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10 hours ago

I love these dancin dingbats. @nbcthegoodplace starts Sept 26th!!! "I was a member of a 60-person dance crew in Jacksonville. We were called Dance Dance Resolution: We Resolve To Dance." #TheGoodPlace Reposted from @nbcthegoodplace

12 hours ago

FACT. It is only appropriate to find hair and fossilized teeth in your sink if: A. you are a serial killer or B. you are a parent. (Edit: for those confused by the teeth, they came from the pumpkin patch where you can "mine" in the water and sand for either fossils or gem stones. Mom buys the bag, attendant dumps it in, and blam, your kid has found treasure. Both my kids chose fossils, so I have, like, ALOT of those teeth at my house. )


REAL TALK. Good morning. I think about this a LOT. I know from personal experience, when I’m feeling angry, I look around for things to be angry about, to justify my feeling that way. Obviously when you look for things to be angry about, you’re gonna find them. Same goes for the opposite though. When I’m feeling joyful, I seek out evidence to support this feeling, which just increases the intensity of the emotion. I’ve found the trick is to, when I’m feeling angry, seek out, or do things that bring me joy. I act how I want to feel, instead of acting how I already feel. Hope this helps. Reposted from @tanksgoodnews


Meet my favorite new family, the Gemstones. I had the extreme pleasure of viewing these episodes in advance(a PERK of being married to a PODCASTER ), and This. Show. Is. Incredible. I havnt laughed that hard in a while and I need @lone_wolf_mcbride to make a million more so my ride with the Gemstones never ends. #therighteousgemstones

1 weeks ago

Words I needed today. Reposted from @glennondoyle The above passage is from my book, Love Warrior. Pain is often the receipt of love. It’s proof we paid the price. It’s holy, perfect, exactly right. So let’s quit grabbing away each other’s pain and instead just say: I see your pain. Thank you for trusting me enough to share it with me. I’ll sit with you in it. Love you. G #LoveWarrior #LoveWarriorBook Reposted from @glennondoyle

2 weeks ago

YOU raised over 100k for @inspire dr who is now able to pay thier rent AND expand the amazing services they offer to guide young boys into becoming wonderful men-and I MATCHED that 100k- because I will NEVER ask you to contribute to something that I am not using my own money to support as well. Thank u to this beautiful community who always proves they care. I'm so grateful. Xoxo

2 weeks ago

It’s time for another #FeaturedTeacherFriday ! 📚🥰💪🏻Today’s teacher is Tej Carbone from Florida. Tej is both a teacher and a school social worker and I am so inspired by her attitude! Here’s her story: “Hi! I’m a 33 year old former licensed clinical social worker that felt the call to the classroom. I spent this past year studying and taking certification exams in order to obtain certification as an educator. I’m now certified as a school social worker, k-6 teacher and ESE. I will be teaching 2nd and 3rd grade in a small, special needs inclusion tuition-free charter school. Half of our students have documented disabilities, and a majority of our students are on free/reduced lunch. Our salaries are even less than that of our public school counterparts, yet we serve such a unique population. We have students ranging from profound intellectual disabilities all the way up to gifted, working together in the same class. This provides a unique set of challenges , but one which I am so excited to take on. As this is my first year teaching, I do not have any income with which to supply my classroom with necessities (my first check won’t come until late August ), but I would love to create a calming space, with resources for ALL of my students to be successful. I will be teaching at UCP of Central Florida, Bailes campus. We are moving to a new building this year and expanding, so I’m getting a brand new classroom. This is exciting but also means I’m starting from scratch. Thank you so much for your help!” Her wishlist will be in my bio and once again- sending a massive smooch to everyone who reads this and feels inspired to help. xo! 💗🙌🏻📚

2 weeks ago

Life's a bench. 💡 #TheGoodPlace will see you on Thursday, September 26 for our final season. ❤️ Reposted from @nbcthegoodplace

2 weeks ago

My smallest baby bunny graduated her preschool class yesterday. I love u to the moon and back DBS 🌈💫🌈💫 ( @leletny mama barrette )

3 weeks ago

Undeniably beautiful and undeniably sad all at once. Reposted @glennondoyle These see-saws were installed at the US/ Mexico border wall this week. Art reveals truth that politics seeks to conceal: There is no such thing as other countries’ children. Gratitude to these visionaries of love and hope: Ronald Rael and Virginia San Fratello Thank you @hifructosemag Reposted from @glennondoyle

3 weeks ago

I'm just gonna leave this here. ❤❤ @evanrachelwood ❤❤

4 weeks ago

I do not know these guys, but also they look like THE BEST GUYS. Anybody want one??? Three 💖💖💙 #A5203370 black female - #A5303368 white female - #A5303366 brown male. All 8month old unaltered. Entered as strays. Available for adoption on August 3rd. Please help by sharing, commenting and tagging. Available at the @palmdaleanimalslaco Shelter Phone (661 )575-2888 please call shelter direct for info or updates. #adoptlove Reposted from @rita_earl_blackwell

4 weeks ago

Ever feel like this? Me too. Often. It's okay to not feel ok. We'll get through it together. Love you bbs. @warnerbrostv #WBSDCC

