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founder | @meltedfit jersey | miami | la 📍🇩🇴 florida state alum 🎓 | zta 👑 💌| [email protected]

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23 hours ago

• mr. + mrs. mays ✨ #newlyweds

2 days ago

• still obsessing over my bridal bouquet by @flowerfanaticmiami#maysthe4th - maria alejandra, thank you for making all of my flower dreams come true!!!! 📸| @brandi_toole

3 days ago

• we get invited to ONE western themed party + now i can’t stop listening to @lukebryan 😫🤠 - @lovebrandimarie , lets learn a line dance so we don’t have to electric slide to everything. K? Thanks!

3 days ago

• my home + my adventure...all at once 💫

5 days ago

• howdy ya’ll 🤠 ready to celebrate @chanicebolden at her birthday hoedown! ✨

2 weeks ago

• happy friday amores! i just opened my first subscription box...ever + i’m obsessed! - say hello to my cute lil’ @causebox , where you get handpicked, socially conscious goodies + give back to amazing causes. they’re filled with brands started by women, for women, to empower women. 👑 - each box is literally worth over $200 in products that you get for less than $50! Get first dibs on their new summer box before they’re sold out + use code GIGI for $10 off💸

2 weeks ago

• they held me through my worst days + stood next to me on my best 🙏🏽✨ #maysthe4th - 📸: @brandi_toole

2 weeks ago

• the most magical + unforgettable day of my life! we did it, mi amor!!! @jerynmays 🌙 ❤️ #maysthe4th

3 weeks ago

• literally one of my absolute favorite moments from our wedding!! i specifically remember jeryn saying the day before he wasn’t going to do anything crazy for the garter dance because our parents were watching...and then this happened!!! ☠️|📸: @brandi_toole - i’m so lucky to get to have this much fun and happiness with him EVERYDAY!! - ps* peep everyone’s reactions! wait until ya’ll see the footage 😭 #maysthe4th

3 weeks ago

• honeymoonin’ in animal kingdom! 🐒🖤 - who else has been to the new avatar land? this is my first time here in pandora! #maysthe4th #animalkingdom

3 weeks ago

• i would rather share one lifetime with you than face all of the ages of this world alone. i love you, @jerynmays 💫 #maysthe4th btw...this is just a PREVIEW of what my photographer @brandi_toole sent me 😭 i can’t wait to see the rest!


• celebrating at the happiest place in the world for the first time as husband + wife! ❤️ - we’re still on cloud 9. all we’ve been doing is talking about the wedding + how happy we are! thank you to every single person who celebrated us, congratulated us + prayed for us. i’ve truly never been so overjoyed in my life! jeryn + i are blessed to be surrounded by so many amazing friends and family that care for us! 😭🙏🏽 #maysthe4th

3 weeks ago

• my dream come true. 05/04/19 👰🏽💍

4 weeks ago

• best lingerie game show host AND future sister in law...ever! #bachelorette #takeasip 😫😂 - thank you for bringing so much happiness + laughter into my life. i’m so lucky i get to call you family, @tristinmays ❤️

4 weeks ago

• in 6 days, i get to marry my best friend!! ✨ #maysthe4th

last month

• 2 1 d a y s 💍 #MissToMays

last month

• how are we only 25 days away?! although i know i’ve been stressin’ + snapping at you about things like our wedding registry or what songs our dj should play...i promise i’m so unbelievably excited to marry you in less than a month! #MaysThe4th ❤️

last month

• i finally got to experience for myself why everyone loves mexico! ❤️😭🇲🇽 #firsttime #girlstrip - btw, i apologize in advance for the blow up of bachelorette photos that are about to appear on ya’lls timelines. i want to post them ALL. #DontTellJeryn #MissToMays #Mexico - photo: @rudegyalshay / @jajiyohair 😂 lashes: @jax orangecounty tan: @goldenguntanning hair: @braidsxreese

last month

• it’s amazing how one day someone just walks into your life & all of a sudden you can’t remember how you ever lived without them. ✨ - seriously tho, moving to los angeles was by far the best decision i’ve ever made in my life. thankful for all the stars that aligned for us to meet! 🙏🏽 i loveee you, mi amor!

last month

• the face you make when....?

