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“WHEN THE IMAGINATION TAKES OVER”🧠 | Often times from when I was a child I would sometimes have odd things happen before going to bed. It would start off as these sounds that start off normal, then gets louder and louder and louder and louder, to the point that I feel like my head was going to explode. They aren’t actual sounds that you hear from your ears of course, but more so like the idea of sound itself. Sort of like when you imagine what a trumpet sounds like, or how waves in the ocean sound. You don’t actually hear it but it exists as a sound in your head. It would then happen so often that I thought it was just a normal thing for everyone. Then as I grew up it became not just sounds. The consciousness of reality would start bending right before dropping into sleep, I would “see” things and “hear” things while laying in bed. I just understood it as that state right before falling asleep, when your mind is still super active and you cannot quite draw the line where reality is. When your mind is preparing to enter your dream but your body is still left in reality. Of course with your brain you understand that it’s not “real” but when all of your senses give you a completely different signal, that is when things start getting very, very confusing. It was one of those things too where it felt like a ride at a theme park... once the waves of imagination started coming in, you literally had no control. The waves would get bigger and bigger and bigger and you couldn’t do anything about it. All you could do is just sit back (lie back ) and allow them to take over. It was obviously very scary at first and I would be lying if I told you that it still scares me when it happens every once in a while since I have no idea know when it comes. After a while, once I can feel it start it creeping up I would just say to myself, “Well there it goes again... Let the imagination take over” | photo: @mellylee_ | makeup: @makeupbyyukina | hair: @ayanojhair | concept: yours truly💁🏻‍♂️

6 days ago

🐉 龍- Dragon Beard 🐲| photo: @mellylee_ | makeup: @makeupbyyukina | hair: @ayanojhair | concept: yours truly💁🏻‍♂️

1 weeks ago

📱”LIFE OUTSIDE THE PHONE”(with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Uber, Youtube, Amazon, Wechat, text, FaceTime everyday... does such thing even exist anymore?? )|🕺🏻: @hiltyandbosch_official |🤳: @ayumisasaki07 @nekodisco | 🎥: @natefu @hellomsrobot @anthonychirco | 🎵: @prettysistermusic #iphone

2 weeks ago

🔲”RUBBER BAND SQUARES” | We literally walked in the gym to look for random things we can explore new shapes with, and then an hour later... voila!! (What is the proper name of this thing anyways??🤔 )|👬: @sadeckwaff | 🎵: @logic @g_eazy | @AXYZM #movementdesigners #axyzm

2 weeks ago

🌊 “NIRVANA” @AXYZM x @inthelab247 (Westco all male 2019 ) | So happy to have worked with all of these talented, extremely hard working kids @king jaaimme @itsjonathang @alex osxrio @jonslajer @isaacxmejiax @jasonhluong @mikeyandikes @kiid_got_talent @_andrewcarrera @desmond audain , amazing choreographers that I got to build this with @sienna lalau @and elam , & long time friends/studio owners @valerie_ramirez @carrie_calkins_ Enjoy the full version under my profile😉 | 🎵 @samsmith | 🎥 @kohta44

2 weeks ago

We are a crew, we are friends, we are brothers @QUESTCREW | 📸: @vibrvncy

3 weeks ago

Happy to have been able to help out for @inthelab247 ’s @jlo set for the season finale of @nbcworldofdance 💃🏼🌎🕺🏻 @trederego always be willing to being thrown around!

3 weeks ago

🏀” @QUESTCREW x @NIKE “ 👟 | Such an awesome feeling sharing the stage with my brothers for literally the best brand in the world 🌎 it’s just this feeling that nothing can replace it by when we take the stage together🔥🔥🔥 will be posting the link on my story tonight when we upload the full version!🍊| @ryanigram @steveterada @justfeng @markvillaver @iamsu_bin @bronsonchinen | 🎥: @vibrvncy #Questcrew

4 weeks ago

💡”TIL ITS OVER” | 🎵: @anderson _paak | it’s been quite a while since I last performed a solo piece. Since I had been focusing more on standing on the creative side of things these past few years, I I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t nervous. I felt like there was so much fear and comparison to where my brain can go versus what my body could do. But once I got up on stage that huge wave of rush that had been absent from my body came rushing in, filling up my entire body. And boy, did it feel so good😊 thank you so much to @primadanse_reprezent for bringing me out! Happy belated #internationaldanceday everyone🕺🏻✨ I hope you are all doing good👋

last month

🧞‍♀️🧞‍♂️JUST DO IT @nike | You may be insecure, scared, but nothing will get better by just thinking about the outcome and having the fear hold you back. Simply just do it. If you fail, do it again. And again. And again. And again. Keep on going for as long as your love or your drive to do so is still there. The results will only just follow👊| @davidregoso

