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4 days ago

Trying something new today - VIDEO!! These night shining clouds appeared Friday just before midnight. I did it as a time lapse so I can show you something, that you can’t see with the naked eye; movement. The clouds actually flies in approximately 90 km up in the sky, on the very edge of space, which makes them visible from very far but hard to see move.

6 days ago

“WE HATE COMMERCIALS” It seems like there is a little fight between the big corporations and the local community. I’m sorry but to me it kind of completed the commercial by trying to destroy it. At least it’s a way better story now.

1 weeks ago

The yellow wall, separating Assistens Cemetery and Nørrebrogade, is iconic to Nørrebro and Copenhagen. Before I moved to Copenhagen 10 years ago, I heard Thomas Buttenschøn singing about pissing on that wall, I saw it set the scene for the big demonstrations after the clearing of Ungdomshuset in 2007. I don’t now what makes this wall so special. Maybe it’s the frame between life and death, between Allé the hassle and all the silence or between the urban density and a green breathing space.

3 weeks ago

Do you recognize these stairs? . Architect: @lundgaardtranberg

3 weeks ago

This is one of my absolute favorite details at the new Køge Nord Station. It gives a fantastic room in both ends of the bridge, with a view that makes the waiting time bearable 😊 . Design: @cobearchitects and @dissingweitling

3 weeks ago

When waiting for the high speed train, you can enjoy the poppies and wildflowers 🌺☘️🌼 ...And of course the new bridge and station over the highway. . Design: @cobearchitects @dissingweitling and @cowigroup

4 weeks ago

The new Køge Nord Station is expected to service 8000 people on a daily basis. Beyond being a station, it is also a 225 m long bridge, connecting the S-train and the new high speed rail, which is separated by the highway. . Design: @cobearchitects @dissingweitling and @cowigroup

4 weeks ago

This weekend, Køge Nord Station has finally opened its stairs and platforms to the public, as a big part of the new high speed line between Ringsted and Copenhagen. The station was initiated by HRH The Crown Prince this Friday. Design: @cobearchitects @dissingweitling and @cowigroup

4 weeks ago

Last weekend @BaneDanmark invited a group of photographers and content creators inside the doors of Trafiktårnet Øst (Traffic Tower East ). As soon as you enter the building, this beautiful stairway reveals. Thank you @AstridKBH for letting me join. . Architect: @lundgaardtranberg

last month

The beautiful skies last Sunday triggered me to take a drive to Fjordlandet to photograph the amazing nature and the hilly landscape of flowering rapeseeds.. But it turned out that the trip was going to be much more about the skies, than I expected. 🎁

last month

Okay, so this was really my money shot from the day visiting the LEGO House.. I didn’t really had much time as the sun already had set, and the light was reduced significantly minute by minute. At least I brought my tripod, which turned the whole situation into my favor - and gave me the opportunity to create this surreal look to the photo - I would love to have some more time there another time though. . Architect: @big_builds

last month

I know, I know.. Haven’t this been seen many times before? Sometimes you just have to go photograph it for your own challenge and experience - and I will say that this photo isn’t as straight forward as you may think.. But please trust me when I say that I’m not that kind of guy, who travel far to get the exact same image as I’ve seen in a magazine... . Architect: @plharkitekter

last month

Bjarke Ingels is really productive these years, and almost no matter where in Denmark you will find yourself, you can find some kind of work by BIG nearby. In 2017 the “home of the the brick”; Billund, was gifted with the LEGO House, designed by BIG for the Kirkbi and LEGO foundations.

April 2019

The 17th of April 2018, I went to Teglholmen and photographed this very spectacular building by @danielsenarchitecture Exactly one year later, I found myself photographing the exact same building from the exact same spot. I have been photographing (on and off ) for many years, but it was around that time, that I decided to apply it to Instagram, and be more serious about it. For that reason I decided to take it as a challenge, see how my style and skills has developed. Which place would you like to see me revisit, next?

April 2019

I think I will drop a few more from @campadventuredk over the next coming time. It gave so many awesome photos in a very short time. . Architect: @effektarchitects

April 2019

It’s really hard to imagine how Copenhagen has been like just 30 years ago. Islands Brygge has some of the most visible traces from the old industrial harbor. Gemini Residence is an old soy silo, transformed into 82 apartments back in 2005. . Architects: @mvrdv @jjwarkitekter

April 2019

For very long, I’ve wanted to photograph Grundtvigs church - can you believe that this was designed in 1913? . Architect: Peder Vilhelm Jensen Klint

April 2019

Last week @thomasbirkekaer and I, went to the new forest tower at @campadventuredk It was such an inspiring trip, both because of the knowledge sharing with Thomas and the amazing architecture by @effektarchitects

April 2019

Do you think Xing Er came to Denmark to lobby foreign politics, or to eat New Nordic Bamboo?

April 2019

Congratulations to Tegnestuen Lokal, Mangor & Nagel and FB Gruppen, for the two awards you won yesterday. 🍾🎉 Both the jury award and the audience award is extraordinary but well deserved.