4 weeks ago

This #FeaturedTeacherFriday 📚we are headed to Texas! Lanie’s attitude of compassion & inclusivity is amazing. Here’s her story: “I was born and raised in Austin, Texas! I have been teaching 4th grade for 5 years and I love every minute of it! My students are my world! They are loving, caring, compassionate, inquisitive, and sometimes hyper! As a class, we build a community so we can rely on one another. We build trust with restorative circles and hold each other accountable for our actions! I work with a very diverse population and most students come from low-income families. The schools I’ve worked at are Title 1 schools, meaning that they receive federally funded support. For some of my students, school is the only place they will receive a meal and have as a safe space with someone to trust. Throughout the year I personally purchase my students supplies, backpacks, coats, clothes, books and snacks. While my students are my family, I’m also very proud of the family my wife and I have built. I am out to my students and their parents, and while it’s been challenging at times, it’s worth it. It’s important to me that students have reassurance that it’s okay to be ‘different.’ This year I had a student tell me they were scared of life and who they were until they found out I was a lesbian. She said I made her realize that she wasn’t weird and that something wasn’t wrong with her. She said that reassurance saved her life. If I can save one child’s life, that’s enough for me. This next year I will be starting a GSA (Gay Straight Alliance ) at Howard Norman Elementary in Hutto, TX for any and all that would like to join! I want to make sure students have a safe place to go to. All kids need to learn about acceptance, empathy, kindness.  With the GSA and in my classroom, all of these things will be taught! Thank you for any and all help!” Lanie’s wishlist will be in my bio. Oh, and I love you guys. 💗💪🏻🧠📚

4 weeks ago

I like you, @lazboy 😍😍😍 #repost @lazboy ・・・ Meet La-Z-Boy Gatson! He’s been in the news recently and has completely made his way into our hearts! 🐾 We have been so moved by the work of Brookhaven Animal Rescue League who rescued La-Z-Boy Gatson, that we decided to make a donation to the rescue and send some of our La-Z-Boy pet beds so other pets at the shelter can live in comfort until they find their furever homes. Stay tuned for updates as we will continue to follow La-Z-Boy Gatson’s journey! To help put an end to animal cruelty, visit link in bio. #LZBPets

5 weeks ago

This is so cool! #Repost @60secdocs with @get_repost ・・・ Mexican-American makeup artist Pamela Tellez Coria ( @pamelatellezcoria ) of Atlanta creates extremely detailed works of art on the tiny canvas of her own eyelids, many of which are famous figures in the art world -- such as Bob Ross, Da Vinci, David Bowie and even Amy Winehouse. #60SDRewind⏪ . . . #painting #eyeshadow #cutcrease #makeupgirlz #glammakeup #amywinehouse #bobross #davidbowie

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I'll be fine guys. As soon as I can figure out how to breathe again.

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Thank you @Hulu for the best birthday present ever. All episodes of @veronicamars are now streaming!

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Friends playing “Friends” #sdcc2019 @mlpadman would be jealous 😘

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I. LOVE. The McFalcones SO MUCH!! AHHHHHHH!!!!! Thank u @benjyfalcone thank u @melissamccarthy Happy Birthday K. Bell !!!!!!! 🎉 @kristenanniebell Reposted from @melissamccarthy

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My kids are kind. I dont care if they cant do math 👵👵👵 (For my #armcherries : #fastmath is overrated. ) Pajamas by: @rollerrabbitofficial

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What about #VeronicaAndNicole ????? #teamNicole anyone????? @kirbyhowellbaptiste @veronicamars #VeronicaMars starts in a week on @hulu !!!

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Only a few more days till #VeronicaMars hits @hulu !!!!!!!!!! @veronicamars

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I've always been ALL BUSINESS. Reposted from @veronicamars In season 3, rocker Desmond Fellows was played by none other than #PaulRudd Ever heard of him? See him sing, sass, and skinny dip (yup ) in our Story!

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Baby #veronicamars and baby Deputy Leo( @iammaxgreenfield ), flirt game strong! #veronicaandleo

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What if the #BottleCapChallenge existed in #TheGoodPlace ? Reposted from @nbcthegoodplace

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@mrapinoe 👑👑👑 Repost from @iamlenaheadey 👏💗💗👏💗💗👏 LOVE MORE HATE LESS, it’s really pretty simple, PREACH @mrapinoe

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Happy #FeaturedTeacherFriday 📚everyone! I know it’s summer break, but teachers still need school supplies and I really love doing these posts! So please meet Veronica! “My name is Veronica Landa and I have been working at Turtle Hook Middle School on Long Island, New York as a 6th and 7th grade Spanish teacher. These three years have truly been the greatest years of my life! I am very passionate about teaching a diverse group of students and strive to make a difference in their lives.  Attending graduate school two nights a week has also helped me grow as a teacher and provide the best education for my students. My school is a Title 1 school. The population mainly consists of African American and Hispanic students. The majority of the students at THMS are economically disadvantaged and come from low-income families. Students are also given free breakfast and lunch. Many of my students struggle to afford books and other resources needed to succeed academically. Every day I strive to teach, guide, and support my students to become successful individuals.  As a Spanish teacher, students are learning to engage in conversation and expand their knowledge about other cultures in the world. Creating a multicultural classroom teaches students to embrace and respect other cultures. I also incorporate a lot of technology games and videos in my classroom to motivate and engage my students throughout each lesson. This opportunity would help me incorporate books to expand my Spanish library and enhance students’ reading comprehension skills. My students will also be able to improve their speaking and writing skills and knowledge of the Hispanic culture. I truly love teaching Spanish and enjoy learning about my students each and every day. Any help would be greatly appreciated!” Her wishlist will be in my bio. Love you guys. 🧠📚💪🏻

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@hiryanhansen at his finest. #puremichigan

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#puremichigan and the #mittenkittens

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#dadbeast flexin for that camera ❤ @daxshepard #puremichigan

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The CORRECT way to use those insta superzooms! 📸: @hiryanhansen #puremichigan

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Weather by Michigan. Spindrift by Spindrift. @spindriftfresh #puremichigan

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LOVING this read!!!! Thank you for writing all the things I needed to hear, @teacherlahey #thegiftoffailure

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@daxshepard , and my 2 favorite kittens in the #mitten ! #puremichigan #freshcoast

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