last month

• spring is finally here! 💐 #hellospringrolls

March 2019

• if you know know i literally LIVE in my @meltedfit leggings. 💁🏽‍♀️ - this was one of the very first colors i launched so i’m super excited to announce they’re officially restocked + available online! #MeltedFitness #MLTD - ”GIGI” for $$ off 💸

March 2019

• what a dream come true. jeryn + i got our long overdue engagement photos taken & THIS was the sneak peek photo i got! 😭 - @ashabaileyphotography is literally an angel. thank you so much for making us feel so comfortable to work with & for capturing the most incredible shots! ilyyyy my guyanese princess ✨ #MaysThe4th - Styled: @denise rodri MUA: @anasafazada

March 2019

• 28 beautiful trips around the sun. ☀️ - waking up today feeling so blessed & grateful to be alive for another year of my life ❤️🎂✨ #piscesgang

March 2019

• i don’t fly Spirit. #50K (tag a friend who can relate 😂 ) 📹: @jerynmays - No, but seriously...thank you all SO much for the love & support! To honor such a memorable occasion, I am giving away 5 pairs of @meltedfit leggings! 🤫😛🔥(Fellas, this includes you too. Win some leggings for ya girllll! ) - TO ENTER: - Like this post - Tag 3 friends - Follow @meltedfit & @gisellejoanne Winner will be announced on Monday, March 18th! Good luck!! #MeltedFitness #MLTD

March 2019

• find out what happens next on @andreaespadatv 🤭🙈 #CrazyLatinas

March 2019

• you gotta work hard for what you want, and twice as hard to keep it 🙏🏽 - the comfiest, most AFFORDABLE leggings on @meltedfit Use code GIGI to get 10% off your next order! -

March 2019

• legend has it that there’s a pot of plantains at the end of the rainbow 🌈 #Mangu #Gains

March 2019

• everyone needs a Pisces in their life. 😋✨ #March15 #PiscesWoman #GetYouAPisces #ThankMeLater - TAG a Pisces in your life! 🐠

February 2019

• God Bless You, Dominican Republic! 🇩🇴 - Happy Independence Day to my beautiful country. Feliz de ser Dominicana y poder representar la tierra de mi familia 🙏🏽❤️ #DominicanRepublic #LaRomana #LaVega

March 2019

• this is your Monday reminder that you can handle anything this week will throw at you! ✨ - i’ve never experienced anxiety as I did in these last few weeks. Between working my corporate job, planning my wedding, & keeping up with my side business, Melted...I’ve felt so burnt out. I was light-headed, disconnected, and straight up worried that everything was going to go wrong. - i’m in a much better place now and have been able to relax (thanks to God, Jeryn, & my amazing friends/family I have in my life ) but I recognize how easy it is to feel trapped. No matter what happens in life, always remember that you are capable, brave, & significant...even when it feels like you’re not. 🙏🏽❤️

March 2019

• to my past boyfriend, present fiancé, future husband, and forever best friend: you are a constantly growing, unstoppably driven, genuinely caring, insanely hilarious, invigoratingly passionate, extremely sexy man of God. I am SO excited for the changes and blessings in store for you in this new year of life. @jerynmays ❤️ - Happy birthday to you, mi amor! I LOVE YOU!

February 2019

“I come really, really hard against 45....” 🤦🏽‍♀️ #HappyPresidentsDay #GodBlessAmerica 🇺🇸

March 2019

• some people search their whole lives to find what I found in you. I’m so lucky! Thank you for making me feel so loved everyday & for the unlimited besitos ❤️ - Te amo mucho, @jerynmays !

March 2019

• i need another Big Bear trip soon 😭☃️

March 2019

• my heart is pure & my booty is real 💕 - NEW @meltedfit high waisted leggings available!

January 2019

• Pretty in Pink 💕 2 more days until these @meltedfit Pink Camos become available online! - Literally the most AFFORDABLE, softest, comfiest, SQUAT-PROOF leggings you’ll ever find! 🤷🏽‍♀️💅🏽

January 2019

• Bachata music is good for the soul 🇩🇴 - See the FULL video on @dancerlegs page ❤️ - Video: @allthingsluis Song: @anthonysantos

January 2019

• Less than 100 days until these crazy kids get married! I can’t wait @jerynmays 😜❤️ #MaysThe4th

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