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2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

Talk about ass... Any brands tryna fly me out to Mykonos?

4 weeks ago

Pops hated when I was late for curfew 🤬

last month

“Do a backflip off the cliff and you can be the Godfather” - @nashgrier

last month

The butterflies they tell me somethinnnnn 🎸🎤🎧🎹

last month

This will become the most beautiful song you’ve ever heard

June 2019

Get out your protractors... that kids damn near hittin 45° 👀

May 2019

Meet Me Halfway?

May 2019


last month

Tour is almost over and I’m gonna miss hearing you guys sing every night 😩 but on the flip side I’m very excited to get back in the studio!

April 2019

This April Gloom is here to stay 🌧

April 2019

Ambitious guerilla marketing tactics? I’m your go to guy... trust me I’ve got a gang of these ideas up my sleeve that don’t involve murder. Gotta take over the world one gas station at a time!

April 2019

Happy 58th to my beautiful mommaaaaa ❤️ you have such a young soul (she is actually not 58 she’s 30-28 ) and I love you more than you’ll ever know! Can’t imagine life without you, and I also can’t wait to see you back in Omaha at the end of tour so we can properly celebrate, EVERYONE GO WISH HER A HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @jenniferre4 @jenniferre4 @jenniferre4 🎂🎂 by the way we, since we made April Gloom she actually got her hip replaced!! No more “moms about to go and get her hip replaced” haha she really did it! (And it feels way better )

April 2019

Only one life so ima put on a show 🤙🏼 #GoodFriendsAreNiceTour

March 2019

23 tonight : ) time is flyin wow

March 2019

I might’ve been in love with you... Tomorrow 🙈

March 2019

Love you guys ❤️ North American tour kicks off in 2 weeks, can’t fuckin wait to see all your beautiful faces (🎥: @andreladon )

March 2019

Her reaction 😂 Manchester was a movie last night #GoodFriendsAreNiceTour

March 2019

On a strict tequila diet

March 2019

#GoodFriendsAreNiceTour has been so unreal... energy thru the roof! Can’t wait to bring the madness to the USA!! Added a second NYC date since the first one sold out so quick, GO GET YOUR TIX NOW LINK IN BIO BABY!! 🎥: @andreladon

February 2019

Wanna hang?

February 2019

Take me back to ___________ 👀

February 2019

POSE - I’ve seen too many people around me get caught up in the nightlife, wanting to be in the “scene” so desperately that they become a dull and suppressed version of themselves. Man when I tell u I was caught up in that cycle a few years back... I’m not lying when I say it’s demotivating and REALLY takes a toll on your passion. It all means nothing even though at the time it may feel like what’s important. Losing sight of your goals and vision is all too easy in a city like Los Angeles... #AGFIN

January 2019

I wonder if we get a guardian angel discount on liquor for the week since we are watching over the store 🤔 thanks @spotify it’s a weekend to celebrate!! Go stream A Good Friend Is Nice if u want to feel some beautiful type of way.

January 2019

YOOOO A GOOD FRIEND IS NICE is out everywhere and I’m so excited I can’t even put it into words. Please take a lil moment out of your day to go listen, I promise you’ll hear something you’ve NEVER heard before... this project was all about pushing boundaries and being versatile... we hope you enjoy the soundscape throughout it!

January 2019

Probably trying to explain which Jack comes first

January 2019

Damn I was a fetus #10yearchallenge #TieHanginPastMyDick

January 2019

1961 ❤️

January 2019

TENSION out now ♟

January 2019


December 2018

I posted this picture on Facebook in 7th grade and convinced everyone it was a throwback of me even though I stole it from the internet, but Gilinsky knew it wasn’t me, and since I was getting a lot of likes he got a little jealous and publicly called me out in the comments and it started the biggest fight we’ve ever had. We probably commented back at each other like 100 times each, getting super personal and cussing each other out. G was calling me a premature fuck cuz I hadn’t hit puberty yet, and he had just started getting veins in his arms so I was trying to rebuttal by making fun of his veins even though girls think that’s hot but yeah I didn’t really have much ammo cuz G looked like a baby Hercules. So basically we didn’t talk at all at school the next day but then the girl we both liked said she wouldn’t hang with either of us until we made up. We talked it out at tennis practice after school and became best friends again. That shit was so funny u really don’t understand 😂

December 2018

That’s the way that it goes I suppose

December 2018

Didn’t see you there

December 2018

Damn this is unedited earth goes way too crazy sometimes

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