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6 days ago

new office, who dis? 🐚 my new @michaelkors #wonderlust fragrance commercial by the legends @inezandvinoodh 💕

2 weeks ago

It is such a great honor and privilege to be given the ability to do this @pencilsofpromise 💛🙏✏️ Thank YOU, the worldwide PoP team and especially the teams on the ground in Ghana actually making this school a reality! These Digital Impact Reports make my week. Currently under construction is a new six-classroom block. These classrooms will keep students protected from the rain and alleviate overcrowding issues. In addition to the new classrooms, we are also constructing six new safe and private bathrooms to keep kids healthy and in school. The project had experienced delays due to weather conditions and a delay in receiving materials, however PoP’s construction team has been working with the Dodi Papase community to ensure the school will be completed next month and I can’t wait to visit !!!!!!! 🇬🇭🇬🇭🇬🇭 To learn more about this Dodi Papase ARS Basic School or more about PoP’s work in Ghana, check out the link in my Story xx Every Child deserves quality education !!!!!!!

2 weeks ago

Dream office 🏝 So happy to be the newest face of @MichaelKors #Wonderlust Big thanks and love to @inezandvinoodh and everyone at Kors for turning Turks & Caicos into my own personal Fantasy Island, had the sweetest trip with you all💕 #ad

3 weeks ago

A look into the MOSCHINO DYNASTY 🥂☎️✨💎👛 COMING SOON TO A SCREEN NEAR YOU. This was the best day. Obsessed with you, my girls @joansmalls @irinashayk by our legendary loves #StevenMeisel @itsjeremyscott @carlynecerfdedudzeele @guidopalau @patmcgrathreal days like this are the ones I dreamt about when I wanted to be in this industry. Thank you, forever. 💛 @moschino

4 weeks ago

From @russelljames ’ ANGELS Series 💕

4 weeks ago

go out w u in powder blue ☁️

4 weeks ago

Men’s Week mood cc @christinecentenera @giampaolosgura

last month

@luizmattos1906 you improve and enhance every life you touch. My life-navigation system!❣️🌞 Happy Birthday to the best, smartest, most well-rounded and respectable manager there is !!!! proud, lucky, and honored to call you mine. Love you so much and wishing you the best year yet. You deserve everything !!!!!!!

last month

(lost ) omw to @heronpreston today 🏎 by @vincenzo_grillo

last month

Happy Father’s Day to the inimitable @mohamedhadid I love you more than words !!!!! Thank you for life’s greatest gifts @mariellemama @lanzybear @bellahadid @anwarhadid and for inspiring us in all the ways you do. ❣️❣️❣️❣️❣️

last month

Last night, Firenze post-show🥂⚡️

last month

I will never forget my first time in Firenze, #CRRunway ! @carineroitfeld thank you so much for giving me the honor of opening your show, in a vintage look in celebration of your dear friend and our forever inspiration #KarlLagerfeld 🖤💎 Every model, iconic designer piece, and audience member accumulated last night is a true testament to what a living legend you are, Carine! Anything for you. We love you so much. #CRxLVR

last month

If you know about @albertwatsonphotography , you know about THE mirror ! 💥 Studio day, NYC. 🖤

last month

CFDA’s tomorrow ‼️✨

last month

Missing my boys !!! Cool & Mandy ! from @vogueczechoslovakia May by legendary angel @helenachristensen 🍃💕

last month

was absolutely charmed by Valladolid 💛🇲🇽💛✨ (our second June cover! @giampaolosgura ) Thank you for this opportunity to experience a new part of your amazing country @voguemexico ! @karlamartinezdesalas // proud to be wearing #MessikabyGigiHadid

last month

🇲🇽 @giampaolosgura NEW @voguemexico

last month

bts shooting my new @sunglasshut commercial ! 💝🕶🚀🏝 head in-store to discover a world of possibilities ; ) #itonlyhappensatsunglasshut #ad

May 2019

from “Let There Be Light” @nick_knight

May 2019

No one knows what happens behind closed doors. Often things we can’t even imagine. Late term abortions are usually only performed in case of a medical emergency, and in early stages of pregnancy, no one else’s opinion matters if a woman does not feel that she can safely bring a child into this world. Every child deserves to be born into love & stability.

May 2019

Burberry Monogram 🎥 by @riccardotisci17 @nick_knight #PeterSaville @katy_england ‼️ THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH 🙏 Honored to work with this group. #ThomasBurberryMonogram

May 2019

NEW Burberry Monogram Campaign by @riccardotisci17 @nick_knight #PeterSaville @katy_england ‼️ THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH 🙏 Honored to work with this group. #ThomasBurberryMonogram

May 2019

3 Generations 🚺🧬 Happy Mother’s Day to all the incredible women (& men & non-binary people! ) who take on the role of a selfless, unconditionally loving, epically strong role model, leader, & SUPER HERO 24/7, 365. We celebrate you today and always.

May 2019

Monday after-hours @gregswalesart 🌙

May 2019

@prada summer camp 🎾🧪 tap to shop now !!! #PradaSS19 #PradaSidonie #ad

May 2019

MET MONDAY 🍜🍜 @lilmami_lani presents you her annual recap 📽💖💖‼️✨⚡️🎩😆 I love all these people so much. My family @lilmami_lani @erinparsonsmakeup @laurapolko @ayawatanabe181 @mimi @vesperw thank you 💖

May 2019

Almost Monday .. ✨

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