last month

When the bunny didn’t come out of the hat 🎩🐰| 📷: @davidregoso

last month

Living that Uber pool life👨‍👨‍👦‍👦🚐 @questcrew

last month

$teez city 3000 💸💸💸| @markvillaver @iamsu_bin

last month

Let’s just keep things simple... just “Have a GREAT day”, One day at a time🌿☘️😆✨|🎵: @anderson _paak

last month

Always repping the rising sun... 🇯🇵will be visiting Japan this summer, anyone down to collaborate on a project? 😏⛩🏯 @ryoga_xtrap @fishboydance @dapump kenzo @takashi_jonishi @exxxile_shokichi @daitomanabe @mikiko_san @keizomachine | 📷: @ryanwestphoto

last month

Got to do my first ever podcast I’m my life🎙✨with @meganbatoon for @justatippodcast !! Go check it under the link in my bio as we talk about how I ended up in the BLACK STUDENTS UNION in college & what it takes to be a professional-crastinator 🤪🤪🤪

March 2019

🕴 “Watch out! There’s a spide...🕷” | 📷: @ninja af

March 2019

🖤 “ Falling into __________” (Best caption wins a follow & feature😆 ) | 📷: @kohta44

March 2019

👁 “EYESOLATION” | (tag your friend and don’t say anything🙊 ) | When someone asks you to do a party trick👀 | 🎵 @wherearetheavocados 🥑 #eyesolation #billieeilish

March 2019

Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today - James Dean. Video inspired by @HumanSafari

March 2019

👁 “EYE SEE TRIANGLES” | When a part of your vision goes missing, you simply have to find the other half that’ll find it with you @musikhoodtheory 👨‍👧| 🎬 @Hok | 🎥 @justinvaseur | 💄 @makeupbyyukina | 💇🏼‍♀️ @ayanojhair | 🎵 @arianagrande - Musical Erin cello cover

March 2019

🚽 “ W I C G T T T “(tag a friend that ALWAYS need to go to the toilet👼 ) My method to creating ideas is to first brainstorm every single possibility imaginable. Even if I were to be on a treadmill working out and needed to go so bad... 😭|🎵 Levweksler | #WICGTTT

March 2019

🥢”CHOPSTICK KALEIDOSCOPE“ (tag 3 friends you would try this with👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 ) When you get bored waiting for your food to come, this is what we do🤣|created by @HOK feat. @ryoga_xtrap @zange_xtrap @kenshin0124 |🎵 @clozeemusic | @AXYZM #chopsticks

March 2019

💀”BURY A FRIEND”(tag @wherearetheavocados 🥑 )|How would you react if you saw us in your deepest darkest dreams??😈|by @Hok x @_shaype_ | 🎥 @jyshih21 @vibrvncy |🎵 @wherearetheavocados #billieeilish

March 2019

☕️“COFFEE CONNECT” (tag a coffee lover )| To all my coffee lovers, Which place in your opinion has THE BEST coffee?🍩👨🏼 first time I had @stumptowncoffee it was shockingly good!! |Created by @hok @ryoga_xtrap @zange_xtrap @kenshin0124 | @axyzm | 🎵 @jonasbrothers #jonasbrothers

March 2019

⭕️“CIRCLE OF LIFE” | (TAG your circle ) it doesn’t matter what your background may be, at the end of the day we are all just human beings 🌎🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏼‍♂️🙋🏽‍♂️🙋🏾‍♂️🙋🏿‍♂️| Created by @HOK | @AXYZM

February 2019

FIND YOURSELF A SQUAD THAT’LL CATCH YOU IN ANY SITUATION💥(A cool little sushi roll moment that unfortunately got cut for the last edit for @inthelab247 ) | @trederego | 🎵 @logic @marshmellomusic

February 2019

Rainbow Cream Kaleidoscope & Alien Arms 👽🎀💠🧼🍈|🎵 @shawnwasabi

February 2019

Designing movements for Post Apocalyptic Junkyard Madness @inthelab247 @trederego ⚙️⛓🛠 one of the most hard working bunch of kids I know!!💪

February 2019

But how do YOU heat up your left over pizza? 🍕🍕🍕 full video in @nampaikid ‘s bio 😆 #pizza

February 2019

While Most people understand the concept of going back to the past with a time machine & changing the smallest thing to vastly change the present, why don’t they try changing a small thing in the present to dramatically shift the future? | 📸 @ninja af

February 2019

🍋 + 🍊 = ♥️

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