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3 hours ago

HU Staff: Deja Monet @dejvmonet The Chicago Police Department has released over 70 hours of video footage in relation to Jussie Smollet’s assault case. One of the video clips shows Jussie with a noose around his neck moments after the alleged “fake” attack. _______________________________________ According to Page Six, the bodycam footage shows several Chicago police officers speaking with Smollet inside of his apartment after he reported the hate crime on January 29. Two men allegedly targeted the actor in a racially-motivated assault and tied a noose around his neck. _______________________________________ The clip shows Smollett wearing the noose around his neck while being interviewed by police. They ask him if he wants to take it off and Smollett tells them “Yeah I do. I just wanted you all to see it.” His face is blurred in the video due to investigators protecting his identity at the time of the attack. ————————————————— Read more at thehollywoodunlocked.com

4 hours ago

#HotShot #IggyAzalea revealed her latest album cover 👀 Thoughts? 👇🏿

4 hours ago

#HotOrNot #AlexisSkyy is serving body in the California sun! 😍 #Socialites is she top 5 body goals?

4 hours ago

#PressPlay #FettyWap is showing off his vocal skills! 👀 #Socialites is he the new king of R&B?

5 hours ago

HU Staff: Deja Monet @dejvmonet The Department of Health and Environment in Kansas is now allowing transgender Kansans to change the gender on their birth certificates. _______________________________________ According to WIBE, the decision comes after transgender activist Stephanie Mott filed a lawsuit in 2018 after the state refused to change the gender on her birth certificate to female. The lawsuit was dropped later on but Mott passed away in March. Gov.Laura Kelly said in a statement that it was time for the state to “move past its outdated and discriminatory anti-transgender policy.” _______________________________________ “This decision acknowledges that transgender people have the same rights as anyone else, including the right to easily obtain a birth certificate that reflects who they are.” _______________________________________ Read more at thehollywoodunlocked.com

5 hours ago

#HotShot #LilDuval and #JamieFoxx are in the studio together 👀 #Socialites would you want a song from these two?

5 hours ago

#NameThisHairStyle via: @ratchetv_

5 hours ago

#HUPoll who’s on your “freshman R&B” list? 🤔

6 hours ago

#KellyRowland wishes #6lack a happy birthday! 🥰 Comment 👇🏼 if you’re a Cancer!

6 hours ago

HU Staff: Alyssa Brook @alyssabrook_hu A USPS worker was fatally shot and killed in Louisiana while he was doing his daily mail run. ———————————————————————————— Antonio Williams, a 52-year-old postal worker, was killed around 11:20 a.m. as he delivered mail to a residence in Shreveport, Louisiana. ———————————————————————————— KSLA reports that 32-year-old Michael Jerred Gentry was arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder. In addition, he faces charges of battery of a police officer, resisting an officer and theft. Police said they don’t believe any dispute occurred between the two men before the fatal incident. ———————————————————————————— Read more at thehollywoodunlocked.com, link in bio.

14 hours ago

#KimKardashian calls for other companies to help with the #FirstStepAct #Socialites Who else do you think should be involved?

14 hours ago

HU Staff: Alyssa Brook @alyssabrook_hu The U.S. Secret Service has officially locked down the White House after a suspicious package was delivered to the grounds along Pennsylvania Avenue. _____________________________________________________________ “We are literally locked in here,” said Megan Pratz, a reporter for Cheddar. “We can’t see much but Secret Service officers just ran across the lawn.” _____________________________________________________________ UPI reports that people were blocked off from walking across the lawn and media were told to stay inside the briefing room until an investigation was complete. “Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers are responding to an incident involving a suspicious package located on Pennsylvania Ave. Pedestrian traffic is closed along Pennsylvania Ave. between 15th and 17th streets to include Lafayette Park,” the Secret Service wrote on Twitter. _____________________________________________________________ Read more at thehollywoodunlocked.com, link in bio! 📸: Gage Skidmore

14 hours ago

#GuessWho 😍👇🏾

15 hours ago

#HUPoll Tag someone who’s like this 😂💙👇🏾 #RIPNipseyHussle via: @power_106

15 hours ago

#HotOrNot Oh hey #AyeshaCurry 😍😍

16 hours ago

HU Staff: Alyssa Brook @alyssabrook_hu Halsey recently sat down with Rolling Stone and revealed that she has checked herself into treatment twice while trying to deal with her bipolar disorder. During the interview, the singer shed light about dealing with her mental health and her career. ___________________________________________________ After being diagnosed at the age of 17 with the disorder following a suicide attempt, she says she knows she will go through different episodes, “I know I’m just going to get f***** depressed and be boring again soon and I hate that that’s a way of thinking. Every time I wake up and realize I’m back in a depressive episode, I’m bummed. I’m like, ‘F***. F***! This is where we’re going now? OK. . . .’ ” ___________________________________________________ Halsey also reveals that she raised herself and adds that her “parents didn’t do s–t” so she learned how to survive by herself. ___________________________________________________ Read more at thehollywoodunlocked.com, link in bio! 📸: IG

