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13 hours ago

#incaseyoudidnt we got busy at th hotel gym no excuses #Vampfitt @dudvampfitt

14 hours ago

Happy bday @fatjoe wish u many more enjoy it u deserve through all ur trials n tribulations u still here and u still fly and u rich as fuck lol 😆 now everyone knows


A pack of #CapoLuci ’s all my life u heard people goin in th store asking for luci’s these ain’t those type of stoggies lol I’m workin @caposmoke @sauceyextracts

2 days ago

Wassup lol

2 days ago

Project baby Harlem kid this is wht we call #BoysClubwork these kids only got computers they missing half th physical fun

2 days ago

#incaseyoudidnt we got busy in th middle of no where even made a pull up station out th door frame if U want it bad enough ain’t no excuses #vampfitt @dudvampfitt

2 days ago

Let’s get saucey @sauceyextracts @caposmoke had th pleasure of goin to see th #SauceyFarm mommy I’m dealing drugs again 🤦‍♂️

3 days ago

If u in Cali go @shopmedmen they got it for sale @caposmoke @sauceyextracts

3 days ago

Is we #Vampin or is we #Campin caught a few a campers in th studio #VL

4 days ago

I drop tht Gas ⛽️ on my neighbors terrace this morning so he can have a @caposmoke morning @sauceyextracts do I have to tell u he was hype lol

4 days ago

This is goin down today pull up on me Seattle I’m Bringing sunshine wit me and a lot of @caposmoke and @sauceyextracts meet me at #Kush21

4 days ago

I’m not condoning this fake bullet proof vest for th kids to wear to school shit is gettin out of hand now When we wore vest it was for protection first n yeah we might of it look a lil fashionable but if u wore one u know they are very hot when u have it on so most of the time we were tryin to get some air when we were rockin them exposed but we wore them because there were real situation goin on in this rap business I’ve lost good brothers to th life of this thing of ours Ps wit all these mass shootings mayb our kids need to wear th real thing to school

4 days ago

U need to have #FloorSeats to this event out now @asapferg #HARLEMis1

4 days ago

No caption needed

5 days ago

I’m a keep screaming free you till I see u I miss my brother #Back2Back

5 days ago

I need a gangsta B and I got one to wit class n ass 😎tbt

5 days ago

Good morning #elCAPO

5 days ago

@prpsjeans fall collection styled by yours truly #JosephRose

5 days ago

Let’s debate b honest wit me #elCAPO we all entitled to an opinion

1 weeks ago

#incaseyoudidnt we got busy on legs today for th #leghaters #vampfitt @dudvampfitt

2 weeks ago

August 24th PA #aliBabbaLounge if u wasn’t there last time u don’t wanna miss this time I promise #elCAPO

2 weeks ago

Oregon welcome to th #BlockParty grand opening of th #KentonBoutiqueHotel pull up on me

2 weeks ago

August 25th me n my bro @mrrugs will b in Atlantic City tearing it up I’m just not gone gamble as much as he is lol

2 weeks ago

This might b th best interview I’ve ever done mike gone always b undefeated in my book #TheRealChamp #boxinglegend #streetlegend

2 weeks ago

#incaseyoudidnt we did shoulders #vampfitt

2 weeks ago

August 17th Oregon meet me at th after party for the #feetpiece event @ jackknife night club

2 weeks ago

August 17th Oregon who else they gone call for a #feetPiece event #StrongerTogether meet me there make sure ur feets is crispy

2 weeks ago

We #saucin @sauceyextracts the whole Seattle meet me at #STAGE august 16th

2 weeks ago

We bringing @sauceyextracts to ur town #greet &cheef @kush21 in Seattle pull up

2 weeks ago

York PA tomorrow #UnityMusicFest pull up

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