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2 days ago

They’re here, have no fear, and are wandering all around the world! . Don’t miss the premiere of #WheresWaldo SATURDAY JULY 20 on @UniversalKids @UniversalKids #WheresWaldo #UniKidsFam

4 days ago

On Sunday, Immigration and Customs Enforcement began a series of raids to take undocumented immigrants in to custody. What does that mean? This is @NewsinaRush Editor: @iammessyelliott

5 days ago

fast. 400 on the dash. 📸: @melaneekate

2 weeks ago

hey. my friend @melaneekate shot an amazing photo shoot with me and @jefferson_a_t a couple weeks ago and now it’s in @vtmag ! Link in bioooooooo

2 weeks ago

THIS WEEK ON @NEWSINARUSH : . Presidential front runner, former Vice President, former Senator. Most call him by his name, though: Joe Biden. Let’s take a look on the issues. This is News in a Rush: The Candidates. . Editor: @iammessyelliott

2 weeks ago

i remember the first time i met cameron boyce. no other person told me, candidly, what my experience on the disney channel would be like. nobody else’s words rang truer, all through the experience. all the good, all the bad. all the beautiful incredible moments: the fans, the incredible crews and experiences. all the tough moments: the ones that nobody else would understand because they hadn’t been through it. he had been through it all, and when i joined, those moments of him telling me what to expect kept coming back, day after day, year after year. i still hear his voice in my head. i still pass along what he taught me. rest easy, my friend.

2 weeks ago

anyways here’s me and my mom at the capitol

3 weeks ago

Tonight on @newsinarush ! . It’s campaign season? Already? The first democratic debates were last week, so let’s talk about the biggest moments, before we jump in to a series every other week on the candidates themselves. This is News in a Rush. . *Kamala Harris later modified her statement. Though she supports a partial medicare for all program, she does appear to support a two-tiered system, on par with most of the other Democratic candidates. . Editor: @iammessyelliott Image Credits: Gage Skidmore | CC BY-SA 2.0

3 weeks ago

real image of me astrally projecting

3 weeks ago

we irritating 😂😂😂

4 weeks ago

Watch now on @newsinarush ! . Tensions with Iran have been rising, and when the Middle Eastern power shot down an American drone, it seemed like they might have reached a boiling point. Let's talk about it. . Editor @iammessyelliott

4 weeks ago

we're back tonight!! if you want to see all of these beautiful people on your screen again, tune in TONIGHT AT 8!

last month

Preview here! Check out the full episode for free at @newsinarush ! . I probably could have googled it, but instead I went to the Sudanese Embassy in Washington, DC to answer one simple question: why are so many people's profile pictures turning blue? To really understand why, you have to go back a few months. Or maybe a few years. This is News in a Rush. . Editor: @iammessyelliott

last month

🥵hyornk PC: @jefferson_a_t

last month

Full episode avaliable at @newsinarush ! . I headed to the Capitol on a very windy day to talk about the House's passing of the Equality Act. But this Pride Month, I had to ask the question: how did this start? The answer is Stonewall. This is News in a Rush. . Edited by @iammessyelliott

last month

my first pride was a resounding success! it's so amazing to see so many beautiful people out celebrating themselves and being proud of who they are. . my thoughts are with anyone hurt or injured at DC pride today. to my understanding there was a false alarm, but it doesn't make the fear, pain, and frustration any less real. don't let this stop you from celebrating pride. nobody should be paralyzed by fear because that is what the bigots want. they want people to go back to being afraid of being themselves. that's why pride exists. . @clairelipkin edited out the cancelled lesbian flag from this pic! thank u🥰

last month

ladies and gents, prepare for takeoff.👨🏻‍✈️ @jefferson_a_t took this pic.

last month

This week on @newsinarush , we had @thelukemullen take the reins to talk to us about an issue he cares deeply about: climate change. What is it, what does it have the potential to do, and did we cause it?

last month

hey! if you're interested in supporting news in a rush and some AMAZING charities, you can check out my "no day but today" hoodie and other merch! link in bio

last month

today is my castmate and all around wild child's (pic related! ) birthday and i couldn't be more happy that THE UNIVERSE brought us together♥️♥️♥️

May 2019

@newsinarush • Ever since the Mueller Report was released, we've seen a lot of questions about if the Democrats will try to impeach the president. But what does impeachment mean? This week we'll look at how it would work, and next week we'll look at the political arguments for and against impeachment. - Edited by: @iammessyelliott

May 2019

no clue why she thought the capitol was so exciting, it's just my workplace or sumn

May 2019

This week on @newsinarush ! Georgia and three other states have passed controversial "heartbeat laws" to restrict abortion. What do these bills mean, and what will they do? SUPPORT NEWS IN A RUSH! Merch link in bio! . Edited by @iammessyelliott

May 2019

working at congress is pretty cool, especially when the @redsox show up with the LITERAL WORLD SERIES TROPHY (also if you like this suit it's from @brooksbrothers , it's a rly good suit, 10/10 )

May 2019

Finally, the most requested episode of @newsinarush EVER! Surviving through water shortages, food in short supply, and nationwide blackouts has made recent times in Venezuela hard. But somehow, President Nicolás Maduro has mostly managed to hang on to power. Or has he?

May 2019

I have something big to tell you...but coming soon, I'll be playing Waldo in a new Where's Waldo TV adaptation! I'm so excited for y'all to meet Waldo THIS SUMMER ON UNIVERSAL KIDS!

April 2019

every once in a while someone like no other comes by and truly touches your life. peyton has done just that. i am so lucky and so glad to have her friendship and companionship through everything. i love you p liz/pepperoni/Liz/🅱️ liz/p e lee/Lee/p-town/p-tonne/Pey/peypey

April 2019

Link in bio.

April 2019

DC BOIS, the District Dudes!

April 2019

here i am awkwardly trying to pose in front of an elevator with the logo of my work on it🤷🏻‍♂️

April 2019

Breaking on @newsinarush ! Julian Assange, creator of WikiLeaks, is facing trial in the United Kingdom. I went to the US Justice Department to find out about their work to bring him back to the US for trial. This is News in a Rush. News in a Rush is edited by @iammessyelliott News in a Rush is not endorsed by the Justice Department or by Joshua Rush's employer.

April 2019

‪we felt kinda weird today... @alfredyankovic @haleytju

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