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Free Spirit Boy From Hawaii 🦋 Living Everywhere & No where.. @omertacortex “AllWeNeedIsToday” [email protected] MY VIDEOS ⤵️

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Ciaaaaoo.. Earlier this year shooting the new @boss Infinite fragrance campaign.. Possibly the most clothing I’ve ever worn everrr.. 😂❤️ (Btw brands that support tattoos are my favorite 🤞🏽 ) #boss #Portugal #Bossbottled #ad

3 weeks ago

Much love California! On my way to Belgium for the @suspiciousantwerp Event.. Going to be good times.. Hope to see some of you there 😘🤞🏽

3 weeks ago

When cliff jumping goes wrong.. 🤯🤯🤯 this was the most crazy shit I saw in ibiza @hawkersco #hawkersdogma was an epic time this trip 😘🤞🏽

4 weeks ago

This is me on vacation in Ukraine.. With an RPG Bazooka.. 😂 Some may never understand why man enjoys such an activity.. Perhaps a wise man understands Destruction is the work of an afternoon. & Creation is the work of a lifetime. 🦋☠️🤞🏽

last month

“All I need is a little good pussy and a whole lota universe”.. 🔆💙 ..Best year I’ve had in greece yet.. Endless nights of dancing and smiles with humans I love. Never want this vibes to end.. This island got something magic about it.. Never gets old, till next year 🦋💦

last month

Booty bites all day when wearing @ironbymironova 🦋💦!! Designed by @mironovanastasiia this girls a creative genius 💗⚡️

last month

Tow surfing behind a Heli.. Ukraine has been lit so far 🇺🇦🦋🙏🏽.. Would you try it 😘?.. F @&king love this country and it’s amazing people.. filming for a new video with my crew 🥰⚡️

last month

50 years since the first moon landing🛸 shot this commercial celebrating @omega first watch on the moon so dope to work with a brand like this #moonwatch music by @dondiablo

July 2019

Wee.. Few months back shooting the new @boss Bottled Infinite fragrance in Portugal.. (It’s a Big deal for me guys 🥰 ) Got to skate some hills with some homies #SuitChallenge #BOSSbottled #ad

July 2019

Thank you @natgeo , Area 51 & Sumakra Golian tribe for helping make this possible.. Another one of those experiences that I’ll never forget.. So much respect for these creatures and our magical planet.. ❤️ Flying to Ukraine in 2 days to make a crazy new video can’t wait : ) After that Tomorrowland and then Mykonos!! Summer in full affect! 🙏🏽🦋👅

July 2019

Best Trip of my life... 🤯🦑❤️!!! Every year at the start of summer this rare species makes its migration through the warm water of French Polynesia.. Originally only ridden by the indigenous people of the Sumakra-Golian tribe.. We were lucky enough to document this as before only the tribes & area 51 had access to the migration patterns.. You can see the entire video link in my bio!

July 2019

DAAAAMN Cancer babyyy 🦋❤️✊🏽.. 24 Years of loops and rotations around our burning sun.. Thank god it’s just a number and not a feeling😏 Another year of growth and self discovery.. Couldn’t have asked for a more real and interesting path to be walked in life.. Surrounded by the most raw and wild people.. living without mental boundaries or even physical boundaries. Through the heaven and hell of challenges and moments I’ve come to realize for me Life is only what you want it to be.. & all we ever need is TODAY.. My only birthday wish is to feel your energy next to me, (all the amazing souls I have in my life ) you make what we are experiencing special.. Thankful to have the support and love for my vision from so many.. thank you all for that..❤️ My real birthday celebration be later in the month in ukraine going to be LIT and got couple cool projects coming soon 😘

June 2019

Yeeee almost 3 months of eating a close to perfect diet with no substance etc.. Focusing my mind on my hustle my creativity and my friendships.. Realizing and learning no matter where or what you achieve in your life you will always end up right back here inside your mind & body so better make it the best place to be.. Looking within is where it all begins 🦋💙.. Ready for more extreme sports, deep conversation, dreaming, creativity and good energy with my favorite humans.. My mind and energy on a permanent high for life.. Love you all thanks for the support always 😘

June 2019

Never change who you are for anyone or anything, If you have to recreate yourself for yourself that’s fine.. But “All that you will ever need is already inside you”. —🏴🦋 @damon_baker

June 2019

I wanna fuck you up buttercup 😛❤️ @damon_baker

June 2019

“My Soul & You”.. A strange idea from my mind.. A quick little creative feeling I made.. This cut is for the more artistic minds that follow me 💪🏽.. Full video Link in my bio ❤️🦋

May 2019

Music is the meditation! Thank you @kygolife for putting me on your #MyEscape Campaign.. 😌💪🏽✨

May 2019

What’s up my lovessss 💗💪🏽 I made a limited amount of minimal style necklaces for summer.. For boys & Girls ✨ Link in my Bio.. Heading back to LA now from Ibiza thank you spain!!

