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just keep singing . . . telling stories & writing mine business: [email protected]

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2 weeks ago

Happy Bday baby B! You make life like Christmas and you are 1 bad banana. Thanks for letting me be your number 1 volleyball fan (elite for life ) and for being my bud. I love you!!!😘

4 weeks ago

Singing with sisters >> Full vid ➙ @better2gethermusic

4 weeks ago

New single next month🙈 • Photo by @rileysinaband

last month

Believe in yourself!!!

July 2019

uncle $wag 💯

July 2019

the poem i wrote for my younger self; link in bio for full video NEW MUSIC COMING FALL 2019 • Man so much has happened since my last few posts. I turned 24 years old. A few of my cute cute sisters had birthdays (happy official insta bday @madisonkay2 @londons_life @capriclaire6 @c.a.m.ry ). One of my sisters left the country for a year & a half to serve on a mission trip. I’ve been blessed with tons of opportunities i can’t wait to share with you guys. And I’ve finally got a timeline for NEW MUSIC. I’ve been working hard on this new stuff over the past year. I know it’s coming sort of as a surprise but amidst the craze of life, music is one of my constants. I feel very connected to this new material and I can’t wait to share it. I’ve decided where I’m happiest & most fulfilled is when I’m working on all of my creative endeavors independently & with the people I love, striving to get better at these hobbies you all let me make a lifestyle out of. So that’s how I’ll be moving forward, and I can’t thank you enough for your support through it. I love you all and am grateful you are with me on this journey. Thanks for being here, & happy 4th! Much to be grateful for!!!🇺🇸 • EXIT SIGNS EP COMING FALL 2019

June 2019

just guys being dudes • ps.. announcement coming soon🎵

April 2019

familia ♥ • it’s bday season for the fam. a few days ago was Madison’s bday! i’m late to post but Mads, you have always been such a good sister & friend to me. remember that 1 time i snuck out in high school and came home super late and felt so bad about it. and you just laid with me until i went to sleep, always being a source of comfort. always being a source of trust. (no one tell my mom ) i love you Mads! everyone wish her a happy bday! • we all just got to celebrate Easter tonight together, a week late🤡 • if you can’t tell from this post, we’re a ‘late’ family. ask any of my friends & anyone i’ve worked with. being more punctual was one of my New Year’s resolutions & i’m still working on it🙃 • love all of you supporting out there. THANK YOU! i have lots to show you ... 🔜

March 2019

felt cute, might delete later might keep forever might archive might post more pics on FB ( ) might have just swindled you into going & liking my new FB page • yes, so my facebook account got deleted a while back. it was such a success (thanks to u guys ) so i’m starting a new one to post new things! • i’ve been off the grid for a minute...taking time for myself. to learn, grow, & discover. while it has been quite the journey full of hills & valleys (and a journey i will continue to navigate ), i feel the void of connecting with you guys — SO: on this new facebook page i’ll be responding to every dm. share with me your light or your dark! i’m here with you guys. to those of you going through hard things: i go through hard things as well. sometimes my mind gets the best of me. sometimes fear overpowers me. but we are never alone! i’m excited for this next chapter & can’t wait to share more. talk to you soon❣️

January 2019

keep swimming, & swim to the light 💡 blessed & grateful to @jbl_pro for the opportunity to speak at NAMM - one of the largest music industry events in the worlddddd 🥳 i’ll be speaking this Saturday & sharing some of my story #HarmanxNAMM

January 2019

matching mother nature.. it’s a new year!!! let’s work hard, learn, grow, & LOVE. excited to see what 2019 has in store 💓

December 2018

we are light☀️ , we are love💛

November 2018

11 o clock shadow hope you have a good day ❣️

October 2018

celebrating love , celebrating life , celebrating family

October 2018

photo taken right outside the bathroom . . . find your diamonds in the rough ▪️▫️ #jblfest

September 2018

made many friends @ the rink tonite. peep story for more good times all around!!! : )

August 2018

not following anyone at the moment . . . think i should change that?

September 2018

you ready to hear something new?

July 2018

life-size living

July 2018

eight years ago today i played one of my first performances at a talent competition here in my home state of Arizona. the beginning era of what would shape, guide, and motivate the course of my existence. we face beginnings every single day. and this is just the beginning for me. here’s to the time hop i post eight years from now. i guarantee it will have something to do with music. love

July 2018

a fam reunion. keep your eyes open ☀️ ... [shot by the magically talented @dylanthenomad ]

June 2018

send a heart to someone bruh 💛

May 2018

Ma- One of my biggest goals in life is to make you proud. I will continue to let that drive me to be my best self. Thanks for the love, lessons, & life that you have given me. I love you

May 2018

the recent view , stay tuned ...

May 2018

Straight from Mom’s scrapbook. She knew it & so do I ⭐️. 23 is the year. Check back to this post when it happens. I am so grateful for the experiences, journeys, and discoveries that I have had and that are to come. Thanks for all the wishes. Much love!

April 2018

been surrounded by pretty girls since i waz born

November 2018

A follow up to last week’s video. My amazing sister @c.a.m.ry performing Never Enough from #TheGreatestShowman We were so inspired by this song. Full video at the link in my bio! 🎥: @ohheynag

July 2019

put me in coach

January 2018

My favorite pic of my favorite girl for her birthday. I took this photo over a year ago when we were dating. She is so beautiful. She is almost questionably positive. She drives me crazy (the good kind of crazy & the bad kind 🙃 ) but I’m so proud to call her my wife & my friend. I love you my pup, happy bday 🌼

December 2017

Happy 1st bday sweet harpie. It has been an honor to get to live with you & watch you grow up this first year of your life. Thanks for always giving me a reason to smile. Ps, you’re a snake and i love you

December 2017

What an eye opening experience this was. Grateful for my sweet wife @nicole dawna & her willingness to serve with me. Do something for someone this holiday season! Get out and #LightTheWorld Watch the full video at the link in my bio. Special thanks to @nashgrier & @earlwind for the help making this video. Much love! 💚❤️

January 2018


December 2017

: )

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