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independent singer/songwriter • new single “special” out now!

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3 weeks ago

we don’t know the man behind us streaks but GO VOLS

3 weeks ago

little behind the scenes from spicebomb

3 weeks ago

imagine failing ur vsco girl audition because u brought starbucks in a plastic cup and not a hydroflask

5 weeks ago

back to back photos sry but she’s cute

last month

special acoustic is here if ur sad or sleepy or something... stream this bitch 💜

last month

jc didn’t have to go this hard xx

last month

the first video was two years ago on the day i wrote and recorded this song, and the second is me today FINALLY releasing it with just as much excitement as the day i wrote it.. i just couldn’t let this one go. it’s an honor to introduce u all to “special” the second single now available to stream and download!!!! cheers bitches

last month

do i have that new song coming out in an hour glow?

last month

SPECIAL OUT NOW! link in bio 💜

July 2019

they said act natural

July 2019

i’ve been dying to officially tell you all for the next four songs (at least ) i’ll also be dropping acoustic versions!!! so now available for preorder and presave.. “whole acoustic” link in bio!!!

June 2019

a whole snack

June 2019

son of a beach

June 2019

MY FIRST SINGLE “WHOLE” IS OFFICIALLY OUT! i can’t explain to you how slow and frustrating these last few years have been, but they were everything i needed. this is my first full independent release in so long, and it feels so fucking good! thank you for being so patient with me, and i’m so eager to see all your reactions 💙 welcome to the new era.

June 2019

for this father’s day what better than Spicebomb Night Vision, the new fresh and explosive fragrance by @viktorandrolf_fragrances #viktorandrolf #lightsoffgameon #spicebombnightvision #fathersday #newfragrance #spicebomb

June 2019

griffin said he’s baby

June 2019

i missed color.

June 2019

it’s been a long year of black and white and needless to say.. i’m over it. after countless meetings and many nights feeling so confused and down on myself i decided it was time to do something. this is the first of many songs i’m dropping this year ON MY OWN! no management, no label, just us.. you can now pre order the first song “whole” which comes out in TWO WEEKS! let’s do this. link in bio

April 2019

cover of @swaggermag 🖤

March 2019

excited to share a new and exclusive shot from the spicebomb night vision campaign! the fragrance is now available at @nordstrom #viktorandrolf #lightsoffgameon #spicebombnightvision #newfragrance #spicebomb

February 2019

happy birthday good lookin @abbylynngriffin

February 2019

maybe this life isn’t so guaranteed.. maybe you love me, maybe you’ll leave. maybe we only see what we believe.. maybe we’re dead, but maybe we’re free. maybe we met in another life.. maybe we fell for each other twice.. maybe we came from the stars in the sky. maybe i’m wrong, and i don’t care if i’m right. happy valentine’s day 🖤

January 2019

the new sexy bomb is finally here! a great contrast of black spices and green fusing freshness to seduce even in the dark.. more on @viktorandrolf_fragrances #viktorandrolf #lightsoffgameon #spicebombnightvision #newfragrance #spicebomb

January 2019

see or be seen? both! i love it when the lights are off.. game on at @viktorandrolf_fragrances #viktorandrolf #lightsoffgameon #Spicebombnightvision #newfragrance #Spicebomb

January 2019

The Spicebomb Night Vision campaign is out!!! Are you ready to play? @viktorandrolf_fragrances #lightsoffgameon #Spicebombnightvision #newfragrance #Spicebomb

January 2019

i’m so excited to announce that i’m the new face of Spicebomb! amazing things are coming soon, go follow @viktorandrolf_fragrances for more info 🖤 #viktorandrolf #lightsoffgameon #newfragrance

January 2019

i don’t think that i wanna die.. i think i’m just scared to be alive, and in this moment i realize i’m terrified. i don’t think i wanna die.. but it’s been so long since i’ve cried, and all my feelings have moved to mind, and they’ve capsized. watch as they flow from my head to my toes and consume me. they move through my veins, they change how i speak, and they move me. these are the kinds of songs that i write for self realization that get me through my darkest times and provide me so much clarity.. i’ll be okay.

December 2018


December 2018

it really pains me more than anything ever has before to be typing this, so i’m not going to say too much.. this man is a brother to me, and is one of the most genuine people i’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. We’ve toured together, lived together, and i’ve spent the majority of the last 4 years making memories with this guy. I love him more than anything. He’s recently been diagnosed with one of the rarest forms of cancer, and if you all could click the link in my bio and donate a little it would mean everything. Thank you.

December 2018

you know we only fuck with 12ft christmas trees in this house baby.. time to decorate this thick girl

November 2018

21 mood

October 2018

bed ass hair

October 2018

the bundles go on sale saturday!!! they include a jw windbreaker, keychain, lanyard, and an autographed halloween themed pic like this!!! except they’re in color! $60!!! we will be selling leftover individual merch items if any are leftover 🖤🖤🖤

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