April 2019

Just to warm up your lovely day the cutest thing i’ve ever seen 😂✊🏽💗

April 2019

I swear I looked 16 until I was 21 🧐 how old do I look if you had to guess my age.. honestly guys don’t offend 😛❤️

2 weeks ago

summer days with @ignite

April 2019

This simulation has some mind blowing locations and levels to it.. the interactions, coding, programming & visuals are so intuitive sometimes we can mistake it for being base reality 🦋.. The video I just filmed in tahiti is probably going to be the most strange and epic thing i’ve shot ever.. Pure mind bending good times.. Happy Saturday to all in the simulation ✊🏽👽 Photo: @timmckenna

April 2019

Just chilling on top a giant dead Squid we found floating off a sand bar in south pacific.. Probably the most disgusting thing I’ve ever done but, I doubt I’ll ever see a giant Squid again So I had to get a pic.. 😭 Imagine this thing trying to attack you in the ocean 🤮😨❤️ I’ll never eat Calamari again after the smell of this Squid😂🤯 Tahiti video will be out soon 😋

2 weeks ago

@ignite gives me wings ❤️🤞🏽🙏🏽

April 2019

Can’t believe it’s been three years since you been on this earth.. that trip to Moscow, Russia was wild an not expected.. but, at least I was given you my son!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY МАЛЫШ COSMO АЛВАРЕЗ!!! I will return to russia and see you soon!!! ❤️❤️❤️

March 2019

Migrating through this “human” simulation.. 😜 sometimes I think I’m to sarcastic or playful in this game for some other players.. but then I realize it’s a game 🤔🔫❤️.

March 2019

First time ever being documented.. This statue dated back from 2600 BC and was originally crafted by by the Atlantis lunar people.. One of the only ruins of this civilization that still remains today.. I have no idea what i’m saying but anyway From Milan to the warm Caribbean.. ✨ epic few days lined up before going back to LA & Hawaii.. Working on a interesting video right now 🤔🐭

February 2019

My only flex ever will be my imagination for life.. all else is temporary & replaceable🤞🏽.. I have a question for you, what’s the biggest thing holding you back from who & what you want to be? & if you have how did you over come it? 👣🧠👀

February 2019

Never grow up.. 💕

February 2019

Tattoos are my silent expression.. Give me 30 seconds PLEASE.. read You can fucking escape I promise you.. 💗 the more my mind opens and the more I break my ego the more this world becomes exciting again.. I realized that regardless your ethnicity or skin color or country of origin you don’t really have an identity underneath your ego and self perception.. Listen I FUCKING challenge you.. You never have to be who your parents want you to be or your country wants you to be. You can choose your identity and create yourself however you want.. You realize that when you look inside yourself there’s no obvious you.. Just an observation point of consciousness. The same as every other human. Nothing is 100% sure in this life.. Religion is an interesting story but at base is still just faith in a human designed story. Science and Physics explains how things work but still has no idea the origins of why anything is here in the first place.. Nothing is solid for sure in our existence the only one fact is that we are concision of this experience.. Maybe this sounds scary but think about it in a new light.. If nothing is certain it means you are free to craft this world with your own imagination.. Understanding life this way makes life fun again like you have a child’s eyes.. Your only true origins is that you are created from this universe.. Think about that.. why the FUCK did the universe make conscious life (you ) just to be aware of its self (universe ) ? This isn’t some hippy ass almond lattè drinking yoga LA talk.. Wake the fuck up.. everything in this universe is written in interconnected code.. Nature loves courage.. Go against everything you ever have been taught, Fuck the low frequency system.. It’s impossible that you don’t have purpose.. Doubt, stress, judgment, negativity, hate is all low level conscious.. don’t conform to this weakness.. Escape it. Remember you are •

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