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11 hours ago

New to Grasshopper? Our bundle covers everything from basic concepts to complex facade systems. Click bundles in the link in our bio to find out more!

15 hours ago

Another piece of content requested by our members. How to quickly knock a diagram up using SketchUp & Photoshop. We hope you like.

17 hours ago

[Updated] Guys, to keep it fair for both our members and those who buy bundles we’ve changed our sign up terms ever so slightly. We’re now introducing a minimum 3 month sign up period, still at the rate of £5.99 per month charged at the amount of 3 months initially. After the 3rd month you’ll then be charged for every 3 months there after, with no contract allowing you to cancel at anytime in that 3 month period. There are no changes to our annual membership or bundles.


As part of our project set up series we show you how to arrange your sheets, element keys and tips for good drawing practice for both planning & construction purposes. This series will be going live very soon, as a bundle and to our members!

2 days ago

There are a lot of factors that make for a good quality visualisation, but if we had to pick one that made the most impact it would be good quality textures. What do you think?

3 days ago

If anyone ever tells you that you’re not good enough, don’t listen, hang in there and keep working hard at being the best you can be! I was asked to leave university at the end of second year because the tutors said I didn’t have what it takes to be an architect - I ignored them worked hard over the summer between 2nd & 3rd year and went on to get a first class with honours. What do they know!!?? Today I’m lead architect on the above project and living the dream @studiorba If you guys are ever struggling, need any help or advice remember to email us at info @studiorba we’ll point you in the right direction.

4 days ago

Here’s everything you need to get started with AutoCAD 101 🙌🏻

5 days ago

Have you checked out our tutorials on how to stitch your renders into photographs using Photoshop?

6 days ago

Have you checked out our technical area in the tutorials section of our website?

1 weeks ago

Today’s tutorial is on presenting detailed elements of your proposals for client approval. The software used is SketchUp, Enscape & InDesign. Now live on our website for all members in the Graphics & SketchUp categories.

1 weeks ago

Yesterday we received a request from one of our members and turned the tutorial around within 24hrs. This one shows how you can export an EPS file from AutoCAD. As a pro monthly or pro annual member you have direct access to the architects @studiorba to ask for advice whenever you need it 😄

2 weeks ago

Spruce up your technical skills with this modelling a 3D detail tutorial video Link in bio 👌🏻

2 weeks ago

How cool is the asset library in Lumion!? 😍

2 weeks ago

More site vlogs coming very soon!

2 weeks ago

Ever wondered how to create custom shaped mullions in Revit? This tutorial will show you how! Sign Up using the link in our bio 🙌🏻

2 weeks ago

There’s something satisfying about parametric design isn’t there 🤩

2 weeks ago

Have you checked out our download packs yet where you have access to the full drawing suits @studiorba ?

2 weeks ago

Here’s how to access our Downloads Packs filled with loads of handy drawings and assets to better your practice and use alongside our tutorials 👌🏻 Sign Up and Bundles link in bio!

2 weeks ago

SketchUp ➡️ AutoCAD

3 weeks ago

Whether you’re an experienced designer or student just starting out, we’re here to help! We provide CV and portfolio guidance for all of our members 😊

3 weeks ago

There’s nothing like a deadline to spark the creative process 😂 @leewardists with the great observations as always!

3 weeks ago

What rendering software do you use for your concepts?

3 weeks ago

A quick walkthrough of rendering settings with Rhino and Vray.

3 weeks ago

Sneak peak at converting a Ceiling based Family into a Face based Family in Revit

4 weeks ago

Our latest tutorial is now live! How to accurately model a topo surface in SketchUp. We’re aware there are quicker ways to achieve this, but you must always be sure that your site information is correct to prevent future headaches on a project, so although this technique isn’t quick it’s the most accurate way of utilising a topographic survey. It’s not always about hacks with us 😇 find the lesson in the SketchUp category of our tutorials area.

4 weeks ago

Have you checked out the 3rd edition of our download packs yet? We recommend having these downloads alongside tutorials so that you can follow along for a better understanding of what’s required for a project. Bundles and Sign up links in bio 🙌🏻

4 weeks ago

The only ‘one stop shop’ for tutorials & advice for architects by architects @studiorba (also suitable for other designers of the built environment ) 😇

4 weeks ago

Our VRay 101 lesson has been very popular since launching LHFA, it gives you a quick insight into the main tools of the plugin for 3D Studio Max so you can get going with your visuals asap! Without having to sit through a long course containing tips you’ll never use 😇

4 weeks ago

Our platform isn’t just about software tutorials, we also show you the day to day running of a practising studio Head to the website to check out our project critiques

4 weeks ago

Have you checked out our ArchiCAD course yet?

4 weeks ago

Learn how to produce animated fly through videos with our new Enscape for SketchUp series 👌🏼

4 weeks ago

Learn how to create beautiful visuals with our new series of Enscape for SketchUp tutorials. Find them in our VR section - as the resulting Enscape file can be used with VR headsets such as HTC Vive & Oculus Rift 😎

4 weeks ago

This one is HUGE! We’re working hard on a series that we’ve had 100s of requests for - how to deliver a project in practice. We’ll be showing you everything from start to finish. Including bonus footage of our training sessions @studiorba keep your eyes peeled for an announcement on this one in the next few weeks, it’s a game changer!

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