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Professional chameleon. Laughter enthusiast. Thespian.Baker.Pun junkie.Mean right cross.Nerd. #Shadowhunters #MazeRunner #ARROW Twitter:Kat_McNamara

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10 hours ago

#SDCC Trailer for @CW_Arrow The Final Season. Suit up, archers... #ARROW Season 8 isn’t pulling any punches... 💚🏹💥 @Comic_Con @TVInsider @StephenAmell @SchwartzApprovd @ARROWwriters @mguggenheim https://www.tvinsider.com/796078/arrow-season-8-trailer-comic-con/

3 days ago

SUIT UP. ➳ #OnWednesdaysWeWearPink 📷: @tizianolugli

4 days ago

From hunting shadows to shadowing?!? Thanks @cw_arrow @james2bambamford and @schwartzapproved for this opportunity to see the set through a new lens as a director shadow. Learning so much and being inspired by this fantastic crew and production. #TheRealTeamArrow 🏹💚🎬

1 weeks ago

Happy birthday to this flawless, funny, and fabulous human, @coltonlhaynes ! Enjoy your day! Miss you! X ♥️🧁

2 weeks ago

First day back and we’re off to a Smoakin start and on target for a killer season. 🏹✴︎ #MiaSmoak #Arrow @CW_Arrow #Blackstar

2 weeks ago

So stoked to be back as #MiaSmoak for #Arrow ’s final season! 🏹💚 Thanks @deadline ! @cw_arrow @thecw https://deadline.com/2019/07/arrow-katherine-mcnamara-promoted-series-regular-final-season-the-cw-drama-1202644818/

2 weeks ago

Hometown reppin! 💙 #BigSlickKC

2 weeks ago

Now this is what I call super! Thanks @TVGuide for including #MiaSmoak in with these kickass powerhouse women! 💥💥 @comic_con #SDCC @cw_arrow @thecw

2 weeks ago

On the road again... where to? ✈︎ #whichwaytoLAX #homesweetairport #agirlhasnotimezone

2 weeks ago

Good friends are always there when you need a little “pick-me-up.” 🤣 #allforoneandoneforall #3rdtimesacharm #canttakeusanywhere

3 weeks ago

All American girl in a Canadian tuxedo - Hope y’all had a good 4th! ♥️🇺🇸💙 #4thofJuly

3 weeks ago

On to the next adventure! Can’t wait to share what’s in store : ) #whatisjetlag #whattimezoneamiin #wanderlust #coffeeoclock

3 weeks ago

“One must work and dare if one really wants to live.” - Vincent Van Gogh ❦✧ ➳ #atelierdeslumieres

4 weeks ago

Le retour à Paris! ✨🇫🇷 @willtudor1 @mattnalton

4 weeks ago

Had the loveliest interaction today with a woman who gave me a huge hug and handed me this beautiful flower. Her act of kindness was so simple yet it absolutely made my day. I’m now carrying this flower with me today as I do homework in the park. These are the moments that give me faith in humanity and the kindness of strangers. - pass it on. ❦✧➳

4 weeks ago

I’m certainly going to miss #Brussels a waffle lot. Hmmm ... should I stay or should Eggo? ♥️🇧🇪✨

4 weeks ago

This is the #Shadowfam This is the #ShadowhuntersLegacy This is the hunt! A beautiful heartwarming surprise at the end of #THOSBe today. Thank you angels and @weventsprod for taking our breath away once again. This was so moving as was the entire weekend. All my love to you, angels. ♥️ 🎥: @jadehassoune

4 weeks ago

Happy (belated ) birthday to this incredible woman. @Nicolasummer thank you for being such a wonderful guiding light and inspiration to me all these years. Adore you always, Mama Lightwood! xx

5 weeks ago

Brussels Con here we come! #THOSBe ! @harryshumjr is portalling in, @annabanana_hops is on her way from Edom and @isaiahmustafa is grabbing takeout from the Jade Wolf! See you all soon! @weventsprod

5 weeks ago

I’m leaving on a jet plane ... ✈︎ Where to next? ➭ #firstdayofsummer #wanderlust ☀︎

5 weeks ago

Alone we are strong. Together we are unstoppable. #Shadowfam for life! Vote @teenchoicefox by tweeting (or RT ) using the #ChoiceSciFiFantasyTVShow @ShadowhuntersTV #TeenChoice or by visiting the @teenchoicefox official site here: https://teenchoice.votenow.tv AND don’t forget these fine gents too! #ChoiceSciFiFantasyTVActor @HarryShumJr #TeenChoice #ChoiceTVVillain @LukeBaines #TeenChoice #ChoiceSciFiFantasyTVActor @DomSherwood1 #TeenChoice

5 weeks ago

#Clace Need I say more? ♥️ Lovers and fighters - every single cell - through Heaven and Hell alike. Vote for @teenchoicefox tweet (or RT ) using the #ChoiceShip @Kat_McNamara @DomSherwood1 #TeenChoice or by visiting the @teenchoicefox official site here: https://teenchoice.votenow.tv @domsherwood

5 weeks ago

Well angels, you are aptly named because you’ve done it again! 💜😇✨ Thank you so much for this #TeenChoice nom - I’m humbled and astounded! To vote, tweet (or RT ) using the #ChoiceSciFiFantasyTVActress @Kat_McNamara #TeenChoice or by visiting the @teenchoicefox official site here: https://teenchoice.votenow.tv

last month

✦ Thank you @dsquared2 for a wonderful evening and congratulations on a vibrant new collection! #RED2 #Dsquared2 #MFW #D2friends

last month

Think pink. 💗 @Dsquared2 #RED2 #MFW

last month

What is life but one grand adventure? Wanna come along? ❦✧➳

last month

“she was life itself. wild and free. wonderfully chaotic. a perfectly put together mess.” - e. sanders ❦✧➳ 📷: @willtudor1

last month

This is my kind of side eye... 💙 @mrselfportrait for @dodgersfoundation #BlueDiamondGala @Dodgers #LADFGALA

last month

The eyes have it. ❦✧➳ - 📷: @photobyhudson

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