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Everything means nothing if I can't have You - S.M. 🥀

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3 weeks ago

I don't know what I should say. I don't know how could this happen. I know, everthing has a reason and life had a reason because it sent You for me. Life sent me You to make me feel I'm not alone in this world anymore. I found my other half. Life sent me an angel from Heaven to find the happiness I've never had before. The happiness I searched for an eternity. Life sent me You, Shawn and I know it has a reason.You became the reason why I smile. You became the reason why I laugh. You became my shining star on the sky.You became the beginning and the end of my thoughts.You became my happiness. My home.Since You stepped into my life, my only dream was to meet You. To get lost in Your hazel eyes, to be the reason of Your smile, just for a few moments. To be between Your arms and feel like I finally arrived home. And today, after a long time of waiting, the distance broke and I could finally feel Your arms around me.I still feel Your touch, I still see Your smile, Your shining eyes, I still hear Your voice. I can't get them out of my mind and You don't know how much this means to me. I can still remember to every single moment when I was closer to You than ever and I miss every moment when I was next to You. You don't even know how much I love You and already miss You. I love You Shawn with all of my heart and soul. Forever. Thank you for being there for me when nobody else was. You're always here for me when I need someone and I can't express with words that how much I'm thankful to have You in my life. I love You Shawn. I love You so much. ❤️ Also, thank you so much for catching me before I fell down from the pavement at the airport. I'm sorry if I scared You with my "not that loud" screaming, I swear I'm the clumsiest girl on planet Earth LOL. @ShawnMendes

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