4x Mr. Olympia Physique Champ @jeremy_buendia

🇵🇭Filipino American 🇺🇸 #nobodyoutworksme™️ #AdoboGains™️ 📍Huntington Beach, Ca

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4x Mr. Olympia Physique Champ photos and videos


@bustarhymes nice surprise to have the OG join us last night! It’s always cool to meet a celebrity and they turn out to be cool and down to earth. 🤘🏽



19 hours ago


2 days ago

@nickdiaz209 - Nor cal love my brotha always good seeing you!

2 days ago

What do you guys think? - Top 4 - All of these guys brought it. ✊🏽

2 days ago

Good luck boys! I’ll miss being up there with you all tomorrow! 🙏🏽 - @mrolympiallc

3 days ago

Champ to champ. Best of luck brother! Competition is vicious, and you have to have the will to remain on top! Feeling his vibes today, he’s gonna be a tough man to beat! - But if you win again bro....I might have to see you back on stage in 2020 🤫 - @brvndonflexx

3 days ago

Made a lap around the expo today and ran into the 2040 Mr. Olympia Champs!

1 weeks ago

New Shoulder Workout LIVE on YOUTUBE 🎥 - Go check it out for some pre-gym motivation! Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel! We are closing in on 300k subscribers! - @big_buzzo_ @fareshersh @team_buendia

1 weeks ago

My athleticism after a decade of bodybuilding 😂🤣 - Give me a month and I’ll be as quick as @ab was in and out of Oakland! - All jokes aside, I’m doing really well everyone. Thank you for all the support & encouragement!

1 weeks ago

Dog Lover 🙋🏻‍♂️🐶❤️

2 weeks ago

Some morning cardio inspired by @jhharrison92 - No better way to start our Sunday morning than to play some Med-Ball Volleyball on the beach! - Anyone is welcome to come out and play with us!

2 weeks ago

Lol @vhensthetics you freak of nature! - #teambuendia

2 weeks ago

It’s gonna be a weird feeling watching the Olympia this year. - Who do you guys got winning this year? I think the reigning champs are going to be hard to beat! Both B & Breon are looking spot on. - Thoughts?

2 weeks ago

Happy #FlexFriday ☀️💪🏽

2 weeks ago

Big ups to my uso @frank_keil_ for getting his apparel line going! #NonStopFitness - Nothing but love for these guys. They rode out the storm with me and never let anyone from the outside influence them. That’s love & loyalty. ✊🏽💯 - @frank_keil_ @ant_abeyrama @big_buzzo_ @cj_kim_ - Thank you @selfmadetrainingfacilitywc for opening up for the doors for us once again! Best leg equipment I’ve used in quite some time!

2 weeks ago

New BACK WORKOUT Live on my YouTube Channel! - Subscribe to my channel! I’m going to be dropping a ton of new content! 🎥🔥 - @team_buendia

2 weeks ago

👴🏽🐌 - “Back in high school I use to be able to throw a football over them mountains. “😂 - Took morning cardio and stretching out to the beach this morning ☀️😀

3 weeks ago

Took some time off from the weights...so I had to make sure everyone heard I was there 😂😩 - I swear I don’t have control of my screaming when I lift heavy 🗣👀 - I missed you guys ❤️

5 weeks ago

5 weeks out @vhensthetics - #VhenDia

last month

The greatest thing in life is today & tomorrow ❤️ I love you guys. ✊🏽

last month

My work is about perfection. And when I have an individual who heartedly believes in himself it enables me to whole heartedly help them. - @franky y I love you bro. You been nothing short of perfection in my book! One of the most solid/reliable/respectable beings I have in my life. - God willing let’s get that overall! - @team_buendia

last month

For those of you who get nasty and do legs on a Saturday! - Give this time under tension set a try! - Learned this one from @bigdjames years ago! - 2 reps with a slow tempo, 5 reps regular tempo, 2 reps slow tempo, & 5 reps regular tempo. - 3-4 sets of this and your legs will explode!

last month

@megafitmeals has the best tasting prep food I’ve ever had over the course of my career! & I’ve tried a ton of companies! - One of my favorites is @flex_lewis signature meal Miso Salmon & Jasmine Rice 🔥🔥🔥🔥 - They ship nationwide 🇺🇸

last month

Nothing like an arm pump on a Friday! - Check out my ig stories for clips from today’s arm workout! - For the most Massive Pumps, stack my 3 Favorite Supplements together! - 1️⃣Amped-Af™️ - 2️⃣Pumped-Af™️ - 3️⃣ADABOLIC™️ - ‼️WARNING! Your arms might pop‼️ - Shop all your @steelsupplements at - ▪️www.SteelSuppsJB.com▪️ - Use code ‘Buendia’ & Save 10%

last month

‼️I have a formula to get you shredded in 8 weeks‼️ - If you can follow the plan, you can be in the best shape of your life 💯 - Check out my IG stories to vote to see who goes to the FINALS for the 2019 SUMMER SHRED CHALLENGE! - Get the Shred Ebook for 60% OFF! - Click the link in my bio☝🏽

