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“What do people want me to do? Wear black every day?”🌈! Thank you so much TIME for this incredible interview and article (link in my bio )! And thank you to everyone who accepts me for who I am! Trust me, I know I’m different from most 16yr olds, I know I dress different, I know I act different, I know people my age don’t normally live life the way I live mine, but I get to do what I love 24/7 and I get to inspire the next generation of kids on such important incredible things like being kind, being confident, and having fun!🌟 Love you guys!

2 days ago


3 days ago

I’m slightly inspired by Freddie Mercury!💛🌟 Ready to perform in VANCOUVER tonight! Gonna be a epic show! #56

4 days ago

HAPPY INTERNATIONAL BOW DAY!!🎉🎀 I’m so happy and proud of what the JoJo bow has become! Remember, if you’re wearing a JoJo Bow then that means that you’re a SIWANATOR, someone who is Confident, Strong, and Kind to EVERYONE! You Love Everyone and Support Everyone!🤙🏼 Happy Bow day everyone!!❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

4 days ago

I love back to school shopping sooo much!!!! Kohl’s has the cutest JoJo stuff this year !!!!!! Make sure you wear your anti- bullying JoJo bow too and together we can make a difference!!!!! @kohls 🎀💙

4 days ago

We’re in D.R.E.A.M. LANDDDD!!🌟Thank you Redmond, WA for being a incredible crowd last night!! Today we are in Vancouver getting ready for our show tomorrow!🎉 I’m seriously Having the time of my life on this tour!!

6 days ago

Tonight at 8:00 (7 central ) on Nickelodeon is my first tour special!!!!!!! Turn your TV’s on and get ready for an amazing show!!!!

2 weeks ago

D.R.E.A.M. The Tour UPCOMING SHOWS!!!🌈 Tickets are all almost SOLD OUT so make sure you get them before it’s to late!! ( Link in my bio ) 🎉 Today: RENO, NEVADA 8/17: PORTLAND, OREGON 8/18: REDMOND, WASHINGTON 8/20: VANCOUVER, BC 8/24 LINCOLN, NEBRASKA 8/25 CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA

2 weeks ago

Thank you so much @thesugarfactory for literally throwing me the BEST party ever!!!!! You guys are the best!!!! 🍭🌈🎀⭐️

2 weeks ago

Living my dream 1 day at a time!💕🌈 it’s been a while since I’ve posted a on stage pic! So here is Me and @cjjensen05 living our best life during Every Girls a Super Girl!🌟 love you bro!!

2 weeks ago

I don’t know what I’m more obsessed with this Donut, My Outfit, Angry Birds the Movie 2, or my JoJo Shoes from Walmart!!🌟 Just went to the premier of the Movie in LA, Now.... getting on a Jet to go straight to my show tonight in Vegas! 🌈 D.R.E.A.M. The Tour is NONSTOP and I love it!!🤘🏼

2 weeks ago

I’m sooooo Ready for today!!😍 The Premier of my first ever feature film, Angry Birds The Movie 2!! I’m so excited! I can’t wait for you all to see my outfit!💙❄️

2 weeks ago

Thank you so much @angrybirdsmovie and @sonypictures for the best night ever!!!!! Love my Angry Birds Family so much!!!! Can’t wait for you all to see the movie!!!! 💙💙💙💙💙

2 weeks ago

Ahhhh I am so happy that Walmart is now carrying JoJo Shoes!!! I love them all so much!!! Just in time for back to school! So excited every style is super cute and super sparkly!!! Check out my shirt, backpack and lunch bag too, you can get them all at @walmart !

3 weeks ago

You guys are going to LOVE the new DORA and The Lost City of Gold movie!!!!! ⭐️ It is hilarious!!!! I had so much fun seeing it with all my friends !!!! 💚🧡 It will in theaters Friday!!! Make sure you guys go see it with all your friends !!! Thanks so much @nickelodeon and @paramountmovies and of course @doramovie for giving my friends and I sneak peek!!! #ad 🌈🎉

3 weeks ago

I love my life so much!💛

3 weeks ago

Workouts with @cjjensen05 I mean @itsjojosiwa 👊🏼💪🏼 hahah when your dancers make workout videos so you decide that you have to show them how it’s done!

