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1 hour ago

✓EXTRA long-wear ✓EXTRA scented ✓EXTRA bossy #HudaBeautyRestingBossFace

12 hours ago

When your setting spray is as extra as you are 💁🏾‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️ @vintynellie 💖🔥⁣ #HudaBeautyFauxFilter in Cinnamon⁣ #HudaBeautyTantour in Medium⁣ #HudaBeautyPowerBullet in Staycation, Promotion Day, Honeymoon, and Bachelorette

22 hours ago

Did you know the shape of #HudaBeautyPowerBullet was inspired by an upside-down diamond? @huda 💎💎💎 📸: @dim makeup 😘😘😘


Which #HudaBeautyPowerBullet Icons shade looks best on @maryamnyc ?! 💗❤️ Our answer is... ALL OF THEM! 😘

2 days ago

@huda has been obsessed with ALL things neon! We're so excited for you babes to try this ultra-pigmented formula 😘 #HudaBeautyObsessions Tap to shop and checkout! 🛒💗💗💗

2 days ago

Team NEON PINK⁣⁣ 💗5 buttery matte shades in bold pink and purple hues⁣⁣ 💗3 creamy metallic shades⁣⁣ 💗1 striking shade for maximum effect⁣⁣ #HudaBeautyNeonObsessions ⁣⁣ @nasiabelli

3 days ago

Are you guys as obsessed with the #HudaBeautyNeonObsessions shots as much as we are?! Leave some 🧡🧡🧡 @huda 😘

3 days ago

Boss face will be ON all summer long with #HudaBeautyRestingBossFace ! 💗 this look by @makeupbylee Also using: 💗 #HudaBeautyTantour 💗 #HudaBeautyOverachiever

3 days ago

When your squad is just as extra as you 💁🏼‍♀️🙆🏻‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️ Tag your #PRIDE squad! 💗💗💗 @farrahrized @violetchachki @huda @sheacoulee

4 days ago

💗 We love, love, l💗ve, everything about this! @laviedunprince #HudaBeautyOverachieverConcealer + #HudaBeautyEasyBakePowder

4 days ago

The Icons Collection #HudaBeautyPowerBullet ⁣ Featuring:⁣ 🌹Classic reds ⁣ 🎆Punching pinks⁣ 🎀Pretty Pinks⁣ 🦵🏼Ultra beige⁣ available NOW in stores and online! ⁣ 💗Tap to shop or check them out at @sephora

5 days ago

Claim your #HudaBeautyPowerBullet Team 💄 Are you team classic reds, punching pinks, pretty pinks, or ultra beige?! Tell us below 💗💗💗 TAP TO SHOP AND CHECKOUT! 🛒😘

5 days ago

GLOW QUEEN @nikkietutorials wearing #HudaBeautyNYMPH in Luna as a base for that flawless complexion 😘😘😘

5 days ago

No filter needed here! 💗 Beautiful shot of our new NEON PINK Palette by @jessicaleerojas 😘 Tag us in your #HudaBeautyNeonObsessions posts so we don't miss them!

5 days ago

#HudaBeautyNeonObsessions NEON ORANGE eyeshadows blended together for this gorgeous look 💛 @misslilith

6 days ago

The B E L L E✨ @hannah_schroder slays this perfectly blended🌅makeup look using #hudabeautyobsessions Neon Orange🧡& these @hudabeauty products: ☀️ #hudabeautymeltedshadows in Limelight ☀️ Samantha Lashes ☀️ @hudabeauty #FauxFilterFoundation 220N ☀️ #hudabeautytantour in Fair ☀️ #hudabeautypowerbullet Bachelorette ☀️ #hudabeautylipstrobe Enchanting

1 weeks ago

She’s a beauty! 🧡🔥 Repost @sn0ok using #hudabeautyobsessions neon orange palette 🍊

1 weeks ago

We’re lovin’ this stunning Cherry Glam on you, darling! @makemakeupbylaila_m ❤️💋 Makeup Details- ✨ #hudabeautynymph Body Highlighter in Aphrodite ✨ #hudabeautypowerbullet matte lipstick in shade Ladies Night ✨ @hudabeauty Ruby Obsessions palette ✨ @hudabeautyshop #fauxfilterfoundation in Dulce De Leche ✨ @hudabeauty #overachieverconcealer in Nougat ✨ #hudabeautytantour in Medium ✨ #hudabeautyeasybake setting powder in Pound cake

1 weeks ago

Grab our #hudabeautyobsessions Neon Pink to add on your collections! 💖 Repost @makeupbykay_19

