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🇻🇪 Latina Venezolana ||🇵🇹 👙NPC Bikini Athlete 💪🏼Online Coach & Personal Trainer D.M for training programs 🍑 @fitpro_bootybands | code “KELLY10”

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17 hours ago

Call me señorita 💃🏻


T H R I V I N G 🌿🌺🌞

2 days ago

Work all winter, shine all summer 🌿

3 days ago

Find me under the palm trees 🌴🧡

4 weeks ago

She works hard for zeeee bootayy 👏🏼 225... she strong or whutevaaa A$$ on 🔥 #realbootiesmatter 💗

last month

Alexa, play Truth Hurts by Lizzo 🍒

May 2019

I told him I had the horses in the back 🐎

April 2019

I been on a roll, where u been? 🐝

April 2019

You create the body and lifestyle you want. Work for what you want 🤸🏼‍♂️ - TOO busy for the gym? ⏱ too busy, too tired, too ___. = TOO MANY EXCUSES. Make it a priority to put yourself and your health first 💛

April 2019

If you want it, go get it 🐐

April 2019

Happy lil thing 💛

April 2019

I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it 🌶

April 2019

Issa vibe, she wanna vibe 🌿

April 2019

Tunnel vision // Focus on your goals & don’t look in any direction but ahead 🌪🦋 - Our focus is our future and what we focus on will multiply in the future. Your ability to focus on a goal will increase your chances of achieving it. When it comes to achievement, you must stay persistent to make it happen. Things will not happen overnight, so trust the process. - Remember where FOCUS GOES ENERGY FLOWS 🦠

March 2019

With that good bad behavior 🥀

March 2019

Burnt chicken nugget feels #tbt 🍗 Body building speaks an universal language without saying a single word. The truth is behind all these “fitness” post we are all busting our ass to be the best version that we can be. ____ Either push your limits or suffocate in your comfort zone ☄️

February 2019

HaPPy HuMp DAy 🍑💗 Trust the process to see the progress! Patience is 🔑

February 2019

Good Morning 💛 Monday reminder to get shit done this week ! Wake up with determination and go to be with satisfaction 👊🏼🙌🏼. ___ #mondaymotivation #motivationmonday

December 2018

Growing & Glowing ALL 2019 ✨

December 2018

HAPPY FLEX FrIdAy 🌞 “ I am too busy working on my own grass to notice if yours is greener.” 🍃🌚 just an accurate quote to remind you to focus on your own goals, stop playing the comparison game and you’re not on the same chapter as anyone else. Stay focused 🌙🌸

December 2018

You can’t please everyone, so do it for yourself 📌💙

December 2018

Another day, another Gymshark 🦈 ____ You are capable of way more than you give yourself credit for. Believe that’s it’s possible, take action, and don’t let anyone tell you that you are undeserving 💗 #happyhumpday 🍑

last month

That hustle is at an all time high. Set myself some goals, and I promised myself I wasn’t going to give up until I achieve them 💯 READY to kick my own ass once again. #letsgetit #motivationmonday @jzilla4 I’m done with the 🍪’s

November 2018

TB to @battleoftx peak week last year Best week of every show and most draining week from every prep. It’s love and hate relationship 💙 Good luck to all the girls competing this weekend only a few more days 🤗

November 2018

I feel like when she moves, the time doesn’t 🌩

November 2018

You were saying ...

last month

She remembered who she was and the game changed 🔥 __ 📸: @beyond_nomadiq

October 2018

Isssssaa lifestyle ! If it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you 🦕 Happy Thursday 💛 #tbt

October 2018

Life is amazin', it is what it should be 💜

October 2018

Si no es contigo pues que sea con tu gemela Pero quiero una baby que sea de Venezuela 💃🏻 #soulsister

September 2018

It’s officially the first day of the best season 🍂 #hellofall

September 2018

I can definitely say this was the best summer yet 🏝

September 2018

I love this lifestyle so much. I can’t explain the joy I feel when I’m done working out. Don’t get me wrong some days I don’t have any motivation but in the end I know it’s all worth it. If you just invest a little time in YOURSELF I promise you it will be worth it. You can never expect to succeed if you only put in work the days you feel like it !! 💯 ____ ____ 📸: @beyond_nomadiq

September 2018

Good luck to the QUEEN herself @angelicaht as she steps once again onto the most prestigious stage in the @ifbb_pro_league world. 4th time at @mrolympiallc and back to defend her 1st place title 👑 She is the total definition of a bad ass. Such a Motivation,inspiration, warrior and perfect person !! 💗 “Believe in your dreams” 🌟 Boa sorte 🇧🇷 #olympia2018 #bikini #bodybuliding

September 2018

The best is yet to come ♡

September 2018

Life is better in a bikini 🌸

August 2018

Still got love for you mami

August 2018

I believe in the person I want to become & there’s no stopping me. __ Long and waited video I’m so excited to finally get to share it !! 💛 Shoutout to @jimmieeimmij for the video edit 🎥 __ #npc #npcbikini #npccompetitor #bikini #fit #fitness #fitnessmodel #prep #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fitnessgirl #booty 🍑 #workout #tcu #gymshark #bodybuilding #squats #grind #bikinimodel #healthylifestyle #healthy #motivation #nike #girlswholift #addidas #gymmotivation #gymlife #instafit #latina #zillamade @nike @nikewomen @gymshark @lululemon @benfrancis @gymsharkwomen 🌻 __ Song: CRZY @kehlani

March 2019

Life is too short to be serious all time ____ 📸: @jimmieeimmij

August 2018

There is no force more powerful then a women determined to rise 🔥 ___ Happy Sunday everyone make sure you meal prep your food & get your sh** done before the week starts. Sunday reminder you can handle whatever this week throws at you 💓🤪🌤 ___ 📸: @beyond_nomadiq

August 2018

Day dreaming about post show eats 🍣 — Ya girl is back on prep mode ready to kill it on stage & honestly I don’t know why I look so peaceful in this picture 😇 __ 📸: @beyond_nomadiq

August 2018

“Work for it more than you hope for it.” You can hope and dream all you want but until you’re willing to sacrifice, chase and work HARD towards what you want to achieve you won’t get anywhere.

August 2018

‘Cmon hold it, hold it, hoooold it 🦖 #happyhumpday 📸: @nomadiq16

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