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19 hours ago

In this case, playing with this “food” is totally allowed. It’s a creation from OG Slimes ( @slime_og ). 🍌🍦🍒 “Making dessert slime has connected us with people through their food and culture, whether it be our “fresas con crema” slime inspired by the popular Mexican dessert or “sticky rice and mango” inspired by traditional Thai cuisine,” says Christine Ly, who runs OG Slimes with her sister Donna and their friend Danny. Today on our story, OG Slimes puts the cherry on top of a fake banana split, and then squishes it for our ASMR delight. Photo by @slime_og


Keep strutting into Pride Month like Pabllo Vittar ( @pabllovittar ). 👠🌈🔥 “Let’s empower ourselves to show the world who we are, raise the flag of our community and scream our rights from the top of our lungs,” says the 24-year-old Brazilian superstar. This June, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community by sharing stories of #UntoldPride “I try to inspire people who are still afraid to share who they are. Don’t be afraid, we’re together,” Pabllo says. Follow along as we shine a spotlight on people who are making a difference just by being themselves, and check out @lgbt_history to see even more stories of #UntoldPride Photo by @pabllovittar


Without a camera trap, taking this photo would’ve been impossible. 🐾📸 “I could spend the rest of my life and never get close enough to the Florida panther to make photographs with a wide-angle lens,” says conservation photographer Carlton Ward Jr. ( @carltonward ), who got this shot using a camera trap with an invisible tripwire. “A camera trap is essentially a studio waiting in the woods,” Carlton says. “When an animal crosses the beam it takes its own picture.” Like a selfie. 😻 Today on our story, Carlton shares more “impossible” shots from the Florida Wildlife Corridor. Photo by @carltonward

2 days ago

What do you see when you look at his nose? A heart, right? Definitely a heart. 🖤 Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Rorschach ( @rorschachthedalmatian ), pronounced “roar-shack,” just like the Swiss psychiatrist who brought us the inkblot test. Photo by @rorschachthedalmatian

2 days ago

For the last 14 years, Japanese potter Abe Haruya ( @abe_haruya ) has handcarved porcelain ceramics. The only thing more mesmerizing than the honeycomb pattern itself is seeing Abe create it, scrape by scrape. Today on our IGTV, Abe’s ceramics take shape. Video by @abe_haruya

2 days ago

The only thing more mesmerizing than this honeycomb pattern is seeing Japanese potter Abe Haruya ( @abe_haruya ) create it, scrape by scrape.

4 days ago

“It’s in my blood to do makeup,” says Madrona Redhawk ( @madroni_redclock ), a 17-year-old high school student and makeup artist from Las Vegas, Nevada. “I’m Native American — Choctaw, Creek and Shawnee,” says Madrona. “Shawnees were into makeup, augmentation and piercings – really dramatic stuff.” Today on our IGTV and story, Madrona creates a dramatic makeup look of their own. 👀 Photo by @madroni_redclock

4 days ago

High school student Madrona Redhawk ( @madroni_redclock ) credits their Native American heritage with inspiring their dramatic makeup looks.

5 days ago

It’s Pride Month – officially! 🌈⚡️🦄 – and Aaron Philip ( @aaron___philip ) has a message for young LGBTQ+ people: “Take care of each other and keep growing. This is your world and everywhere is your space,” says the 18-year-old fashion model. “Soak it all up.” This June, we celebrate the LGBTQ+ community by sharing stories of #UntoldPride “Pride to me means acknowledging the roots and history of our community and holding space to collectively uplift and take care of one another,” Aaron says. Follow along this month and beyond as we shine a spotlight on people who are making a difference just by being themselves, and check out @lgbt_history to see even more stories of #UntoldPride Photo of @aaron___philip by @ohmakeda

3 days ago

“To see a picture of a large marine animal interacting peacefully with a human can trigger something in people’s mind and change their perception,” says photographer, scientific advisor and free diver Fred Buyle ( @fredbuyle ). “As a free diver, you truly feel part of the ecosystem… I wish people understood that there is no ‘us’ and the environment — we are a whole system. On planet Earth, everything is interdependent.” 🐳🏊🌎🌊💙 #WorldOceansDay Photo by @fredbuyle

2 weeks ago

Nice ‘stache! Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Hamilton ( @hamilton_the_hipster_cat ) from San Francisco. “Seven years after adopting him and I still smile every time I see that mustache,” says Hamilton’s human Jay Stowe. Photo by @hamilton_the_hipster_cat

2 weeks ago

Even while training for a big soccer game, Alex Morgan ( @alexmorgan13 ) makes time for her rescue dog Blue 💙. But after the daily dog walk, it’s all ⚽️ for Alex, a forward on the US national soccer team. “There’s so many things that soccer has taught me: life balance, discipline, staying committed, being uncomfortable, making sure you challenge yourself at least once a day,” Alex says. Head to our IGTV to see what a training day is like for the young soccer star, and then tune in to our story to see how well you know Alex in a quiz we like to call #GameOn

2 weeks ago

What’s a training day like for soccer star Alex Morgan ( @alexmorgan13 )? Start with ☕️, walk the 🐶 and then it’s ⚽️⚽️⚽️.

