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13 hours ago

Only way to do it is the Rizzle way especially if you live that #DoneRizzle lifestyle... Custom “Slim” charm made for @6ftglamazon from @turkeyleghut #DoneRight #TheStreetsJeweler


Outta town trappin’ half my life I been on it, the Hustle don’t stop its the same ole hustle but just different product... 18kt gold “Year of the rabbit” charm with real VS+ diamonds done all in house the Rizzle way, not the drizzle way. 😬🥶😬🥶 #TheStreetsJeweler

2 days ago

My everything wanted a club themed party for her 13th bday so she got it. So I got 5 more years to prepare her for the world but 1 thing I know, 2 things fasho & 3 things for certain is that she ain’t never gon need anything from anyone besides their true love & attention. God put us together for a reason & we wouldn’t be where we are today without eachother, I love you more then I love myself & this summer is yours @savannahtphan Big Thank you to @stickypromo @roddyricch @djebonix @holykitkatz & the other loved ones that helped put this together for my princess. Team work makes the dream work & its #L2H forever. We’ll be posting the full video on @savannahtphan YouTube video soon. Thank you for all your love and support God bless!!!

4 days ago

150 on the nizzle, another 50 on the wrizzle, everything #DoneRizzle & all off the Snizzles!!!! @benjaminkickz said see y’all at the next level, we out!!! #TheStreetsJeweler

4 days ago

While the jewelers were out in Miami trying to chase down every celeb or rapper, I secured the bag weeks prior then we copped 2 sections to watch the show at #RollingLoud rented a 105 ft yacht & spent a whole day just celebrating life with the team. 1 thing about this #DoneRizzle is that it sells itself so we ain’t gotta do ALLLLL that. We live this life Forreal & if you a real hustler we salute you, keep getting it cause we gon do the same GOD BLESS!!! #L2H #L2Hexperience #TheStreetsJeweler #IAmAStreetDream #ProjectAssSET

6 days ago

To the realest mother I know... you took on the role of being a mom to my daughter, you hit them streets when I was locked up & turned 80k to 250k in 5 1/2 months & you gave me my first son that I could raise without being selfish. I can keep going but it won’t stop so I will say when we separated you never used the kids against me or tried to make my life harder. Instead, you supported & continued to believe in me no matter what even when I was out here fucking round. They said you was so stupid but they broke while you a millionaire now most importantly happy as fuck. Telling you I love you is a understatement & from now on ima make it my priority to give you the happy ending you always wanted. Wanna wish a Happy Mother’s Day to the realest person by my side... Live Life!!!!

1 weeks ago

We out here to serve & collect... We just have fun doing it cause we been doing it since the jump @jfortune718 tell em if you never had the #L2Hexperience then you never lived stay tuned #L2H #TheStreetsJeweler #DoneRizzle

2 weeks ago

2007 Jewelry game was #DoneRizzle 8 years before #TeamDoneRight existed big rocks & qualitayyyy. I had an eye for good work even before the thought of being a jeweler crossed my mind. I just knew how I wanted my shit to look whoever thought the world would see it the same way as me. You see I was reppin’ the same thing I rep now nothing changed but the numbers in the bank. #L2H #Live2Hustle #MadeInAlief #TheStreetsJeweler #IAmAStreetDream #tbt

2 weeks ago

Drip the #DoneRizzle way... #TheStreetsJeweler

2 weeks ago

The only Duo in this jewelry industry that really looks out for one another... Shit be so bad, we be pushing clients on each other like we arguing to pay for a tab hahaha. Love you @iceman_nick we started this together & that’s how we ending it. My time is coming soon & best believe ima put it in their face, they would too if they started at my place. #TheStreetsJeweler #TeamDoneRight #DoneRizzle #ProjectAssSET #L2H #IAmAStreetDream

3 weeks ago

#TheStreetsJeweler is coming to a city near you... get it #DoneRight or don’t get it done AT ALL!!! EwwwWwwWWwwww!!!! #DoneRizzle

3 weeks ago

Makin’ Jewelry great again, the #DoneRizzle way #TheStreetsJeweler

3 weeks ago

Even though I’m not Thai, Laos or Cambodian, for the past several years The team & I have been able to experience TLC New Years festivities in Saginaw, Tx. Even though I go every year this was the first time I got “creamed” with shaving cream which is like a ritual that’s apart of the new year festivities. Sorry to the ones that we didn’t get to give the free shirts cause we ran out in 2-3 hours. Just wanted to take this time to thank everyone there & shout out all the people that show us so much love & made us feel at home. Next year we have a surprise for Saginaw as a token of our appreciation & just a way for us to say thanks for all these years of love from #L2H So if you didn’t make it this year start booking next years tickets cause it’s gon go downnnnnnn 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #Live2Hustle