2 weeks ago

Gorgeous babe!😍✨ @liliya perfects this classic bronzy makeup look using the combo of #hudabeautytantour in light✖️ @hudabeauty liquid matte lipstick ’heartbreaker’💋

2 weeks ago

Mesmerized by this Neon colors! 🧡 Repost @helenesjostedt Products used: @hudabeauty neon obsessions palette in orange 🍊

2 weeks ago

Stunner!💕 @briann slayin’ this gorgeous makeup look✨using these: #hudabeautyobsessions Neon Pink✖️ #hudabeautypowerbullet in Anniversary & #hudabeautylashes Shop yours now!💋

2 weeks ago

P R E T T Y✨girl @natalieeebeautyyy rockin’ this glowin’ purple-pink Glam!💓🦄🤩 Products Used: • #hudabeautynymph #liquidpantyhose ‘Luna’ • #hudabeautyobsessions ‘Neon Pink & Neon Orange’ • Jacqueline #20 Lashes

2 weeks ago

She’s always giving us her fabulous makeup creations! 💖 @v_glambeauty 🙌 Product used: @hudabeauty Farah @hudabeauty #hudabeautynymph @hudabeauty Faux Filter Foundation - Latte @hudabeauty Easy Bake - Blondie

2 weeks ago

Pretty Babe!😍 @iservetheface wearing #hudabeautyobsessions in Neon Green💚✖️these @hudabeauty products: #hudabeautymeltedshadows in ‘gold chains’ & ‘limelight’ noelle lashes #hudabeautypowerbullet in staycation SHOP your faves now!🌟

2 weeks ago

Happy Friday, Darlings!💋 Which of our #hudabeautypowerbullet , the ICONS collection of your go-to matte lipsticks?💄👄 8 shades of pure pigment, gorgeous color pay-off and maximum comfort!🌟 Shop now!😘

2 weeks ago

She’s the cutest! 🌸 Repost @njiecw Trying the New Huda Beauty Tantour! I am so in love with the product because this thing is super easy to blend into my complexion, it has a creamy texture, I have my shade that doesn’t make my skin looks super orange/too dark 💖💯 it feels like it was airbrushed on my skin and it is very light, enough to wear it daily! I recommend this products for y’all makeup junkies😭👌🏻 Products: @hudabeauty Tantour shade Fair & Light

2 weeks ago

G O R G E O U S!🧡 @safai305 perfects this stunning glam using these: 1️⃣ @hudabeauty complexion perfection primer 2️⃣ #HudaBeautyNymph in Aurora 3️⃣ @hudabeauty Topaz Obsessions Palette 4️⃣ #HudaBeautyDemiMatte in Boy Collector

2 weeks ago

This beautiful emerald colors is perfectly blended 💚 Repost @sara roxanne Products used: @hudabeauty Emerald Eyeshadow palette, Olivia lashes, Melted shadows in Limelight & Gold Chains

2 weeks ago

B E L L E!😍 @victorialyn looking soo Fab!🌟 in this makeup look using #hudabeautyobsessions Orange, Pink & Green with these: 🧡 #hudabeautynymph in Luna 💖 #hudabeautytantour in Light 💚 @hudabeauty #fauxfilterfoundation in Shortbread 💓 Pink Sands 3D Highlighter palette Shop yours now!😘 . Repost @victorialyn JUST Wait till the end...🤩 Yup I don’t think I can be anymore neon then I am in this LOL! 😎 Are we feelin’ it? ✨ Using the new @hudabeauty Neon Obsessions Palettes 💚 these are so pigmented! Loving them for summer 💕 Song: Neon Lights - Demi Lovato

2 weeks ago

Isn't she pretty?! 🌸 Love her so much! 💓 Repost @medusabeautyy Products used: @Hudabeauty Desert Dusk eyeshadow Palette, Lashes @hudabeauty in Jade, Lipstrobe @hudabeauty in saucey ❤️, @hudabeauty Fauxfilter Foundation in Panna Cotta ❤️

2 weeks ago

Beautiful, as always!❤️ @makeuppbyalyy perfects this stunning glam✨using these @hudabeauty products: ✨LASHES: Jacqueline lashes⁣ ✨CONCEALER: #OverachieverConcealer in “22N”⁣ ✨POWDER: Easy bake “Banana bread”⁣ ✨LIPS: #HudaBeautyPowerBullet matte lipstick in “Promotion day” ⁣ ✨PRIMER: Complexion perfection primer⁣ ⁣

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