2 weeks ago

Today on our story, we’re digging deep with artist Billie Eilish ( @billieeilish ). 😎 Billie shares the meaning behind some of the songs from her album “WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?” as she uses the new lyrics feature for music in stories. Watch now to learn more, then try it out for yourself using the music sticker. 🎶

2 weeks ago

Darner Socks ( @darnersocks ) founder and owner Roxanna Sternerud grew up with a serious sock collection. “It was so colorful with a million prints and bows on them and different trims,” says Los Angeles-based Roxanna, who started her high-end sock line in 2012. “There’s a charm in finding something special,” she says. “It’s like a treasure hunt.” Watch our story to see Roxanna’s process, then shop her designs over on @shop — a new account where you can discover and buy goods from up-and-coming designers. 🌈✨ Photo of @darnersocks by @danielsahlberg

2 weeks ago

Tonight was Game 2 of the @nba Finals. 🏀💫 Tune in to our Instagram story to see what the scene was like as the Golden State Warriors ( @warriors ) took on the Toronto Raptors ( @raptors ) for their first win in the series. #NBAFinals

3 weeks ago

Last weekend in Paris, Millie Bobby Brown ( @milliebobbybrown ) attended the fan screening of her first-ever feature film, “Godzilla: King of the Monsters” ( @godzillamovie ). Right now on IGTV, she’s the special guest on our very first episode of “Three-Minute Autobiography,” where some of your favorite ⭐️ share their life story in just three minutes. #ThreeMinuteAutobiography

3 weeks ago

Hang out with actress Millie Bobby Brown ( @milliebobbybrown ) in Paris as she shares her life story. ❤️ #ThreeMinuteAutobiography

3 weeks ago

Say hi to three rescue border collies with enough personality to star in their own show. “Envy rules the house. She’s the oldest, the only girl and definitely the boss. Zain lives to please, and Trek is the trouble-maker,” says their human Kelly Bove ( @kelly_bove ). #WeeklyFluff Photo by @kelly_bove

3 weeks ago

Equestrian Alex Bauwens ( @alex_bauwens ) is bringing mounted archery back from the Middle Ages. 🐴⚡️🏹 “I’m a big fan of fantasy books and film, and I love making those adventures real for people,” says Alex, who started riding horses when she was 3 and took up mounted archery — or the sport of shooting a bow and arrow from horseback — 10 years ago. “The first time I shot a bow from a horse, I knew this was the sport for me,” she says. See Alex shoot some arrows, today on our story and IGTV. Photo by @alex_bauwens

3 weeks ago

The first time equestrian Alex Bauwens ( @alex_bauwens ) shot a bow and arrow while on a horse, she knew mounted archery was the sport for her. Additional footage by @ladyphotographic

4 weeks ago

Free stuff? Big photo shoots? Fancy things wherever you go? Today on our IGTV, dancer and vlogger Cameron Field ( @cameronfield_ ) breaks down some of the myths influencers face... with a sense of humor. 🙃 Photo by @cameronfield_

4 weeks ago

Dancer and vlogger Cameron Field ( @cameronfield_ ) separates truth from fiction with a sense of humor.

4 weeks ago

Hello, world. Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Cliff ( @call me.cliff ), a 3-year-old Siberian cat from Berlin who loves to curl up with a good book. 📖 😸 “Cliff mostly sleeps on the books, whereas I like to read to them,” says Cliff’s human Ezgi. Photo by @call me.cliff

4 weeks ago

In many of her jewelry designs, Wing Yau, the fashion designer behind WWAKE ( @wwake ), features opals — a stone she’s loved since childhood. “I had visited Australia and the South Pacific islands,” explains Wing. “We collected opals and seashells, and so I have a deep-rooted nostalgia for those materials.” Today, we’re with Wing in her studio, located in Brooklyn’s Greenpoint neighborhood. Watch our story to see more of Wing’s process, then shop her designs over on @shop — a new account where you can discover and shop from up-and-coming designers. 🌈✨

4 weeks ago

#Cannes you believe it? Sundy Jules ( @sundyjules ) sure can’t. The 20-year-old French creator is at the Cannes Film Festival for the first time. “I’m excited for everything,” Sundy says. “The films, the beach, the parties, hanging out with my friends, but definitely mostly excited for the films.” Do you know how to say “walk the red carpet” in French? 🤔 Find out from Sundy in a little quiz we like to call #GameOn , on our story now.

