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Great time chatting with @ben trinh on his podcast #firstandfeatured - my episode comes out today ☺️ MTV’s ‘Teen Wolf’ actress Holland Roden joins Ben Trinh on First and Featured to uncover the nitty gritty details of being an actress, Hollywood, and the film industry. We break down her role and experience during her time at ‘Teen Wolf’, Holland explains what a “thruple” relationship is, why she wants to raise her future children through “unschooling”, and how dating has changed now that she’s in her early 30s. Link in stories anddd https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/first-and-featured-hosted-by-ben-trinh/id1462579418?i=1000447210007

4 days ago

Loved stopping by this soon to be amazon la forest - seeing miss @missjkantor for her early bday and checking out her oh so chic magazine @lala_magazine #hardhatcocktail party to see the new space for @secondhome_la a coworking space in hollywood👍🏻

5 days ago

When your own bed is a passing ship and your room is a suitcase😂 andddd ya leavin again! I am such a neat freak but i just can’t be bothered in these short spurt I’m home days - I let all my coffee and water cups pile up with my anxiety 😂 among piles of everything

2 weeks ago

Took @barrysbootcamp for the first time in two weeks 😳 @chasroberts_ was there in spirit 🎉🙌🏻💯

3 weeks ago

The Disney movie I’m seeing Oct 19th ❤️ @todrick @coltonlhaynes Song: nails hair hips heels @todrick 🙌🏻🎉

3 weeks ago

Seeing my mamma soon❤️ (and stealing this hat )

3 weeks ago

Thank you to @repsherrill for speaking to @iamavoter today!! This woman is one bad ass person. She was a Sea King helicopter pilot, worked on the Battle Watch Floor in the European Theater during the Iraq invasion, and served as a Flag Aide to the Deputy Commander in Chief of the U.S. Atlantic Fleet. Now she represents New Jersey’s 11th Congressional District: ) Check her out!! #badassveterans

4 weeks ago

I have no recollection of this moment happening...perhaps I was really being drugged? Does that mean I’m really a psychic and a banshee?? @teenwolf @mtv #fb I mean...are those guys discussing camera shots or surgery techniques...Im just saying it’s suspect...

4 weeks ago

Yup.. that’s about right. Elegance is earned. So I hear. And apparently baby slings are now purses. But I always love a weekend with @karenraphael ❤️ and her boys

5 weeks ago

Summer: the one time LA is in season

5 weeks ago

The love of my life ❤️ Fievel our beach🏝 days.

last month

Too much 🌞

last month

Another time - Loved working on this project @channel_zero__ 🤗 Congrats to @nickantosca for all the nominations!!

last month

When your Sunday feels like a Monday u just have to spell it MUNDAY!

last month

Lol I need a vacation from my vacation 💋😝👋

last month

Back in CalifornIA

last month

Thanks @tods for having us ❤️ @florentwoh and @timothyweah #pfw

last month

Je t’ai tout dit @ianbohen C’est tout! 🙌🏻 @florentwoh @tylerhoechlin

last month

Let the airplane insomnia gamesssss begin🙌🏻😫👌🏻

last month

Thank god for @todrick on Sundays

June 2019

While at @careorg conference we couldn’t help but take a slight detour and literally retrace some steps : ) There is a mixed emotion of embarrassment and pride in this little rendezvous but ultimately exciting seeing all the encouragement at @ocasio2018 office ❤️

June 2019


June 2019

Happy pride! to what I would like to think of as Fievel’s alternate life offspring @chewiethechi look out for it on OA season 3

June 2019

Beautiful view DC bound for @careorg National Conference. Eager to speak about my trip to Azraq Refugee Camp this year!!

June 2019

Im not home and have no orange in site but will gladly stand with this young woman @shailenewoodley in orange against #gunviolence and honor the victims and survivors today. 100 Americans are killed everyday. #everytown #momsdemandaction #iamavoter Thank you @shannonrwatts and @everytown for being on the front lines everyday.

June 2019

This chick is one smart cookie. It’s pretty cool when someone comes around who is just different and stands out amongst the rest with her refreshing talent. Yeah actors- it’s a saturated market. But this one... I just am drawn to this girl’s brain. Can’t wait for this!! Ugh. She stole my life and put it on the screen 😖🙌🏻 Andddd I can’t wait to see it @jillianbell I have a feeling it’s better than my ending😂

June 2019

3am schnitzel, 3 espresso shots, and 3 miles walking. Thank you Poland for the I didn’t go to bed wake up call.

June 2019

I met @shannonrwatts a few months ago and her story is one for the books- you wanna know the #nra ’s biggest enemy? A mom who wants to stop mass shootings like the one Virginia Beach endured yesterday. She is truly one badass standing for the safety of this country - moms(and everyone else this country ) DEMAND ACTION!! @momsdemand Check out her book that came out this week!!!! #fightlikeamother ❤️🙌🏻❤️ She is on the front lines so we don’t have to wake up to more devastating breaking news captions 😞 Thank you @shannonrwatts for all that you do

June 2019

@magicofy had me close one hand and wrote a y on the other - only to take it off and “throw” it on my closed one...A Y for life!! 😱 #warsawcomiccon

June 2019

6 something am. Excited to see all things Polish...especially that polish...coffee...🤔 ☕️

May 2019

Back to Californ-I-A with my other half

May 2019

🦞 crawfishin with @chasroberts_

May 2019

I wish my bedroom lighting went with me everywhere 🧚🏻‍♀️ but I’m just glad space x and Virgin aren’t making this a priority

May 2019

Ballerina for a mere day @laurajquinn thank ya!!!

May 2019

only my brother would guide me towards a bathtub coffee place 😂Bathe and Brew 🛁 ☕️ (which SHOULD be the name of this place @bathtub coffee #bisbee with @sin_noticias_de_ryan

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