3 weeks ago

So excited to be performing in Omaha August 6 and in Lincoln August 24!!! More tickets just added for both shows !!!! Can’t wait to see everyone!!! ❤️🌈🎀⭐️ go to for tickets !!!

3 weeks ago

I’m so happy that @niasioux and @kendallvertes care to see my show in Pittsburgh the other night!!!🌈💕 I love these 2 so much! We will be friends FOREVER! I miss u guys already!

4 weeks ago

Make sure you guys watch “All That” THIS SATURDAY on @nickelodeon !!! I am going to be performing on the show!!! Can you guess what song I will be singing !?!

4 weeks ago

JoJo Siwa D.R.E.A.M. THE TOUR!!🎉 MORE Tickets on sale now at (link in my bio )!🌈 Over 50 more shows to go! I’m having the time of my life on my concert tour! If you haven’t gotten your tickets yet hurry and go get them before they are all sold out!!❤️✌🏼

4 weeks ago

A little spaghetti sauce and Blue paint never hurt no one!🥫💙 I played JoJo’s Juice for BuzzFeed’s First Internet LIVE event last night..... I’m still blue haha! But it was worth it!✌🏼

5 weeks ago

WOW! Last night I performed for my largest crowd ever!! Sold out show for over 12,000 people!❤️🎉 Thank you Newark for the BEST. NIGHT. EVER.

last month

Dublin we added a second show and the tickets are on sale NOW!! 🍀💚 🎉Love you guys and can’t wait for you to see the show!!! 🌈🍀⭐️

last month

Fun night again tonight!!! WE DID A SHOW IN 98°!💥 I have to say.... that was epic, I wasn’t sure how tonight was gonna turn out, but with the help of the incredible crowd and my INCREDIBLE crew, this show was perfect.🌟

last month

Ahhhhh I am so excited I went back to dance moms for a week and the episode aires this Tuesday on Lifetime!!!!! @dancemomstv @lifetimetv

last month

Good night tonight Vienna, VA!!🎉❤️ In front of over 7000 people we put on a show in about 98° HEAT!!🤯 insane! It was a fun one like always!

last month

CARDIFF and DUBLIN!!! TICKETS TO SEE ME PERFORM LIVE ON TOUR ARE ON SALE NOW!!🎉❤️ Dublin, Ireland is already SOLD OUT.... so hurry and get your tickets today before they’re all gone!!🌈 LINK IN MY BIO!!! WHAT CITY ARE YOU COMING TO??!!👇🏼

last month

Look at my mom and dad watching me in sound check today!! I love them so much!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ SEE YOU SOON RICHMOND, VA!!🎉

last month

HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY DADD!! I’m gonna start this post by saying, everyone go follow him @itstomsiwa haha!!🌟 I hope you have the best day ever! Thank you for letting me live out my dream.... and for everything you do. Anything I ever need your always there to do it! To coordinate this picture with this caption, Thank you for teaching me how to bowl, or just chuck the ball down the lane haha! I looovvveeee you so much and I hope you have a good day today and everyday!!❤️✌🏼🎉

last month

Wait, what???! This is crazy! I believe in using the internet to make the world a better place, to lift people up, to make people happy.... and to see that being recognized by TIME is so incredible!! Thank you so much @time ❤️🎉

last month

Like a kid in a Candy Candy!!🍭 Getting ready for our show tonight in North Carolina!! It’s gonna be a fun one, 9,000 people are gonna be there!🎉 Here’s a picture from Kid in a candy store! I love this moment in the show! 👀 - that’s literally the perfect emoji to describe what’s happening at this moment haha!

last month

YOU GUYS, PRIME DAY IS TODAY!!! There are so many deals on my products and all new exclusive JoJo merch available right now on Amazon!!!! Go to to see it all!!! Get the JoJo merch before it is all sold out!!! @amazon #primeday ⭐️🌈🎀

last month

First outdoor show was EPIC!!!🎉 Thank you St. Augustine for being an amazing crowd! We literally did our show yesterday in what felt like 90°!☀️ but it was awesome!! see you later today Charleston, SC!!🌈

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