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last month

took hours to get this new one mostly happy because i never ride spine

last month

heaps happy with this new learn and line @alex iansonn @jaihickey

last month

chill line from today been practicing bowl tricks/lines

June 2019

couple clips at east gosford skate last clip was a new learn

June 2019

so happy to finally land this!! @simobmx3 @alex iansonn @jai connell06 @jaihickey @__edwener__ @juzi_boy11

May 2019

quick single from slam today fc~ @__edwener__ @jaihickey @alex iansonn @jesse lowee

May 2019

nice line with @alex iansonn

May 2019

good day again boys🔥 @jaihickey @jesse lowee @alex iansonn @maxleaitua @jakob boland @juzi_boy11 @keegan_alonti69

May 2019

good day boys @alex iansonn @lil_man_lewis @levi moyes_gk1 @__edwener__ @jesse lowee

May 2019

new grip tape and i’m gunna start riding and posting clips

April 2019

damn, it’s hard to see such nice, caring, overall good person go. she was 94 when she passed, 24/4/19. she lived a long, fun, eventful life. she traveled the world and raised 2 amazing people. sadly she passed away in her sleep. she was very sick and now she’s in a better place. Rest In Peace, Nana Pat 2/8/1924-24/4/2019.😔💜💙❤️

January 2019

Massive Congratulations to my big brother @pinckhamjosh And @laylaroberts371920 On your first baby girl together!! 💕💕

September 2018

Happy 21st birthday to my amazing sister @jesspinckham !!! You have been the worlds best sister and forever will be. I love you to Pluto and back and i am honored to be your little brother.💜❤️💙 I hope you don’t mind me putting this up while your drunk 😂 @jesspinckham @jesspinckham @jesspinckham @jesspinckham @jesspinckham @jesspinckham @jesspinckham @jesspinckham @jesspinckham @jesspinckham

December 2017

Merry Christmas!! 🎁🎄

August 2017

Need you back in my life Roxy!!😫It's hard living without and I wish you were still here with us today...it's been a year that you haven't been with us.... i really miss you 😘 I will never forget you till the day I die....😖😘🐶💎💙❤️💞

May 2017

I can't get enough of how the Root Industries Gold Rush look on my setup!! @rootindustries

April 2017

So stoked on getting my new Root Industries Gold Rush!! @scooterhut @rootindustries @envyscooters

April 2017

R.I.P Poppy....I love you so much you were the best Pop anyone could ask for,You were in heaps of pain in that Nursing home but the people that worked there took lots of care for you and at leased your happy fishing in heaven doing what you love ❤️ I love you Poppy 😘

August 2016

R.I.P Roxy.😭😭 Today I lost my Sister, my best friend I will miss you Roxy I hope your happy playing with other dogs. I love you Roxy R.I.P😭😭😭🐶😑😭😭