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May 2018

after 4 long and hard years, the class of 2018 has finally graduated 🎓 ————————— thank you to saint francis and my parents for everything you have provided me these past four years to insure i am able to follow my dreams, i literally wouldn’t know what i would have done if i wasn’t provided this opportunity #iamsalesian #iamstfrancis @gosharkssf @bjf572 💛 ————————— thank you to all my beautiful friends and classmates who made me feel comfortable, allowed me to be myself, and gave me a place and people i could call home and family ————————— goodbye to my high school career at St. Francis, hello to my future at UC Merced #collegebound 🎓 ————————— music: Let’s Be Birds by @jacobwhitesides ————————— sorry i keep reposting. something is up with my insta

April 2018

• Come support your Sharks April 26-28th at 7:30 pm each night 💛 This is some of your favorites’ last year and we are sending them out with a bang! • • Bring your “Shipoopi” to see the “Music Man,” and get your full tub of “76 Trombones” at the door, and at the end of the night, you might just find “your someone” 😉 • {instagram hates me and i had to repost}

February 2018

oh darling... you’re a fool to think he feels the same way 🌪🥀

December 2017

• merry christmas and happy holidays 🎄🎁 • •i promise we didn’t plan our outfits, it just happened that way •

July 2017

• You just want attention, You don't want my heart, Maybe you just hate the thought of me with someone new, Yeah, you just want attention, I knew from the start, You're just making sure I'm never gettin' over you, oh • ~ @charlieputh ~

May 2017

two for the price of one (even though they're almost the same photo ) 😛🌸

March 2017

•🌺it's you I wanna take apart but I will never ever be the first to say it🌺•

March 2017

Hands down I'm too proud for love But with eyes shut It's you I'm thinking of • { drake ft lykke li }

February 2017

concert hangover: the day(s ) after a concert that consist of a pounding headache, sore muscles, 29382 bruises and scrapes, ringing ears, severe back pain, and a major desire to go back. • • going to this concert was honestly one of the best experiences i've ever had. and it's something i'm proud i was apart of. being their first tour, their second to last stop, i feel like this was a special opportunity for everyone. not only did i make new friends, i also even grew closer with one of my friends ( @hai_dirienzo ), i also met the band! I am so proud of how far the guys have come lately. I miss them extremely. Thank you to everyone who helped make this experience possible.

February 2017

please don't get my hopes up cause baby I do it too damn often✨

December 2016

sky above me earth below me fire within me

December 2016

i'm learning to love myself. i forgive myself for having believed for so long, that i was never good enough to have, get, and be what i wanted

October 2016

you have galaxies inside your head. stop letting people tell you you cannot shine.

October 2016

everyday I fall more in love with you. except those days you really piss me off. ♍️➰

September 2016

Never had a theme anyways so fight me 🤗 I don't really know what these are anyways, but oil painting them, and then filtering them was great : )

September 2016

And the one thing that I love and hate the most Is people always change but the memories don't And lately I can't even eat Lately I've been feeling ill When you can't sleep at night That's when you know shit is real You don't even need a gun You don't even need a pill If you ever wanna die Fall in love and you'll get killed

September 2016

🙂 it's okay to be a glowstick ; sometimes we need to break before we shine 🙃

September 2016

I feel like this is so awkward but I love my makeup in this. First time doing all my makeup & false lashes so I'm pretty proud : )

August 2016

{only some of the photos taken} I had a great birthday weekend. My brother went off to my aunt's house and I had a friend from out of town come to visit. I had a whole weekend to me and it was great. Afterwards, I felt much better and more at peace. It was a much needed weekend. After we celebrated Aromas Day and I got to see a bunch of other friends from the Class of 2014 (😭 ) I miss them all 😩. It was great seeing everyone and thank you to everyone who helped make my 16th birthday amazing❤️

August 2016

I'm officially 16 👑💖

August 2016

I touch the sky when my knees hit the ground🌻✨

August 2016

Deep in their roots, all flowers keep the light✨🌸

August 2016

2 is always better than 1 🎗🌻💓

August 2016

Thank you to everyone that came Saturday.💕 if it wasn't for my supportive family and my best friends it never would of happened. Can't wait until my actual birthday. Love you all💕✨

