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2 weeks ago

Look who’s back in Europe again #studyabroadround2 😭😫

3 weeks ago

This place is called Heroes’ Square so obviously I’m in the right place

4 weeks ago

Coachella: broke girl edition

last month

Surprising goal for a girl that doesn’t exercise often these days buuuut I’m making it my life goal to visit all 58 US national parks. Happy National Park Week!

last month

Sippin’ on Spanish locals’ all-time favorite drink: sangria!!!

March 2019

So... who freakin’ turned the AC up in here?

October 2018

The last picture ever taken on my iPhone 5. Rip iPhone 5, you’ll (not ) be missed

October 2018

Hey 2012, teach me how to do the duck face. This is the best I could come up with

September 2018

This trip marks the date when I finally found out what Papa Lee loves more than playing candy crush: spending quality time with his favorite daughter 💕

September 2018

What I’m holding is a fancy hiking stick and in no way is an umbrella that I used to shield myself from the burning sun like other Asian moms

September 2018

Went up to these boys and asked them what they were talking about and they completely ignored me. Guess you can say they were STONE cold LOLOL

August 2018

Never thought I would join a srat but rush Sigma Alpha Delta for the saddest time of your life! 👯‍♀️

July 2018

Yo @disney , just shut up and take my money

June 2018

Congrats to my sister who is free at last— free from UCLA, free from mindless assignments, unreasonable TAs and long nights cramming for exams, and free to visit me in SD anytime 😜

April 2018

TOtally ready for this Saturday with these SunGod tank TOps

April 2018

tag urself I’m the tree in the back

April 2018

Honestly, the most magical thing about the park was how I could handle 81% humidity and long lines and not die

January 2018

Serving ya looks and events since 2k17. Also, I’m a proud mama bc this group of people pulled off our biggest annual event yesterday 😭💕 #GOWARREN

January 2018

It was a “sponty” decision to join KP board but I’m glad I did because I met these equally “sponty” people #FRIENDS31 📸: @purshoot

December 2017

Happy 22nd bday to my ride-or-die since day 1 (she was literally there in that delivery room when I was born LOL ). I (doe )’nt know what I’ll do with our ya bc you light up my world! Ty for almost two decades of friendship! 👯‍♀️💕

November 2017

Last year I couldn’t even pronounce “ate” and now I am one! I know this is a week late, but welcome to TTT, Ading Glessilda ✨

November 2017

Only true ice cream lovers would drive four hours roundtrip to LA just for their daily fix of ice cream

October 2017

The scariest thing about Halloween were the lines at Disneyland tbh

September 2017

Skrrrt skrrrt watch out bc here comes the worst bikers in all of Costa Rica

August 2017

Taking Big L's in Big Sur with this Big Mess

August 2017

Yo @duchessbecca what happened to ur wand? I told u to get a wand at Ollivanders not eBay!

August 2017

The pole is good grades, clear skin, and blossoming friendships for this upcoming school year

August 2017

A smol lil' joey chillin' in her papa's cozy pouch

July 2017

Who needs to go to the real Japan when you've got SF, right? *cries internally*

July 2017

Now I can finally check my yearly arm workout off my to-do list ✅

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