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5 hours ago

Happy birthday to the pioneer, the legend, the great #DJScrew Your music & everything else you did for our city & culture played a part of my life... it was an honor to remake this legendary set up & play apart of the legacy #TheStreetsJeweler #Htown #RobertEarlDavisJr

16 hours ago

My princess just dropped a new freestyle. Goto @savannahtphan page to watch & listen to the whole thing mayneeeee crazy thing is she speaking FACTS!!! #MyEverything #PrincessVannah #ReallyFromTheStreetsToTheIndustry

2 days ago

41mm DayDate II with the baguette dial & Asher Cut bezel... Bezel cost more then a 36mm pressy FYI #DoneRight #TheStreetsJeweler

3 days ago

Where ma Dogs at.... @dmx voice #TheStreetsJeweler #DoneRizzle

5 days ago

My princess @savannahtphan had to rock the #MegatronChallenge EVERYONE TAG @nickiminaj so she can see this!!!! #MyEverything

5 days ago

Name who’s chain this belongs to... #TheStreetsJeweler

2 weeks ago

My brothers @troubl3_l2h & @jreyez just dropped their visual for “Money & the Power” Make sure y’all go check it out & hear some real street music... #L2H #Live2Hustle

2 weeks ago

I can make all the money in the world for them but if they grow up unhappy then I failed. They come before the money cause when I was tired and wanted to give up they gave me that extra push to get to the money... #MyEverything #MyFuture #God1st #Family2nd #EverythingElseExtra

3 weeks ago

ALWAYS imitated but never duplicated... The process from start to finish on our #DynastyCollection pieces is why the exclusiveness is so important. Each piece custom made for a client so not only was it #DoneRight by us but it was made by them too. Once our flagship store opens we will have a limited amount of premade #DynastyCollection pieces that can only be purchased in store so stay tuned... #DoneRight #TheStreetsJeweler

3 weeks ago

When ya watch gotta match the kicks... #TeamDoneRight shit #TheStreetsJeweler

3 weeks ago

Got the work bagged up and ready to go, who’s gon be the lucky new owner nobody knows!!!! Check my stories & get on the Steals cause we giving better than deals!!! #TheStreetsJeweler

3 weeks ago

If you been following me you know I take this pic almost every time I go visit my boi Anthony. We started this 🐬 era together & unfortunately he had to sit down for some time. I try to come every month sometimes every other month just to keep his mind in the positive & remind him he got a lot to come home to but 15 years can take a toll on most. Luckily he been handling it like a Real man staying out the way & preparing for the world. Visit is always good & I’m hoping next time I post one like this he’ll be standing in front of the truck flicking them off!!! Love you bro & soon the world gon know who you are!!! #FreeAnthony #FreeHappy #FreeKlumsy #FreeThomas #FreeWii #FreeAllMyHomiesLockedDown

3 weeks ago

Bagizzles #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

4 weeks ago

Rings made out of princess cuts but when she put it on she a QUEEN... the Rizzle way #TheStreetsJeweler

5 weeks ago

Every tattoo on my body tells a story, a story you wouldn’t believe. By Lords will I was able to come out alive in my journey, That’s why I’ll LITERALLY do whatever it takes to achieve... #IAmAStreetDream #PhatBoiThatMadeItOutTheTrapBoi

5 weeks ago

Happy bday @mgpgm I cherish every moment we spent together and appreciate you for everything you’ve done for my family. Until we meet again watch over @savannahtphan for me please. #GoWityaMove #RIPBigTony

last month

25k just on his eyes so when he say he paid over 100 he ain’t lying... His grill even better quality then most you actors EwwWwWWWwwww!!!! #DoneRight #TeamDoneRight #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

Out at @713 posing in front of @slimthug car acting like it’s mine so I can get more likes... (I was so happy I got the door open before ash came and told me not to get to close )

last month

Everybody over here eating, we don’t believe in competition... #L2H #Live2Hustle #TeamDoneRight

last month

A true hustler has no boundaries & thats why my jewelry cant be categorized... I can make elegant and arrogant, just all depends on the clients request. That’s the #DoneRizzle way baby Qualitayyyyyy #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

1 of 1 custom 2 tone white & yellow APizzle Royal oak with the Bagizzles #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

Ladies 37 millamizzle APizzle Fully BustDizzle wit the Side Bizzle & all... NO Gizzles!!!! Just #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

Whole lotta... #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

Live free Die hard... #Tbt

last month

Hublizzle, rose gizzle wit’ them Bagizzles & it’s sooooo #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

May 2019

Saddle up & Riiiiiiiddddeeee til you can’t no mo.... the #DoneRight way #TheStreetsJeweler

May 2019

Only way to do it is the Rizzle way especially if you live that #DoneRizzle lifestyle... Custom “Slim” charm made for @6ftglamazon from @turkeyleghut #DoneRight #TheStreetsJeweler

May 2019

Outta town trappin’ half my life I been on it, the Hustle don’t stop its the same ole hustle but just different product... 18kt gold “Year of the rabbit” charm with real VS+ diamonds done all in house the Rizzle way, not the drizzle way. 😬🥶😬🥶 #TheStreetsJeweler

May 2019

My everything wanted a club themed party for her 13th bday so she got it. So I got 5 more years to prepare her for the world but 1 thing I know, 2 things fasho & 3 things for certain is that she ain’t never gon need anything from anyone besides their true love & attention. God put us together for a reason & we wouldn’t be where we are today without eachother, I love you more then I love myself & this summer is yours @savannahtphan Big Thank you to @stickypromo @roddyricch @djebonix @holykitkatz & the other loved ones that helped put this together for my princess. Team work makes the dream work & its #L2H forever. We’ll be posting the full video on @savannahtphan YouTube video soon. Thank you for all your love and support God bless!!!

May 2019

150 on the nizzle, another 50 on the wrizzle, everything #DoneRizzle & all off the Snizzles!!!! @benjaminkickz said see y’all at the next level, we out!!! #TheStreetsJeweler

May 2019

While the jewelers were out in Miami trying to chase down every celeb or rapper, I secured the bag weeks prior then we copped 2 sections to watch the show at #RollingLoud rented a 105 ft yacht & spent a whole day just celebrating life with the team. 1 thing about this #DoneRizzle is that it sells itself so we ain’t gotta do ALLLLL that. We live this life Forreal & if you a real hustler we salute you, keep getting it cause we gon do the same GOD BLESS!!! #L2H #L2Hexperience #TheStreetsJeweler #IAmAStreetDream #ProjectAssSET

May 2019

To the realest mother I know... you took on the role of being a mom to my daughter, you hit them streets when I was locked up & turned 80k to 250k in 5 1/2 months & you gave me my first son that I could raise without being selfish. I can keep going but it won’t stop so I will say when we separated you never used the kids against me or tried to make my life harder. Instead, you supported & continued to believe in me no matter what even when I was out here fucking round. They said you was so stupid but they broke while you a millionaire now most importantly happy as fuck. Telling you I love you is a understatement & from now on ima make it my priority to give you the happy ending you always wanted. Wanna wish a Happy Mother’s Day to the realest person by my side... Live Life!!!!

May 2019

We out here to serve & collect... We just have fun doing it cause we been doing it since the jump @jfortune718 tell em if you never had the #L2Hexperience then you never lived stay tuned #L2H #TheStreetsJeweler #DoneRizzle

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