April 2019

Last week my cousin and good friend Ida Elisa paid me a visit in Copenhagen. Among cafè visits and spring sunshine, we went to Cisternerne at Frederiksberg, to see the current installation, which seems to have a quite clear message! Do you get it? Installation by @superflexstudio exhibited at @cisternerne Model @idaelisa ravn

April 2019

The 28th of March 2015 I discovered this place for the first time, with a group of my nearest friends. Standing here 4 years later awakens a lot of memories. At the same time it reminds me about how much, that have happened in this relatively short time. Stevns Klint and the 700 year old church (Højerup Gl. Kirke ) is one of the most spectacular places in Denmark. When it was build, it was placed at a safe distance from the coast, but in 1928 the ocean had eaten so much in shore line, that part of the church fell into the sea.

April 2019

Last week I met with @kasperholmjensen to do a collab-shoot of the new forest tower at Camp Adventure, but when arrived it turned out to be closed.. To turn the failed mission into a succes, we looked up some cool places within a half hour range (The time with light, was against us ). We went to Stevns Klint, and the lighthouse center, and succeeded somewhat anyways. Thanks for a nice trip!

April 2019

This is the very last post from Berlin, this time. I guess this tower needs no introduction. You know what tower it is! Right?

April 2019

I wasn’t able to find any information about this building on Rochstraße in Berlin. It looks like a building from the 60’s or 70’s - a time where the demand for housing where high and the construction business was systematized and industrialized. To me it seems a bit misplaced, with it’s central location amongst exclusive hotels, close to Hackescher Markt. Do you know anything about this building?

April 2019

Berlin is famous for the wall that once split the city in two. East Side Gallery is the longest piece of the Berlin Wall still standing, with its 1,3 kilometers. Today it is a gallery founded to celebrate the reunification of Berlin and Germany. This piece is made by Schimal Gimajew - of course there is more than what you see here 😉

April 2019

The Oberbaumbrücke has so much history behind it, that I don’t even know where to start. It was build in 1896 and designed by Otto Stahn. Today, the bridge connects Friedrichshain and Kreuzberg with road, rail and pedestrian walkway.. But it hasn’t always been like that. In the WWII the middle section was bombed away, to stop the red army from the east. Since repaired, but a wall appeared during the Cold War, only letting pedestrians over (if they were allowed )... Phew 😅That a of history lot for a 120 year old bridge.

April 2019

The Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Berlin Wall Memorial ) was the one place that left the deepest impression on me - by far actually. This historical place that have split friends and families for decades, has now changed to a place where they meet and have a good time. The memorial installations gives such a strong impression of how it was during the Cold War.

April 2019

Teufelsberg west of Berlin is actually a man made hill. The hill consists of rubbles and debris from the buildings in Berlin, destroyed in the WWII. During the Cold War, the US National Security Agency built this listening station, to listen on the Soviet. There have been many plans for the old listening station, but till this day it remains abandoned- now as an attraction for street artists and tourists.

April 2019

I just love the light and the symmetry of this photo. Again Paul Löbe Haus by Stephan Braunfels. It was completed in 2002.

April 2019

Staying in the minimalistic style with a photo of the Holocaust Memorial.. It was an amazing experience to see this. When you arrive, you think there are too many tourists, especially too many to get a good photo. But as soon as you enter it and goes between these massive concrete blocks you feel all alone. You slowly notice how the blocks are slanted, and the further in you get, the smaller you are. Well made!

March 2019

Now to a more minimalistic style. We are staying with the Munich architect Stefan Braunfels and his parliamentary complex. Just next to Reichstag building you will find the Paul Löbe Haus. The entrance is both filigreed and airy, but the proportions and scale, still reminds you that you are entering something bigger than yourself.

March 2019

This is just a fraction of Marie Elisabeth Lüders House, an office building with offices, library, service facilities as part of the parliamentary complex . The building is designed by the Munich architect Stephan Braunfels who also designed the bridge connected Paul Löbe Haus. Marie Elisabeth Lüders (1878-1966 ) was a significant person in German politic, and is known for being a politician fighting for women rights.

March 2019

Reichstag Dome pt. 3 The dome of Reichstag in Berlin is a symbol of a reunited democratic Germany. The two helix shaped walkways leads around and to the top of the dome. The dome is made available to the public, with a view down to the chamber, to send a signal that the people is above the parliament.

March 2019

Reichstag Dome pt. 2 The dome of Reichstag in Berlin has a large sun shade shield that follows the movement of the sun. This is protecting de underlying debating chamber of the parliament from direct sunlight and overheating. The hole light solution ads a lot of energy savings to the building, and was intended as an integrated sustainable solution.

March 2019

Reichstag Dome pt. 1 Today I’ll post 3 photos from the inside of Norman Fosters masterpiece. In fact the original idea of a glass dome on top of Reichstag, came from Gottfried Böhm and the German parliament “forced” Foster to integrate it into his design. The mirror cone works as a reflector, dragging daylight into the parliament chamber.

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