July 2016

I have the worse sunburn ever but oh well

July 2016

Hating the 102° but loving the sun ✨

June 2016

When you thought you were done arguing with someone but you hear them say something under their breath

June 2016


June 2016

pup luv 🐶💓

May 2016

When life gets blurry, Adjust your focus📷

May 2016

I'll get 💩 for this later but I'm so happy to have my leg braces off 😊 life is so much better & summer is so close

May 2016

I've been meaning to post this for like 2 weeks 🤔😂

May 2016

Happy Mother's Day to the best momma out there 💗 You're always there and I'm so grateful. Thank you for everything. Even though I often tell you that you're annoying and that you're way too over protective, I still love you dearly 💗 Thank you to all the mothers out there 💗💐 I hope you all have a wonderful day because you all deserve it.

April 2016

So prom was last weekend and I never posted about it 🌚😂 it was amazing and I had a wonderful time 💖 thanks for inviting me juniors/seniors : )

April 2016

Prom 2k16 is today ✨ If someone is trying to bring you down, it means you're already above them💖

April 2016

4 for the price of 1😋 I miss spring break, a lot😭💘 I met so many people, made so many friends and I miss them so much. Just please take me back :(

April 2016

Be the light at the end of the tunnel ✨💙

March 2016

Happy Easter from your faves 💞 Met Grant Landis 3•25•16 Also met Cassio Monroe, and I swear to god they're amazing 😈💚 ✨Spring Break 2k16 had been extraordinary✨

March 2016

I don't think I've ever cried so much in my life 😭💘 Yesterday (3•19•16 ) was the best day of my life thanks to my parents who made it possible. I want to let them know that they are amazing. Everyone was so sweet & I love them so much. Seeing them was amazing & I'm so grateful I got to experience this moment. Cameron & all the boys mean so much to me like I can't even😭💘 I have supported these people for over 4 years. I love them so much, & I will always support them. The concert was so lit & shout out to @kalinandmyles for coming out for a surprise concert in the middle of it. Nick performed his new song "Boo Hoo" & I wanted to cry. After he performed, he was signing merch & I got to meet him outside of the meet & greet. Literally everyone is so sweet. I yelled so many times, Colby must hate me. He must hate me so much, I was so damn annoying😂. (Love you Colby ). My camera roll went from 300 photos to almost 800, & I had to delete everything off my phone. 😂😂 Afterwords while the boys were signing our posters & merch, I had a full on conversation with Christian and it was amazing. When I told him "When you followed and dm'ed me on Twitter I cried," he cut me off after cried, & said wait hold up, pulled out his phone & opened snapchat. Like omg😭. He took a picture & Cameron photo bombed in the back. I'm still crying just thinking of it. FYI Christian if you see this, I know your password 😂💘 Yesterday was amazing💘 thank you to everyone who helped put it together. @magcontour @camerondallas @bllakeegray @realchrismiles @aaroncarpenter @taylorcaniff @carterreynolds @nicktangorra @jacobsartorius @christian @hunterrowland @brandonrowland @thatkiddwill @dylandauzat @greenvalleygirl98 @valeriesolorzano1 @priskillaaf #camerondallasmagcon #magcon #magconsanfrancisco #camerondallas #carterreynolds #aaroncarpenter #chrismiles #parents #blakegray #hunterrowland #brandonrowland #jacobsartorius #dylandauzat #nicktangorra #colbyjames #magcontour #magcontour2016 #meetandgreetgoals #magconfamily #magconsanfrancisco2016 #christiandelegrosso #camerondallasmerchandise #taylorcaniffmerch #williesmith #thatkiddwill

March 2016

Star Wars- Revenge of the Sophomores Yoda & a Rebel (aka Mario & I ) 😂✊🏼 3rd place is awesome guys. Everyone worked really hard, and I'm proud of the entire class💘 Can't wait until next year. ✨

February 2016

Just in case no one told you today ☺️ (tagged who I could )

February 2016

Shout out to my dad & Aunt Sara! 😻💖

February 2016

Happy Valentines Day everyone 💖 (if all else fails, put on bright red lipstick )

February 2016

{stressed but dressed for success}😘 I appreciate free dress more than I do my favorite ice cream at this point😁

February 2016

Just surviving ✨

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