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Aidan is my prince! Daughter of the King! Psalm 61.3.

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May 2019

Kimmy, it’s your birthday. This is the year to be kind to yourself. Be forgiving. Be understanding. Be free. Smile bigger. & always remember to love yourself. Happy Birthday Kimmy. #ItsMyBirthday #HappyBirthdayToMe 🎉🎊

September 2018

You are the greatest! Love you. 😍

May 2018

Happy 6th Birthday to the sweetest boy! Thank you for making my life more adventurous. For filling my days with laughter & for allowing your birth to lead me back to Christ. I love you Aidan Gabriel 😘 #HeIsABigBoy #IAmCrying

May 2018

Today my sister/best friend graduated. How did I get so blessed to have a wonderful sister like you. We are so proud of you. 😘 #Unstoppable @briq_a_braq

April 2018

I love being his Mommy. 😍 #SoHandsome #MyPrince

December 2017

When your son does great at an impromptu photo shoot. He’s so handsome 😍 #HeIsTheSweetest #HeHasOnlyChildSyndrome

August 2017

I will forever be grateful that not only is she my sister but my best friend. #FroDayAtl #AlmostTwins #ThankYouGodForHer

August 2017

Happy Birthday to my sweet Callie! I hope you have the greatest day ever! Love you Callie bug 😘😍❤️️

June 2017

Guess who finished PreK! Love him ❤️️😍😘

February 2017

He is forever wearing his Auburn hat or Golden State. He's one & a half steps away from reading chapter 📚. Glad I'm this kids mommy 😘 #Gabe

February 2017

Such an amazing husband & father. Always so patient with me. 😍😘 #KimKim

January 2017

Missing my bff. So proud of you. Trying to clear this lump in my throat 😭 @idevourrihanna

October 2016

32 days until we say I do. So excited #MbogoPartyOf3

May 2016

Happy 4th Birthday to this handsome little man! His biggest accomplishment is being able to read well before 4! Thankful that I'm able to be his mommy. Happy Birthday Gabe! #BirthdayBoy

May 2016

Thank you Mommy for being my biggest supporter and for having faith in me, even when I lost faith in myself. You are a phenomenal woman. Thanks for not being too embarrassed to sit next to me in class. #MamaWeMadeIt #GodIsAnAmazingGod #BeyondBlessed

January 2016

He truly is a gift. #GodIsSoAmazing

December 2015

She said YES! I am so EXCITED. My sister gets to marry her best friend (her other best friend, not me ). I love you guys! #BS

October 2015

He stayed in character ALL DAY. We are a superhero family #Hulk #WeSmash #JesusIsOurFavoriteSuperhero

October 2015

He told me to call him Mister Sir today. He also told me he was a MAN. #Gabe #JesusIsOurBestFriend #IAmHisOtherBestFriend #HeMakesMeLaugh

October 2015

Thanks for doing life with me! You are the best friend and sister ever! Love you #ReCreate15 #WeLoveJesus

October 2015

Ice skating with my Aidan! Even though I have a bruise the size of a mango on my knee and my legs are beyond soar we had fun! #WeAreConquerors #GodLovesYouGodLovesMe #Bye

September 2015

I am Martha. I am task oriented. I am a perfectionist. I look at this story and cry. Instead of marveling at Jesus' feet and holding on to His every word, I worry about all the things I need to be doing and the help I lack. All the things that won't matter in eternity. I have to remind myself that I can do everything right and perfect but if I don't have a relationship with Jesus then it's all in vain. So let's learn to slow down and bask in the presence of Jesus instead of rushing around and being blind to the King that's in front of us. #JesusMatters #YouMatter

September 2015

He's an amazing guy. I am thankful for our daily arguments and support he gives me. He is truly a gift #WeLoveJesus #JesusLovesYou #HeIsABoss

May 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday to my little man Aidan Gabriel! He's a big boy now or as he would like to say "a grown up". We had a pretty awesome day, but nobody told me terrible twos continue until youre well past three. Anyway, Happy birthday man! #Blessed #Grateful #JesusDiedForOurSins #JesusLovesYou

April 2015

"No Dad This Is Two". The Little Man Runs The Show. #JustBecauseILoveThem #IWishItWouldBeSunny

April 2015

Just Because I Love Him! #MyLipIsAshy #JesusLovesYou

December 2014

He obviously knew he looked nice. I legit argue with him ALL day, EVERYDAY. I love him though. #MyMainSqueeze

November 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! We are pretty thankful for each other, Bubble Guppies, Milk, Macaroni n' Cheese and most importantly Baby Jesus. Because we absolutely love Jesus. #ILoveYouGuys

November 2014

He makes life fulfilling. I love my stinker. #JesusLovesYou

November 2014

So proud of our boy! We all missed you. Especially, Danni & Aidan. Continue being faithful to God! #WeMissHimAlready #FamilyAlways

August 2014

Happy Birthday to my best friend! I love my lovely lady! I am truly blessed to have you no matter how much we fuss & fight. Happy Birthday Bobbie! Even though you can't talk much I hope you have a blessed & awesome day! @briq_a_braq

July 2014

Aidan is the most handsome guy I've ever seen. He protects his mom (at age 2 ) while I protect him. He is beyond wonderful even when we argue. #YesIAmInLove #HeIsAGiftFromGod #INeverKnewAGreaterLove Photo cred: Mwaniki Photography

July 2014

Hiii. My name is Aidan Gabriel. Anywhere I can fit I sit. & plus my parents are for sale. Buy one get one free. I've been advertising them on my shirt all day. Serious inquiries only. Thank you #IAmABigKid #TerrificTwos

July 2014

Aidan added the finishing touches to his outfit. He is always dancing & singing. #IActuallyArgueWithATwoYearOld #HeThinksHeIsMyDad #IAmAbsolutleyInLove

June 2014

Luke 9:23 "Then He said to them all, 'If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself,and take up his cross daily, and follow Me.'" It's not enough to just say I believe in Christ, although that is the first step. You have to live everyday intentionally glorifying God. It won't be easy. Surround yourself with people who are willing to die daily for Christ, who will hold you accountable for your actions. Pray! Pray! Pray! Daily communication with God is NECESSARY! And also LOVE. Love everyone despite everything. It's still an ongoing struggle for me! #JesusLovesYou #SoDoI

June 2014

I am learning with the terrible twos there are some battles just not worth fighting over. It may be 100° outside & if he wants to wear rain boots & it's clearly sunny, let him. God is also showing me to pick my battles wisely. It's better to have a loving spirit than a critical one who always thinks they are right. #AidanTeachesMeMoreThanITeachHim #IWishIHadSomeRainBoots #AidanLovesMickeyMouse #GodIsLove

June 2014

Happy Father's Day to this awesome dad. Aidan is pretty appreciative of all the time you spend with him even after a long days work. Thank you for all that you do. & for making being a great father seem effortless. We love you. #AidanAlwaysWinsInOneOnOnes #AidanIsAlreadyAChampion #HappyFathersDay

June 2014

Today & everyday I am beyond grateful for every prayer that has been answered. Not for the material things(I'm still grateful for them ), but for more important things like saving my friends from the world. & changing even the most heartless people to take up their cross & die daily for Christ.

June 2014

This is the neighborhood I stayed in. These houses were all built by people who worked hard. These houses are huge. This is the Africa they don't show on tv or talk about in the history books. Everybody in Africa isn't starving nor do they live a nomadic lifestyle & live in huts. Africa isn't poor, it's very rich. But people don't want you to know that. Do your own research. Don't allow others to be your brain & think for you.

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