaningful, merchandises for Lost and Found, designed by Vania Prananto, will also be available very soon! The lastest design has been posted, check out our last post! (if you want to pre order, please DM @vaniaprananto : ) ) TICKETS FOR THE SHOW WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER: 10K ON THE SPOT: 15K FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CP: +628111735439 / +628118909211 DM: @vaniaprananto / @vanessaoktaviaa We look forward to see you there, have a blessed day! 💫 Signin’ out, Vania and Vanessa

November 2017

(LOST ) what's up yall! I'm Vania Prananto and I want to thank all and each one of you for supporting Vanessa Argo's and my Personal Project. So for my Personal Project, I will be creating a short film revolving the topic self-acceptance. Not only that, I will be designing a merchandise line that will be launching in about one week, so ANTICIPATE it because there is a special coming your way! Vanessa will be holding a talkshow with a very special guest speaker, and producing a self-made album. Thank you and have a great day! 💫

November 2017

(FOUND ) Hey! Vanessa Argo here. Thank you so much for supporting our personal project by clicking the follow button up there ; ) Anyway, welcome to Lost and Found. Vania is making a short film to raise awareness on the topic of self acceptance. Well, me too! Not exactly but.. As I have a passion for public speaking and helping others, I am going to create and host a TALK SHOW that will be discussing the importance of self acceptance as well as general information on self acceptance. In this particular talk show, the audience will be able to take part in asking questions and sharing their own, personal, self acceptance journeys. Let’s not forget that there will be a special guest speaker, I will reveal who he/she is very soon! Where and when? Well, let’s talk about that some other time, okay! Not only that, I do have a passion for music, and no, I’m not professional or anything. I just love music. With this, I am creating an SELF-MADE ALBUM, titled FOUND, that will consist of 5 songs, 3 songs will be self-written and produced, the other 2 will be covers! Vania’s short film will be showcased during my talk-show, look-out for that 👀 Are you excited? I hope you are excited! We have so much planned for our personal project, this is just the beginning ; ) STAY TUNED @lostandfound id

October 2017

Hi everyone. Welcome to Lost and Found’s instagram page! What is Lost and Found? Lost and Found is a personal project that is created by Vania Prananto ( @vaniaprananto ) and Vanessa Argo ( @vanessaoktaviaa ) that has the aim to raise awareness about SELF ACCEPTANCE. — Before we get started, what is a PERSONAL PROJECT? The MYP Personal Project, in the IB Program, is a long-term project that is required to be completed by the Year 10 MYP students to succeed in completing the MYP Curriculum. This Personal Project aims to increase and strengthen their ATL skills for creative thinking, self management, etc. How does Lost and Found raise awareness about SELF ACCEPTANCE? Glad you asked! By creating Lost and Found, we want to help raise awareness on the importance of self acceptance through a series of products: Vania (Lost ) - CREATING A SHORT FILM WITH THE TOPIC OF SELF ACCEPTANCE, followed by a series of merchandise that supports self acceptance. Vanessa (Found ) - CREATING A TALK SHOW ABOUT SELF ACCEPTANCE, followed by the production of a self-made album. What a great collaboration indeed! For more details on the products, stay tuned for more updates on our instagram page @lostandfound id ❣