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I love dancing... n books... n travels ..ummm.. n food:)))))

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Life is a soup & you re a fork , try drinking it now!!! 👩🏻🙄

4 days ago

My Sona ❤️ @sonakshi_malik You are the most beautiful bride i have ever seen & my heart is sooo full & sooo happy right now. Wish you both the most meaningful funnest journey ahead. So upset that am not there. I love you so so damn much my baby sister❤️

6 days ago

Supermarket ready 👩🏻🤓 📸 @rahuljhangiani

1 weeks ago

The #vivoZ1Pro with Snapdragon 712AIE, has helped me keep up with work, seamlessly transitioning between some heavy duty apps to get stuff done. My work is not the only thing that keeps me busy. My smartphone is also something that I multitask on. I am active on a number of apps at a time and I want the interface and usage to be flawless as there should be no lag. So I've got my vivo Z1Pro, get yours from @Flipkart Sale starts on 11th July, 12PM. Follow @vivo_india for more updates.

2 weeks ago

“Still, what I want in my life is to be willing to be dazzled to cast aside the weight of facts and maybe even to float a little above this difficult world. I want to believe I am looking into the white fire of a great mystery. I want to believe that the imperfections are nothing that the light is everything that it is more than the sun of each flawed blossom rising and falling. And I do.” ― Mary Oliver, House of Light

2 weeks ago

She s back but jet lagged but BACK 🕺🥰 #LIFELINE #sundays x

2 weeks ago

I miss being in a rehearsal hall😓

2 weeks ago

Apothecary! Now reading 🙌🏻❤️ P.S Normal people ~ enjoyed the story & the writing but also made me realise am a hopeless romantic No more👩🏻

3 weeks ago

Donot Wake Me Up !📖 Excited about this one 🐥 #sundays x

3 weeks ago

कथा कहे सो कथक कहलाए teacher & 📸 @nikkitakathak

3 weeks ago

Circa’ early 2018 @sashajairam let’s shoot again soonest 🐥

3 weeks ago

pine & ginger @sashajairam

3 weeks ago

Waking up to the rains creating music ..... How snuggly s the weather today : ): 🎥 @sashajairam

3 weeks ago

It’s a smile, it’s a kiss , it’s a sip of wine , it’s summer time🥂 📸 @olenka_karmalita

3 weeks ago

Move💃🏻🕺..... Life, I feel most times is difficult & testing and have new challenges for us err’y step of the way. So we all must must take one day at a time , have utmost respect for Your Self, put 💯 percent in the work you love to do ; ONLY be with the ones who truely love , respect & tolerate you & love em more passionately. Be kind with ZERO expectations, specially to ones who can do nothing for you & keep walking the path alone (not lonesome ) till you find your destinies. Family, Work ,friends & freedom , I absolutely cannot live without, you shouldn’t too. Rest erry’thing else is confetti 🎉

3 weeks ago

Sitayan | Victorian (errr... more like regency but it doesn’t rhyme so... ) #beautifulCovers

4 weeks ago

Doesn’t happen very often but can’t think of a caption today

4 weeks ago

She, @roshnichopra asked me to wear the skirt with a tee & silver earrings, so I did 💋

4 weeks ago

#LifestyleSale The weekend just got better – Flat 50% off on my favourite brands and latest trends at @lifestylestores across apparel, footwear, watches, makeup and more! Only 3 days guys – so hurry! I picked my really pretty kurta from #MelangebyLifestyle and I love it! Visit @lifestylestores near you or shop online from #LifestyleFlat50

4 weeks ago

Remember? @sashajairam 🖤

4 weeks ago

While Mark Manson s everything s fucked was a lullaby to my mind , I have feeling this one s going to be a song to my heart. #forestofenchantments

4 weeks ago

पिंच मयूरासना #alilbiterryday #workinprogress Voice over by @rahul p.patel

4 weeks ago

कल पूर्णिमा थी । #myloonmoon 🌙💫

4 weeks ago

☀️नमस्कार #alilbiteveryday @rahul p.patel

5 weeks ago

A lil bit everyday. #workinprogress @rahul p.patel

5 weeks ago

Your French fries are My French fries on the wrong plate and very very sexy Match+🍟+peri peri #sunday

5 weeks ago

With me every minute of everyday❤️

5 weeks ago


last month

lil bit err’yday! #workinprogress thank you @rahul p.patel ☺️

last month

Favourite🙎🏻‍♀️ 👭 @sohannasinha

last month

Temple bells

last month

“Life is short, love it for the memories of living ; When we had coffee in Naples we were living , that’s love , so remember those moments to love yourself , they required nothing of you , then take that love & put it into everything you do “ ~ when @saketsethi sends you advice as this , you gotta share it so everyone can read it too. Miss you x... 👚 @hananjafry

last month

Me , at most times, Shakespeare’s fool. #repost @rahuljhangiani ・・・ @imouniroy @soniajain2610 @soodpranav

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