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2 weeks ago

मैथमैटिक और ज़िन्दगी में क्या फ़र्क़ है ? . . कोई फ़र्क़ नहीं.. . . दोनो problems से भरपूर हैं।. . . इसीलिए थोड़ा मुस्कुराओ. मन में formula बनाओ.. और हर समस्या का समाधान पाओ. . . समस्या और समाधान के बीच में ही आनंद छिपा है। . . #BeAStudentForLife #Super30

2 weeks ago

यह है बाँके, जेब में बटुआ रखता है, वो भी खाली। . मैंने पूछा क्यों ? तो कहा कि आदत डाल रहा है । . . और मेरे पीछे है फुग्गा. इसने क्लास मे शामिल होने के लिए अपने पड़ोसी की मुर्गियां बेच डाली । . . मिलिए मेरे सुपर 30 के बच्चों से।

2 weeks ago

किरदार शिक्षक का था, पर इस सेट पर मैं एक विद्यार्थी था।. . ये हैं मेरे #Super30 ।. . इनकी तपस्या, स्वभाव और उत्साह से मैंने बहुत कुछ सीखा।

3 weeks ago

Watch the #Super30Trailer exclusively on Star Network- Star Utsav Movies: 6:59 PM | Star Gold SD, Star Gold HD, Movies OK: 7:59 PM | Star Gold Select SD, Star Gold Select HD: 8:59 PM @mrunalofficial2016 @nandishsandhu@theamitsadh #PankajTripathi#AnandKumar @sarkarshibasish #SajidNadiadwala @reliance entertainment @nadiadwalagrandson @pvrpictures @zeemusiccompany @super30film @stargoldofficial

3 weeks ago

Not all Superheroes wear capes. It’s the ideas that make a nation. It's the people who empower it. Presenting one such story from the heartland of India #Super30Trailer @mrunalofficial2016 @nandishsandhu @theamitsadh #PankajTripathi #AnandKumar @sarkarshibasish #SajidNadiadwala @reliance entertainment @nadiadwalagrandson @pvrpictures @super30film @zeemusiccompany

3 weeks ago

Kya banna chahte ho? Rikki ya Bholu? Super 30 ke vidhyalay mein shaamil hone ke liye taiyaar ho? Milte hain ek baje. #Super30Trailer out today at 1 PM ... @mrunalofficial2016 @nandishsandhu@theamitsadh #PankajTripathi#AnandKumar @sarkarshibasish #SajidNadiadwala @reliance entertainment @nadiadwalagrandson @pvrpictures @super30film @zeemusiccompany

3 weeks ago

Today @hrxbrand launches its sports performance inner-wear collection to take your fitness to the next level. Here's to Becoming the Best Version of You. #HRXInnerwear #KeepGoing

3 weeks ago

He’s probably wondering why I’m so happy 😃 . KAABIL in CHINA. . Ground zero. ( as you can tell ) . Just landed in Beijing. Feels like the start all over again. Thank you to all my fans in india and China and everywhere else for making this incredible experience happen ! Love you all so much ! . And congratulations team KAABIL !! Xièxiè nǐ de ài CHINA! #ilovechina #newbeginnings #Xièxiènǐdeài #kaabilinchina

4 weeks ago

Sometimes we got to thank the paparazzi for getting it just right : )

5 weeks ago

The other guy inside me is a fitness freak. . Currently we are happy together. . I eat. He works out. . We don’t encroach in each other’s space. . Sorted. . #dayandnight #blackandwhite #happytogether

last month

September 2018. . . No treadmill ? Broken ankle ? Cant do cardio ? Can’t fly ? . . Bullshit. . . When your focus is on results and not on excuses , you will always find a way. . . Here’s my no treadmill, no excuses, broken ankle cardio. 10 sets of 100 reps. . . आवश्यकता से ही आविष्कार का जनम होता है। . (you can’t fly but you can try😉 ) . #thereisalwaysaway #makeitfun #onelife #adventurer #beanexplorer #createyourself #keepgoing

