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Mao Kawakami / 川上 真於 photos and videos

1 weeks ago

Show #50 💜 i think this photo was taken when we started to do blockings or run throughs. Where did the time go?😧 #sweetenertour @alfredoflores

2 weeks ago

Two. more. shows. 🖤 #femmetastic5 #sweetenerworldtour 📷: @allthingsmean

2 weeks ago

This shit’s infinite. Pretty much, there’s no right answer to life & nobody on this earth knows what the fuck we’re All I gotta say is, take care of yourself. If you feel overwhelmed, get lost looking up at the sky a lil bit. Listen to your spirit, work on things you need to work on, love. Don’t forget to call your family & friends. As much as we twirl our minds, at the end, it’s all simple. 🔌✌🏽

3 weeks ago

Show #44 today 💛🌈 #sweetenerworldtour

4 weeks ago

The Happiest Birthday to @arianagrande !! Super kind, caring, hilaaarious, strong & vulnerable. Not a lot of women can rock like she does. Simply thank you for being you! 26! Let’s have a blast today! Love you girl! ❤️

last month

Madison Square Garden tonight!!🗽 #sweetenertour #sweetenerworldtour #🧞‍♂️

last month

NY!! Show #1 let’s gooooo #sweetenerworldtour #sweetenertour @allthingsmean

last month

☕️🌈 #miguel #3amfeels

May 2019

Ooh la la, pretty damn hype for the 2nd show tonight! 📸: @alfredoflores #sweetenerworldtour

May 2019

San Joooooosee! Let’s fuckin do this 🤸🏻‍♂️♥️ - @arianagrande & the #femmetastic4 #sweetenerworldtour

April 2019

The way we are there for each other... Our safe space ❤️ Through my eyes, y’all are superheroes & angels! 🍒: Coachella always holds a special place in my heart. Love y’all more than you know. Lesss do it agaiiin #arichella #coachella

April 2019

Human caption: Unconditional love. Dog: 🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿🐿

April 2019

“The only way out is through” 🤸🏻‍♀️ Thank you @selfcareisforeveryone for the shirts & reminding us to love ourselves no matter what!❤️ On another note, I’m sooo stoked to be back in Canada ☺️🍁 #sweetenerworldtour #selfcare 📸: @bonguno

March 2019

Welcome to #sweetenerworldtour ✨ Show #7 tonight!!

March 2019

Bih. What. You feel it? #sweetenerworldtour #❤️

March 2019

Ari + The #Femmetastic4 🌺💛 #sweetenerworldtour

February 2019

Mood:Note to Self 💁🏻‍♀️📝 Be. Phew.

January 2019

Chun-Li or a girl in identity crisis or artistic or editorial or Harajuku girl. Who knows, you name her.Lol Whatever this was, bringing all my creative friends together was fun 💝☔️ _____________________________ Hair: @ayanohairbraids Clothing: @samathorm @astroboi111 Camera Guy: @soterojordan My Lil Lamb: @brilovelife @iamskot

January 2019

@arianagrande 「七つの指輪」out nowww!💍 Creative team: @hannahluxdavis @brilovelife @iamskot @darrion_g damn. y’all did this💓!! The vibe. Thank you. Love y’all. #ithoughtihadit 🍾 #nope #everythingcameout #thefrizzwasreal #7rings #七つの指輪

January 2019

@soterojordan 💫〽️📒🧽🚕🍟🧀🍋

January 2019

Finally got to take @eztwins class last year!🤭🤯 You guys are...🥜😳 Also this is how I wanna attack the beginning of the “Grapevine” (Voodoo farm remix ) - #MarvinGaye

December 2018

Why not flip? @soterojordan 💫🥡 #fts

December 2018

A little teaser of “La Luz” @wisinyyandel @maluma | Chor: @ogmaiko 👽🖤 #laluz #yandel #maluma #winsin

November 2018

How I roll 🍷🛀🌿 Duh.