July 2019

Relentless pursuit of achievement. Power through and come out the other side better. #champshit

July 2019

Been working with coach @bossxmma off & on for a few months...it’s my first session back in about 4 weeks & definitely feeling the cardio. - I got the upmost respect for fighters. This sport is fuckin hard. The technique, the precision, all of the little things that have to be accounted for. Weight distribution & balance, not lunging or leaning in, keeping your hands up, these are all the things you gotta think about at the same time while trying to avoid getting punched in the face. Not to mention try throwing your hands for 120 seconds straight for multiple rounds...sheeeesh - I’ve got a lot to work on, learn, and perfect. (First not dropping my right hand 😠 )...I filmed todays session because, just like football and bodybuilding I always studied my practices or training, identified mistakes and that’s how I learned from them. Im no where near good nor how great I will be. Time to work 🥊 - But from when I first started with @bossxmma I wanted to walk out our session for how embarrassed I was for my lack of coordination. 😡😂Thinking you can fight and actually knowing how to fight are two completely different things. So much respect to those that have put in years of hard work and training. The dudes in @ufc & @bellatormma are modern day gladiators.

July 2019

Check out my ig stories for today’s back workout!!

July 2019

▪️Rise above and remind them of your greatness▪️ - @franky y @cj_kim_ it’s peak week fellas! Time to bring it! - @steelsupplements - www.SteelSuppsJB.com - Use code ‘Buendia’

July 2019

First night out for all us together in awhile. All of the boys been shredding down for summer and we got thru 8 weeks strong! - Kicked back and enjoyed a bottle of tequila with the boys last night. 🥃💯

July 2019

Congratulations to the finalist of the 2019 SUMMER SHRED CHALLENGE! - All of these participants completed the 8 Week Program outlined in the SHRED WITH BUENDIA EBOOK 📚 - ‼️The results are insane across the board‼️ - You too can be shredded in 8 weeks if you follow my SHRED EBOOK! - ▪️Download today for only $9.99 using code ‘india’ at check out! - ▪️▪️GO VOTE ON MY STORIES FOR THE BEST TRANSFORMATION▪️▪️ - The winner will have a choice of $2500 cash, or an all inclusive trip to the 2019 Olympia or a trip to Orange County to hangout and learn from me for a weekend! - ▪️Click the link in my bio to download the shred ebook▪️

July 2019

I been apart of the fitness industry since 2008. I attended my first expo in 2010 & have seen it explode ever since! - Seeing it expand overseas at the exponential rate is extremely promising. That’s why I have put a lot of my efforts into the international market & especially India! - India has 1.4 billion people! That is a ton of untapped potential talent. As of the past few years seeing the industry grow thru the @ihff_olympia_india & @sheruclassic has led to a spike in interest in fitness across the board! - I was fortunate enough to be invited to be a guest at the grand opening of the first @ufcgymindia and I tell you what, I’ve never seen a grand opening like that! I’m talking mainstream news networks and newspapers reporting on site. - The excitement that India is bringing to fitness is contagious & that is the reason I’m so eager to be apart of it. - I will be back in November in Mumbai! 🇮🇳

July 2019

First REAL workout since I left for my travels 10 days ago. Felt nice to lift with the boys back home. 💪🏽 - We finished arms off today with these iso curls on the cables. - Crazy pumps off of ADABOLIC™️ & Amped-AF™️ - Get my pre-workout stack using code ‘Buendia’ and save 💵 when shopping at www.SteelSuppsJB.com - @steelsupplements - #teambuendia #nobodyoutworksme

July 2019

Take out the notepad 📝 - The uso @frank_keil_ and I take you through a brutal shoulder workout! - ‼️FULL VIDEO‼️Click the link in my bio to watch! - I breakdown my supplement protocol and list out my sets/reps for you guys! - Study this video, and then try it out for yourself! Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel! 📺 - Order all your supplements using code ‘Buendia’ when shopping at www.SteelSuppsJB.com - @steelsupplements - #teamBuendia #nobodyoutworksme

July 2019

#FlexFriday - Missing India. And already counting the days until i come back! 🇮🇳 - Wishing everyone a happy Friday and a blessed weekend! - Do something today that will make the difference in the life of someone around you. - Having an impact on someone for the better leaves no better feeling within you. - Take advantage of the last day of my ebook sale! Only $9.99 for any one of my ebooks! 📚 - Click the link in my bio and use code ‘india’ at check out!

July 2019

Ebook Sale Extended until Friday! - ‼️Any e-book only $9.99‼️ - 📚Don’t miss out on this deal, they won’t be available at this price again! - Click the link in my bio. - ▪️Use code ‘india’ at checkout▪️

July 2019

Think my smile explains how I felt about being up on stage this past weekend! 🙏🏽💯🇮🇳

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