last month

1st september 2018. . Behind the scenes. . Rehabilitating and re conditioning my body has taken almost 10 months now. And I’m still in the process. . Torn right ankle ligaments and a sprained left plus a thorasic slip disc. As if one wasn’t enough. . My coordination was incredibly messed up. I’d say jump and my body wouldn’t listen. Couldn’t load the feet or my spine. Needless to say i was losing muscle mass and gaining unwanted weight by the day. Couldn’t do any cardio or weights. Only thing I could control so as to not fall off the grid completely was my diet. Not eating the stuff I liked frustrated me further. . I’v been sharing a few clips here from that journey. ZmR’s with light weights, band work plus whole lot of other techniques I discovered. The most important being writing down each day’s progress. I’d aim to do 1 more than yesterday. . I hope it helps those who are currently in pain or injured. My rehab and conditioning has been frustratingly slow, after 3 months of a lot of effort and very little results, i was plagued with self doubt and a part of me wanted to quit. . But there is magic in consistency. . Trust it. And keep going. . All the best! . @swapneelhazare @kuldeepshashi #keepgoing #bethebestversionofyourself #nevergiveup #keepdiscovering #keepcreating #onelife

last month

You’ll never get there . That place u wanna reach so bad. U won’t ever get there. But don’t stop trying u fool. That’s the fun. . . And I guess the rule has changed from “faaa” to “fudge”. . . ZMR. 30lbs. 2.10min. 6 reps #ZMR #patience #Resilience #NoPainNoGain #Hrx #onemorerep #createyourself #bethebestversionofyourself #therearenoshortcuts #doitforyou #workonyourself #pushboundries #keepgoing

April 2019

Transformation journey Day 2. . Owing to too many injuries over the years I’ve adopted ZMR’s ( zero momentum reps ). It helped my rehab along with gaining strength so much so that it’s now become a part of the HRX workout module at 1 rep could equal 1 minute. .n yeah that’s 10 pounds. (Gotto start somewhere right ? ). . . And at the end your supposed to say faaaaaa....aaaa! ( a rule is a rule what can i say ) . . PS: this used to be so much easier 20 years ago ) . #NoPainNoGain #Hrx #onemorerep #createyourself #bethebestversionofyourself #therearenoshortcuts #doitforyou #workonyourself #pushboundries #keepgoing

April 2019

If you want the best seat in the house, you’ll have to move the dog. #thezanechronicles #heknowshecomesfirst

January 2019

Asked my dad for a picture this morning. Knew he wouldnt miss gym on surgery day. He is probably the strongest man I know. Got diagnosed with early stage squamous cell carcinoma of the throat a few weeks ago, but he is in full spirits today as he proceeds to battle it. As a family we are fortunate and blessed to have a leader like him. . Love you Dad.

January 2019

My workout is mandatory. Resting is optional. #Noexcuses #Keepgoing #legday

December 2018

Did you hear about the man who got hit by the same bike every morning ? . . . It was a vicious cycle. . . (That kinda day )🤣 #humournoir #picoftheday

November 2018

Work hard. Then play harder. Then work harder. Then play harder. . Simple rules = simple life. . Two boys and a man. Doing whatever the hell we can. . Happy Children’s Day. . . #nevergrowup #createyourlife #explorersforlife #bff #adventurers #childrenday

November 2018

Commit. Dedicate. Achieve and always #KeepGoing Take your fitness journey to the next level with @hrxbrand #BeTheBestVersionOfYourself

October 2018

My mother deserves the world and she doesn’t know it. This is a reminder from her son on her birthday. Don’t wait for your near and dear ones to be happy before you allow yourself to do all the things that make you happy mama. Life is now and you owe it to yourself first. Happy birthday mama! Love you more than you love me : ) #motherandson #mothersarealsofriends #mothersarealsostillchildren #sheisstrong #sheisamazing #iloveyoumom ❤️

October 2018

Took another selfie. Liked it. Then.. (you know how it goes ) #shotoniPhoneXSMax #itsamazing

September 2018

गणपति बप्पा मौरया! #family #tradition #mymomistoocute #officialbellman #godlovesyou #sharethelove

September 2018

Meerkats are rare and found only in the far reaches of the Kalahari desert in Botswana. Harmless if u are careful but can inflict a nasty bite. It took an hours drive and a 30 min walk for me and my boys with our tracker to find this incredible gang of meerkats. They are very wary of predators and usually one of them is appointed as a sentry to alert the rest of the gang. The sentry’s job is to look for a mound which he then climbs as a lookout post. So the only way to get close to these amazing creatures is to sit completely still, like frozen for about 15 -20 mins and wait for the sentry meerkat to assume that you are a mound and climb on top of you to lookout for danger! So here we are - posing as completely convenient sentry posts. #patienceiskey #adventuretime #exploreeverywhere #dontjustexist #createyourlife #africa #bff #fatherandsons

September 2018

समय बदल रहा है। Welcome to #Super30

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