4 weeks ago

We always start as employees & gotta take a couple losses but it only makes us stronger as we become Our Own Bosses... The #DoneRight way #TheStreetsJeweler @lildarrion

4 weeks ago

No matter how big or small the job is, we focus on making it right or we just won’t make it at all... Shout out to @allfortheculturellc for coming thru & gettin #DoneRight it was a pleasure bringing this to life for you #TheStreetsJeweler

4 weeks ago

Seeing the finished product is good but sometimes I like to show y’all the action in the Trap baby.... qualitayyyyy at its finest no Trick lights babyyyyyy #TheStreetsJeweler

5 weeks ago

Pepe Le Pizzle, smokin a blizzle, holding on to a Stizzle & you know it’s #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

Born, raised & got paid in the Lief’... FYI the big OG one was made in 2007 by a fooler but it’s still my baby. Made the new ones for @2xeverything @g.a.t.a & myself the #DoneRizzle way #MadeInAlief #Alief #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

When ya work looks like it came out the factory... Now THATS #DoneRight EwwwWwWwwww!!!! #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

We take pride in our work but mainly we take pride in your trust in us so a permanent grill (dental crowns ) is not an easy process & must be left to professionals. Each tooth is filed down correctly & impressions are made to fit your teeth, not go over your teeth (as in your crowns should feel like your actual teeth not more ). Our REAL Dentists does all the anesthesia, dental work & uses DENTAL GRADE GOLD for your teeth (Not the gold you use for jewelry ) Once the Dentist makes the mold & even aligns your bite & fix any dental issues you are having, the mold is sent off to make the crowns with the specific dimensions so we can set diamonds on them without interfering with your hygiene because that’s very important. All we do is set the diamonds properly and once that’s done we let the dentist put your new crowns in. It is a 4/5 week process because everything has to be done correctly or the Dentist can even lose their license if they don’t do it right. Others worry bout just the quality of your diamonds but OUR MAIN FOCUS is keeping the QUALITY OF YOUR TEETH so later on you’ll have them things in good working order!!! That’s the #DoneRizzle way #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

No FF (Flash or Filter ) just all Qualitayyyy.... I bet y’all wondering how that B charm set in Real VS hitting harder then your “Flawless” huh??? 🤣 Sidenote; all jewelers, even foolers can get all clarities of diamonds. Y’all just so used to getting lied to y’all wanna try to justify it. Keep getting F @&k’d with no Vaseline 😂😂😂 Fuck sealing a deal, We gon keep it real 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

Taking pride in my work cause the money don’t come first... #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

2 tone OG #Alief piece made by a hustler that was born, raised & got paid in them Alief streets... #MadeInAlief #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

Twin 40’s... Baby red w/ the factory style “bead” set bezel & the yellow with the “HalfProng” set bezel... either way you want it long as it’s #DoneRight #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

🥖 Bag-gizzles DoneRIZZLE!!! #TheStreetsJeweler

last month

2.45 tcw (est. .80 center ) cushion style Engagament ring custom made for our client. Our engagement rings are made to order so the ring is specifically made for that diamond you choose, just apart of the #DoneRight way.

last month

What #DoneRight perms look like... #TheStreetsJeweler

March 2019

Diamonds kickin’ like Jackie Chan... all big boy & ALL Qualitayyyyyyy @stickypromo said he rapping now 😂😂😂 #TheStreetsJeweler

March 2019

6 figure ring for a 6 figure chick... diamond clearer than ya future #TheStreetsJeweler

March 2019

THERE IS NO COMPETITION!!! If you support my princess @savannahtphan repost or tag all social media outlets let them know they need to promote positivity for once cause eventually THEY’LL HAVE NO CHOICE!!! #MyEverything #SchoolsFirst

March 2019

Either you gettin’ that Rizzle or you gettin’ Drizzled on.... #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

March 2019

18kt Black on Black Diamond 16mm Cuban bracelet done the Rizzle way, not the Drizzle way.... & if the Stamp ain’t the same you got Drizzled on peeeeeooonnnnn 💦💦💦

March 2019

The best part about my job is to be able to help my clients spice things up & overly satisfy their loved ones like a 💊 of VIAGRA!!! Maybe I’ll change my name to The VIAGRA JEWELER, what y’all think?!?! Guess that means #PillGates came around in full circle 😂😂😂 (pictured is a 5.03 Princess cut all natural diamond w/ additional 1.32 carats on a 14kt white gold band all VS ) The Rizzle way... #DoneRight #Qualitayyy #TeamDoneRight #DoneRizzle #TheStreetsJeweler

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