November 2018

@maccosmetics giving you maaagic!🔮 its been an amazing run! Catch us at Disney Spring this week : ) ____________________ Choreo by @ninamcneely Asst. choreo by @aorange This team is just... 💝 #macholiday #macshinyprettythings #maccosmetics

October 2018

@ljducos class the other week 💪🏽 Always thrivin’!!! This is the last week at @drlegacystudios at this location... So many memories & history in this studio. Thank you for being the space for all the artists in the world. Let’s celebrate this week with what we all love to do ❤️ #debbiereynolds #drlegacystudios

October 2018

Came to life wooo #mood

October 2018

Sorry G, not today 💎✨

October 2018

2 flowing kids on earth 🌏❤️💫 35mm by @biancavallar : )

October 2018

Sunsets. ___________ Photo by @jongifted 👕: @curiousjoez

September 2018

sweaterseasooon @bnga_ __________________ 📸: @sean_carbs

September 2018

The world of @original_xerox 😶🤯🖤 JUUUST WATCH #savagexfenty

September 2018

@badgalriri x @savagexfenty x @nyfw The celebration of womanhood. @parrisgoebel & @darrion_g ♥️ Breaking the rules & all the stereotypes the world has for the lingerie line as women. Thank you isn’t enough 💓 Super honor to be a part of your art & the message we strongly stand for! & @slickwoods 😱🧡 sending all the love for you to welcome your badass baby to the world!👼🏽 #savagexfenty #nyfw #savagexfw18 #fentybeauty

September 2018

myheadtooheavy @barclaywright

September 2018

Another one **DJ Khaled voice @barclaywright

September 2018

**insert life quote... jk 😛 @barclaywright

September 2018

When all the feel that’s left after class was simply “I love dance” 🧡🤟🏽 Thanks @bonguno !!!! A super hard worker & a kind heart, Keep shining : ) ✨ #ifellafterthishahaha #atleastiwentforit #bongbuno #arianagrande #movementlifestyle

August 2018

Throoow back to the 1st episode of @thefouronfox season 2! Last episode of The Four is on air tonight!! I just remember watching James from the side at the shoot of the first episode & getting goosebumps from his voice. They’ve got some freakin talented mother fathers out there.Lol Always thankful for @boomkack @meagannugent1 for the shots 🙌🏽 plus this wardrobe team is ON point , enjoyed working with them all🤙🏽 #thefouronfox #thefour #boomkack #tbt

July 2018

Little Chaînés don’t hurt nobody 😛👠 #heels #walltowall lol

June 2018

Reconnecting w/ @khalidfreeman & Jason : ) Don’t mind my concentrating face, it’s been years.Lol #8minsession #bodypercussion #stepping _______________________ For the past years, I’ve been fortunate enough to be on jobs consistently, but I recently started to feel more and more selfish about them. It’s not that I wasn’t grateful for those jobs, but I always felt like there was so much more. & mentally I was in the weird place. After turning down some jobs that I wanted to do to come here, I was feeling weird at first, but being able to feel the love for sharing art, what we all love to do made me so happy period. No matter what you do, you are your own example and others come along. Timing is such a funny thing, I don’t know if I ever will like it lol, but I always can trust and let go of the things that don’t serve me at the end for something bigger than all of us : ) & who knows what that something will be. Now I’m readyyy to get back and do more good stuff! Thank you to everybody that comes across in my life ♥️

May 2018

My heart was smiling the whole time!! Thank you @devin_solomon , I’m a fan 🙌🏽🙏🏽🤟🏽

May 2018

TONIGHT!!! @danafogliadance #enterourworld 8pm @theactorsgang Tickets are sold out online, but you still can get it at the door on a first come first served basis! See you there : ) 🖤 #dfd #workinprogress

May 2018

“SAY MY NAME” Full length show on May 16th Go get your ticket for this experience!!!!! @danafogliadance

May 2018

New Bella #pitchperfect3 🎤 As I renew my artist visa next week & reset myself, I just wanna share the outcome of what I genuinely had fun learning new things in this job : ) Huge respect to all that have to sing & dance at the same time!Lol Needless to say, the process with @aakomon & @amylilfire is always inspiring & is something that I never take for granted 😊🙌🏽

April 2018


April 2018

We never lose Dan. #campwillis 💛

April 2018

sea lion, wolf & teddy bear

April 2018

@beyonce , you are the hardest working person that I’ve ever crossed passed in my life. @jaquelknight & @chrisgranted , your creations are something out of this world! It’s simply a magic. Always inspired by you guys through the process & all! Thank you thank you thank you all for inspiring the world ♥️✨ For the culture ✊🏾 Now... One more beychella to go!🐝 #beychella #beyonce #coachella #beyhive

April 2018

Simple things

March 2018

3.30 18’ My baby brat #ninja

March 2018

Enjoyed seeing the creative process of making this flawless dress 🕊✨ Photography: @samathorm Artistic Direction: @samathorm @astroboi111

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