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3 weeks ago

why you still preparing for the worst? Ain’t you already survive every unexpected thing that came your way? . So now ask yourself why the fuck did I talk myself out of so many experiences that required vulnerability and uncertainty? . Everything meant for us when we finally let that guard down.. everything around us already up in flames with it up.. so free yourself, be vulnerable, it’s the most courageous and beautiful thing you can not only do for yourself but show someone else. Bless. 🌱🥰

4 weeks ago

We don't get to die young Trouble keeping our head sometimes We just have to push on We don't get to give up this life. #timbergling #avicii

May 2019

We in May, it’s Mental Health Awareness month, when really.. every day is. So what we doing? We being kind everyday, especially this month, especially to yourself because yourself talk reflects the way you communicate with others. 🤸🏻‍♂️🧘🏻‍♂️

March 2019

"Get some love in your life. Whether that be another person or just loving yourself, man" - Mac Miller

November 2018

“Don’t keep it all in your head, the only place you know nobody never will see” - @macmiller

September 2018

Be a light to someone’s darkness. Need an ear I’m here, need to talk about stupid shit and laugh? I’m here. Need to kick it and just be in silence, I’ll provide that. Need a hug? Oh I have plenty to give. .. reach the fuck out to me, especially at your worst. .. too many young souls from personal friends over the past few years, to artists’ .. we all have demons. But love over comes all of that. ❤️

July 2018


January 2018

Need to do this again.

November 2017

Last night 🔥💎 #jayz #444

March 2017

Always worth a repost @afair2

January 2017

I hope something good happens to you today.

April 2015

It's always easy to find peace when you're in peace.. It's finding peace in the chaos that we find out who we truly are. .. Just sit in silence and the answers will come from within, not the outside.

December 2014

I know it's a cliche picture .. But it's the view I have walking out my building and it looked dope tonight #salute #toronto

August 2014

Drizzy over the crowd #ovofest 👏👏

March 2014