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My name is Klaire (yes, with a K). Welcome to my weird and wonderful world.

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3 weeks ago

Just when I think I've made my creepiest prop...

4 weeks ago

So, who is following me on @simply klaire?

last month

Small heads up! If you are following me on Patreon I'm running a small weekly giveaway there for the next four weeks to say thank you to everyone who has supported me. Some of you might remember these from before I was in @malumiofficial and was in @fenixofficial I loved these three illustrations in particular, but now I think it's time they go to a new home.

last month

If any of you are following me on Patreon you'll know that I've been very, very sick this past year and a bit. I hope I'm not jumping the gun right now, but after finally getting a diagnosis, medication and one hell of a lifestyle change I'm feeling better than I have in over 15 years. I'm not in pain all the time, my energy is back and I feel like I have my life again. Today I took the first step in coming back and bought some new batteries for my camera. Today I'm going to film some content for @simply klaire, tomorrow I'll be working on the second Outsider book (you can find it all on Patreon or read it on my website ) and after that I'm going to start making videos for Klaire de LysArt again. I'm still fleshing out how it's all going to work and the slightly different direction I want to go in, but it's all possible now. Honestly, a few months ago I thought I'd have to leave You Tube completely. It's nice to be back.

March 2019

Something dramatic for the stage. Silver and gold flakes, a little contouring and some frost silver cheek highlights.

March 2019

Getting ready to do @phildelofficial 's makeup for her show tonight. Btw, if you' ve been missing my posts you can find more of me over at @simply klaire #makeup #artist #makeupkit #inmykit

February 2019

Finally outlined. The plan is to experiment with black, white and gold for this peice. Quite excited to see how it turns out! Once its's finished the outline will be available on Patreon. #artwork #artistsoninstagram #art #artistsofinstagram #ink #inkart #pen #morbid #darkart #life #death #beautiful #creepybeautiful #skull #blackandwhite

December 2018

Making the Chrismas garland for our banister over on @simply klaire It's should look fantastic once I'm done! :D

November 2018

Which one should I do next?

November 2018

A new video (and the next piece in the Life and Death series ) just went live! #art #life #death

November 2018

Some late night sketches for the next two pieces. #skull #lifeanddeath #art #outline #wip #workinprogress #sketch

November 2018

The "Our Most Precious" piece is almost done. Absolutly loving using gesso for texture. The video will go up on Patreon early next week and then YouTube soon after. #art #texture #gesso #blackandwhite #baby #life #death #stars #artistsoninstagram #artist

November 2018

Today I have my first free day since Potato was born three months ago. On the list is a tone of Outsider illustrations, blog photography for @simply klaire and far too much filming. Since I have less free time than I used, to I've been trying to find ways to make everything faster and more efficient. One thing I do now is keep my photography background props in a drawer so that I can pull out the drawer, arrange the product inside it, shoot a few pictures and then put the drawer back. Less mess, faster and much simpler than my old setup. #photography #blog #blogphotography #bblogger #photographytips #organisation

October 2018

Almost finished. Just need to add the stars and clean up the font. #artistsoninstagram #art #inktober #inktober2018 #blackandwhite #pen #ink #gesso

October 2018

Let's see if this is as good as it claims to be. #art #artistsoninstagram #artsupplies

October 2018

Taking forever, but I've been wanting to try this VanGogh-esqu style for a while now. #art #inktober #ink #artistsoninstagram

October 2018

The next piece in my skull series. This one was inspired by the #inktober day 9 prompt of 'precious'. Now to get it onto card and ink it all in. #art #skull #life #death

October 2018

Sorry about the radio silence the last few days. Potato got sick, then I got sick and it's been a little bit of a scramble trying to keep up. I had planned on doing #inktober this year, but getting ill put a spanner in those plans. This was the piece I wanted to do for the day 1 theme of 'poisonus'. I still need to add the colour inks, but first I'm going to scan it and make the outline available on my Patreon today. My plan is to try and pickup #inktober from here. Let's see how I do! 😁

September 2018

So, a new chapter went live last night. I'm officially back to uploading chapters on my website again! Now I just need to catchup on the insane amount of illustrations I need to do for the next chapters. #illustration #book #fantasy #art #artistsoninstagram

September 2018

I love looking at all the colours on a used palette. I could honestly frame them and stare at the colours for hours. #art #palette #colours #watercolour #gold

September 2018

Finished! If you want to own the original it's up for sale now on Ebay (link in my bio ) and the HD scan will be available tonight on Patreon : ) #art #pointalism #skull #poppies #death #life #artistsoninstagram #artista #pointilism #winsorandnewton #schmincke

September 2018

Editing. Live on Patreon in the next few days and then YouTube next week : )

September 2018

Adding the texture. #skull #baby #life #death #ink #pointilism #texture #artistsoninstagram

September 2018

Studio is organised enough now for me to get started on this piece again. Still have a fair amount left, but I think I'm about half way through. Since drawing it this image has grown a lot more in my head. I'm thinking I might make it part of a series, not sure yet. Can't wait to paint the poppies and add the gold to this piece! :D #art #death #life #pointalism #blackandwhite #skull #baby

September 2018

New home, new workspace. I'll be back soon. #studio #artroom #workspace

August 2018

Normally I'd keep my personal posts to my @simply klaire account, but my little Potato arrived.

June 2018

Sending them off a day late (sorry ) but my email subscriber giveaway winners have been picked and should have their prizes arriving in the next week! :D If you aren't following me through the email list already its the best way to stay updated for my blog posts, Outsider chapter updates and videos. #giveaway

June 2018

Think I'll do a giveaway to my mailing list subscribers later today. If you didn't know, I set up a mailing list on Klairedelys.com a few weeks ago. So if you'd like to win one of these, the link to my website is in my bio : ) #cavepaint #jars #giveaway

June 2018

Having a look at the clothing reference drawings I did a while back before I draw Holmvé for tonights Outsider chapter. I need to do more of these at some point, especially since there is quite a big difference between the Logburg and Bjargtre fashions, but for the moment, these are enough. #conceptart #drawings #clothes #fantasy #fantasyart #dwarves #outsider

June 2018

Detail, detail and more detail. The neatened outlined version will be up on Patreon tomorrow, then I'll get started on filling it in. It's going to take forever, but there's something really relaxing about pointillism and drawing skulls. #art #drawing #pointillism #dots #skull #death #flowers

May 2018

I've had this image stuck in my head for over two weeks now. Finally had to draw it out. #death #life #drawing #outline #wip #sketch #art

May 2018

Finally outlined my little blue bees and made them available for download on Patreon : ) #blue #bees #art #outline

May 2018

I completely forgot to post about these last week and yesterday, but if you're following the series, I've finally made a mailing list on the blog so that you're notified each time a chapter or blog post goes live : ) #art #outsider #illustration #goblin #elf #halfelf #fantasy #pencil #chapter

May 2018

After 27 years of living with the rebellious mess that is my hair, you'd think I'd know not to go to bed with is wet. Apparently I don't learn. Also, it's too early 😞💤😴

May 2018

Sending off Apathy to a new home.

May 2018

My walkthrough/tutorial for this piece just went up on YouTube! :D (Oh, and the painting is up for sale on eBay too if you wanted it ). Which emotion would you like me to do next in the series? #emotions #art #apathy #galaxy #ink #boy #graphite

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