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May 2019

No caption needed 💕

April 2019

Have a nice day, k bye.

August 2018

Is anyone else not mentally ready for school tomorrow or is it just me?

July 2018

Oof, I really miss this, I honestly can't wait till Christmas when I get to see all of them again

July 2018

If only y'all knew the stories behind these pictures, anyways these people have helped me in several different ways, even tho we fight we still have some great times, like that one time at Idlewild when I continusly kept yelling and I scared Edward, and at Edwards birthday dinner when I kept stealing his hat, and @angela4684 do you remember when Brandon said he was gonna marry you one day and I started planning the wedding 😂 we all have our ups and down but you gotta remember the good times, anyways that's not even half the explanation for those photos

June 2018

He had such a huge impact on my life and I just don't know what to say anymore, he will forever be remembered and never forgotten, rest in peace

June 2018

Might be cutting my hair even shorter, any opinions, anyways I would really like to get to know him but he doesn't notice me lol 😔😂💖

June 2018

Cuz why not

May 2018

Ik I'm ugly

June 2017

People make mistakes,but i like to go big and fuck it all up bc that's just what i do