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#MarathonMonday Always remember, you have the right to choose your happiness in all areas in life. You do not have to accept negative energy nor the people who carry it. You cannot blame others for re-occurring mishaps in your life. Take ownership of your energy & all that surrounds it. Keep your eyes open, your mind sound & understand that every new day you rise is a blessing in itself. As soon as I woke this morning, I thanked the higher power for another opportunity to be great & now it’s time for me to continue my mission. What will you accomplish today ? How much closer to your goals will you get ??? These are questions to be asked & answered by YOU at days end.... #TheMarathonContinues #LongLiveTheHussle 🙏🏾🏁

2 days ago

@lax_autospa came thru & detailed the fuck out the Lambo just now.... 💦💦💦 good fuckin lookin 🙏🏾 #TMC

3 days ago

ATTENTION ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️Me & @caffeine are starting our 1st ever #Madden20 Draft League on #XBOX only in an hour & a 1/2 for any ACTIVE Madden players !!! The 2 finalists will be flown to Los Angeles & play the Super Bowl on @itsgametimelive with me & @nicknpattiwhack_ shit talking !!!! The winner of the season 1 Super Bowl will WIN $5,000 cash, a brand new Xbox & a bunch of @caffeine gear etc 😱😱😱 ‼️‼️ There are 32 teams & only 10 spots left... I will invite the 1st 10 users who are online now that message me on my Gamertag “The Game TMC” NOW.... you must be available to draft in an hour & able to play 2 games a day or you will be booted from the league & replaced immediately !!!!!!! #Madden20 #XBOX [ALL USERS MUST DOWNLOAD THE @CAFFEINE APP ON YOUR SMART PHONES & FOLLOW:THEGAME ON THE APP] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 days ago

Up early thinkin bout you.... Happy 34th Birthday bro. The world misses you 🏁 #TheMarathonContinues

5 days ago

Sometimes my mind wanders. This normally happens when u smoke before you workout lmaoooo

6 days ago

Played the album for the @applemusic team & let’s just say... they know what it is. It was a party in that building...... dropping October !!!! #BornToRap #Prolific @jonathanmannion it’s time !!! 👀

2 weeks ago

#MarathonMonday 1st we must realize that life is only one short ride. Once you really understand that, the appreciation of even the smallest things become magnified. All I need is the ability to rise everyday & from there, I got it. Be happy, love all that you can especially self. Also understand that what’s for you is for you & what’s not.... isn’t. A lot of people make the mistake of confusing motivation from others lives with jealousy & envy. Set goals for yourself & carve out a plan that works for you. What worked for someone else might not be the path for you. Put all the pieces together & take your time. The process, no matter how slow will have a better success rate than an irrational sped up grind. Use all that God left us to achieve your own goals... the world is yours & the best thing about that is..... everything you need is just outside the front door. Love will always be love.... #TheMarathonContinues #LongLiveNipseyHussle

2 weeks ago

Weekend vibes compliments of my nigga @dopeitsdom & #OPM

2 weeks ago

@bluefacebleedem dropped some shit... go see bout it 🔴🔵 #West

2 weeks ago

You already know what it is with me phonk 👌🏾 #ONGOD @rjmrla

2 weeks ago

New music alert !!!!!! @dopeitsdom @thejay305 & @moeroy & ME #PHARAOHS #PROLIFIC @wallislane

2 weeks ago

#MarathonMonday 1st let me apologize for not posting last Monday. I got busy & forgot. Human error so do forgive me. It’s like that sometimes in life.... I put in on my heart to continue to inspire, at least with these posts every week & I got sidetracked with things in my own life that took me away from my duty to my fallen brother to keep his legacy & memory going. It’s been a whole 5 months & it still seems unreal to me as I’m sure it does to others. Not trying to open the wounds of those who may be healing from his departure but on my life I really feel in my spirit Nip is supposed to be here still. & with my niggas 34th bday approaching I want you all to understand that life is all too short to let a moment pass without appreciating it for all that it is. It’s the beginning of a new week & we all should be looking forward to the next moment life shows us how truly special we are. Just wake up tomorrow is all we can really ask for. & if we are blessed to see it, give love to our immediate family & thank God for every breath. I had a trying weekend but I’m back & focused on the things ahead that need my attention. Love to all of you.... I pray for your peace & happiness going forward #TheMarathonContinues #LongLiveNipseyHussle miss you bro 🏁

3 weeks ago

When you came up how I did, this shit wasn’t no movie, it was life. Every lil nigga in my hood thought they was O-Dog @larenztate x @tyrinturner & best feature song to a movie EVER by my OG @eiht0eiht #MenaceIISociety

3 weeks ago

“WESTSIDE” video is NOW LIVE on or CLICK THE LINK in my bio #Born2Rap

3 weeks ago

16 years. Hate it or love it..... I’m here - The Game 📸 @jorgemezaphotos

3 weeks ago

This feeling will never get old. #Born2Rap 📸 @jamilnotjamal

4 weeks ago

Last night was amazing.... thank you to everyone who came out to the festival to see me. Looking forward to day 2 today #SummertimeInLBC