4 weeks ago

Choreographers Shivani Bhagwan ( @shivanibhagwan ) and Chaya Kumar ( @chayakumar ) are the brains behind BFunk ( @bfunk ). “BFunk stands for the two styles of dance that we teach: BhangraFunk and BollyFunk,” explains Shivani. “It’s a fusion between elements of our western upbringing and our eastern roots,” explains Chaya. “Our heritage is woven through every fiber of our work. Dance is not a recreation in India; it’s a part of our culture. It’s a means of celebration. It’s a means of storytelling. It’s a means of communication.” According to Shivani, “ #APAHeritageMonth is wonderful because it promotes education, drives conversation and builds awareness, and that is the birthplace for growth.” Photo of @bfunk by @pavithraphotos

5 weeks ago

Hello, world. Today’s #WeeklyFluff is Alex ( @alexthehonkingbird ), a 20-year-old cockatiel from Brisbane, Australia, and a head-bangin’ rock star. 🤘 “I never expected thousands of people all around the world would become fans of my birds,” says Annika Howells, who also looks after Alex’s son Dominic, a xylophone player. Rock on! Video by @alexthehonkingbird

5 weeks ago

Time travel, Maseratis, 🐴 (duh ) and even Chris Rock (?! ) all have a moment in Lil Nas X’s ( @lilnasx ) video for #OldTownRoad — which just dropped.💰 “The past few weeks of my life with ‘Old Town Road’ dominating the charts have been unreal,” says the 20-year-old artist, originally from Atlanta, Georgia. Today on our IGTV, we’re behind the scenes at the shoot of #OldTownRoadMovie Giddy up. 🤠 Photo by @lilnasx

5 weeks ago

See what filming the music video for Lil Nas X’s ( @lilnasx ) hit song #OldTownRoad was all about. And yes, there was some ridin’ on a 🐴, HA.

5 weeks ago

For most dogs, having to wear a medical collar is not typically a good look. This ongoing “Cone of Shame” ( #coneofshame ) photo project set out to change that. “I wanted to take that sad moment and twist it into something beautiful and majestic — to take the shame out of the cone,” says Winnie Au ( @winniewow ), who photographed various dogs wearing custom sculptural cones created by costume designer Marie-Yan Morvan ( @marieyan ). “These dogs have not recently had surgeries,” Winnie adds. “They were all dogs photographed in good health who were comfortable wearing a cone.” Winnie is currently selling prints of the project and donating a portion of the proceeds to Animal Haven’s Recovery Road Fund ( @animalhaven ) for rescue dogs in need of urgent help, “so that all the dogs of the world can get the medical care they need and wear their cones proudly,” Winnie says. Check out more pups who proudly turned their cones of shame into a fashion statement, today on our story. Photo by @winniewow

last month

You’re invited to this glitter party in Bergamo, Italy. (No vacuum required. ) Federica Zamponi ( @floreal slimes ) is a 17-year-old slime-maker who uses glitter — and lots of it — to make sparkly holographic unicorn goo. 🦄 ✨ Tune in to our story and IGTV channel right now to fully experience the ASMR sounds of glitter. Video by @floreal slimes

last month

Slime-maker Federica Zamponi ( @floreal slimes ) invites us to her glitter party. No vacuuming required.

last month

“Cooking has always been a conversation between my own lifestyle and the culture I’m from,” says food photographer and recipe developer Hannah Che ( @hannah__chia ), who has lived all over the world — from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to Guangdong, China. “Honoring my heritage means connecting the food I make to the past, but also using it as a conversation to explore my own identity and tell my own story.” For Hannah, #APAheritagemonth helps celebrate the diversity of Asian Pacific American people’s cultures and origins. “But it shouldn’t just be this month,” she says. “There are so many incredible things that Asian Pacific Americans are doing out there that really should be more visible year round.” This post is in celebration of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, celebrated every May in the United States. Photo by @hannah__chia

last month

Happy #MothersDay to all the mamas out there. 💕 Meet James Kicinski-McCoy ( @bleubird ): She’s the founder and editor-in-chief of @the__bleu and a mother of four. “It’s very loud,” says James about her busy home in Nashville, Tennessee. 😂 “I think having teenagers has been my favorite part, so far. Of course babies and kids are so cute and fun when they’re small, but to have an intelligent conversation with the people that you made and helped shape, and to watch them form their own passions, personalities, sense of humor, interests and viewpoints is really something.” One of those amazing teenagers is Milla “Plum” Kicinski — and she’s a big fan of Mother’s Day. “It’s a day to celebrate my mama, who is my best friend,” says Plum. “She is always there to give me love and advice, and it’s nice to have a day that is specifically for her, so we can shower her with love and appreciation.” 💐 Photo by @bleubird

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