16 hours ago

#HUPoll #Socialites , can you relate? 😂👇🏾

16 hours ago

#PressPlay Oh hey #Ciara and #RusselWilson 👀😍 #Socialites , are you here for these two 👇🏾

17 hours ago

#FlirtAlert Aww #MarjorieHarvey and #SteveHarvey living their best life 😍 #Socialites , do you and bae have this much fun? 👇🏾

17 hours ago

#PressPlay You guys catch everything 😂😂 #LilNasX & #BillyRayCyrus Tag a friend 👇🏾

17 hours ago

HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @Kecia Kae Bernie Sanders is trying to secure that presidential spot! The Democratic presidential candidate announced a plan on Monday to erase the country's $1.6 trillion outstanding student loan tab — which would be the most biggest and ambitious proposal yet from the two dozen Democrats running for president in 2020. ___________________________________________________ Going forward, the plan would also make college tuition-free at all public colleges as well as the nation’s historically black colleges and universities, according to The Washington Post. ___________________________________________________ The proposal is the latest from a Democratic presidential candidate that aims to tackle the big problem of student debt. As we previously reported, Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sanders' rival for the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination, also issued a plan back in April to forgive student debt for college grads. Her proposal, which would cost $640 billion, would offer assistance to people with incomes up to $100,000 and cap loan forgiveness at $50,000 per person. ___________________________________________________ Read more at thehollywoodunlocked.com, link in bio! 📸: REUTERS

18 hours ago

#CaptionThis ! #Arod & #JLo 😍👇🏾

19 hours ago

#HotShot Join us in congratulating #CardiB on making history with her #AlbumOfTheYear #BETAward 🙌🏾🙌🏾🏆

15 hours ago

#PressPlay Monday morning inspiration!! #TylerPerry came through with a great message at the 2019 #BETAwards 👏🏾👏🏾🏆 Tag someone who needs to hear this. 👇🏾 via: @bet / @betawards

19 hours ago

HU Staff: Kecia Gayle @Kecia Kae The big scandal between Tristan Thompson and Jordyn Woods hit everyone hard especially Khloe Kardashian who shares a daughter with the NBA player. Now, we’ve seen how things unfolded once the family got all the details, but it was unclear how Tristan handled it all once he finally decided to live with the truth. _____________________________________________________________ On the latest episode of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” Khloe reveals that she not only was heartbroken that longtime family friend Jordyn hooked up with her boyfriend, but even more frustrated after Tristan finally came clean and also told her that he wanted to kill himself because of the big ordeal. During a conversation with Scott Disick, Khloé began relaying some of Thompson’s texts. ______________________________________________________________“He’s like, ‘I can’t stop thinking about you and what mess I have caused,’ ” she said. “He’s doing this to get a reaction out of me. Oh, so I’m just allowed to say ‘I’m going to kill myself’ at any time? That’s crazy,” PEOPLE quotes. Despite learning that’s she’s been betrayed, Khloe then asks if one of Thompson’s friends could go and check on him to make sure he was okay. _____________________________________________________________ Read more at thehollywoodunlocked.com, link in bio! 📸: IG

20 hours ago

#FlirtAlert #NickiMinaj posted up with her boo #KennethPetty 🔥 Drop the first comment that comes to mind 👇🏾

20 hours ago

Someone come get #MeekMill 😂😂 #Socialites , what’s the funniest text you ever sent when you were drunk? 👇🏾

20 hours ago

Best caption wins! 😂😂👇🏾 via: @hot97

21 hours ago

#HUPoll 🙌🏾👇🏾

21 hours ago

#HotShot Queen #Saweetie last night at the 2019 #BETAwards 😍 #Socialites , were you feeling her look? 😍👇🏾

22 hours ago

#HotorNot #KellyRowland 😍😍 via: @thevoiceau


#LaidOrPlayed #TarajiPHenson was over her Award Show hair! 💇🏾‍♀️ 😂 #Socialites how do you feel after taking out your weave?


Queen and Clarence giving us #CoupleGoals in their @FashionNova fits! #partner

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