4 weeks ago

It’s somebody’s mothafuckin’ birthday....... “ayyyyyyyeee get lit lit, throw ya hands up if you think you the shit ayyyyyeeeee” now for anybody reading this... go back & read that again but rap it OUT LOUD so you can get the right feel for what I’m tryna do here lmaooooo..... Naw, but for real tho.... it’s a REAL ONES birthday !!!!! @lovetiffney in Hawaii living her best life (ALL EXPENSES paid for by ME 🙋🏾‍♂️ the baby zaddddy ) 🤣🤣🤣 have fun, enjoy yourself... make sure you watch some hula dancers wiggle one time for me cause that’s lowkey on my bucket list 🤔.... Thank you for all the years, two bomb ass kids & a gang of attitude lol.. what would I do without getting cussed out by you & my name screamed so the world can hear it... “JAYYYYCEEEEONNNNN” head ahhhhhhh girl lol..... & if this is 44 years old... sheeeeeeit, chile get yo life & fuck the stress 😅😂😂😂 Happy bday again Tiffney, you da best... wait, no DJ Khaled the best... wait, ummm... never mind... I don’t know where I was going with that 😒😒😒 now sing the song again everybody... on THREE... 1... 2... 3.. “ayyyyyyyeee get lit lit, throw ya hands up if you think you the shit ayyyyyeeeee” “get lit lit, throw ya hands up if you think you the shit ayyyyyeeeee” 🤣🤣🤣 I’m out 🎤 (drops mic ) ...... oh wait, I’m back... hit that FOLLOW button on @lovetiffney page for me... Aite, I’m gone 🚗💨

4 weeks ago

My young @osbechill_ new video out NOW !!!! #Prolific #Westside [or keep listening to that other bullshit] @justin_credible @laleakers & @djcarisma I’m gone need some radio love on this !!!!

4 weeks ago

“The devil stay creepin, but the Impala got wings on it”..... 10 bullets & he right back in the studio. Wasn’t yo time fonk, now get on it like never b4 !!!! Life’s way too short to not give it 💯 percent of everything you are...... & after all the hurdles growing up & making it out the fire on the Westside of Bompton.... Greatness is the only way. Love you homie 👌🏾 FOLLOW my nigga & support his mission @slim400blk #4hunnid #Prolific

4 weeks ago

The most beautiful things in life were already here before us. & I’ll say this again for those who missed the message yesterday..... Stop putting all your faith into material assets & put that energy back into yourself, family & the earth from which we came. You don’t need the validation of others.... I know millionaires who are still unhappy & insecure. Money won’t change the inevitable, which is life comes to an end one day. Knowing that, why would you ever waste time chasing more than you need to survive. I could be worth a lot more than I am but I’m happy & comfortable with what I’ve accomplished & all that I have attained. I was broke as fuck & all I wanted was an Escalade, an apartment & wi-fi.... I got all three of those things & everything I got after that was a blessing & much appreciated. Be comfortable in your own skin & thank God for the day as you know tomorrow isn’t promised to anyone. This picture is my version of peace...... enjoy your evening young world 🙏🏾 #CaliforniaLove

4 weeks ago

My favorite show... #TheLAKESHOW is coming back soon & I’m excited af !!!!! Who did this shit to my homies 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #InternetStillUndefeated

4 weeks ago

Aye y’all, my daughter slangin @Nike ’s .... they got y’all size too 🤣

4 weeks ago

#MarathonMonday understand that life will test you. Especially when things are happening positively in your favor. Don’t be detoured by the devil or his trap. Keep your faith in family & God. Do not pride yourself on material possessions as they only bring temporary happiness. The more you have, the more you have to maintain & the bigger the target on your back. We only get one chance at LIFE.. be thankful for the day & love all those close to you because they too are on the same clock as me & you. #TMC #LongLiveHussle

4 weeks ago

With no further interruptions... I introduce to you “THE CANDY FAMILY” 🍭🍬🍫 🤣🤣🤣

5 weeks ago

I remember being broke af wishing I had money on the dresser like @nas & @snoopdogg rapped about... shit was a dream... now I take this shit out my pocket & throw it to the side like it ain’t shit.... 20k to host a club & drink free liquor when people really out here bussin’ they ass to make ends meet. Don’t get this post misconstrued..... the lifestyle I live & have provided has to be maintained.. For my family, for my kids.... & so I grind. But, I ain’t never put my happiness in a dollar bill. So, don’t ever put your faith in material shit.... it’ll all be here when you’re gone. Waking up & being grateful to see another day is priceless... know that !!! #Prolific

last month

Takin selfies on Da Da’s phone again 🤫🤫🤫🤪😜🤩❤️🤣🤣🤣🤣

last month

My daddy is in the bathroom doing # 2 💩 💨 😩 and I know his password 🤭 so I am taking over his phone 🤫 here’s another one from my @tiktok account dreams4life101 ... and how do you do # 2 when you only drink juice 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 - @littlemisscali

last month

My kids kill me 🤣🤣🤣 I’m definitely loving them a lot more as they grow into their personalities.... how can men abandon their own children 🤔 I could never.... shout to the fathers that are THERE !!!!!!!!! [ & follow my daughter dreams4life101 on @tiktok ] she’s huuuuuuu-larrry-us 😝

last month

@treesbygamecalifornia go to your local dispensary & “ASK THE QUESTION” #TreesByGame #AskTheQuestion 🗣💨 #CaliforniaLove #Prolific

last month

Just a young kid with a story to tell. Had Dr. Dre in Cedar Block. My niggas couldn’t believe their eyes when he pulled up. #TheDocumentary #WestsideWednesday #554 📸 @jonathanmannion

last month

#MarathonMonday We miss you bro 🙏🏾 #TMC

last month

Woke up with my soul full this morning when I seen this. Stood there for 5 minutes watching them & thanking God for their existence. When you teach them to love one another unconditionally they become inseparable at heart. Aye, why they sleep like they both worked 14 hour shifts at the post office 🤪😝💀

last month

I wanna thank @bigu1 & the #CrenshawRams for honoring me tonite. If it’s for the kids & the betterment of my city, you can always count me. #LongLiveNipseyHussle #TheMarathonContinues #Prolific

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