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10 hours ago

Fun fact: our humble Honda Civic’s vanity plate is Jei❤️Giw. Define highway PDA. 😆

2 days ago

My everything 🧡

3 days ago

Here’s something to help cure the Monday blues. Have a good week y’all!

6 days ago

We stan swans and geese and chilly LA summer nights 🦢✨ thanks for the invite @beaconechopark @wheelfunrentalsofficial @cinecosu #echoparknights #echoparkswans #beaconechopark

1 weeks ago

Have you ever slept more hours in a day than you were awake? That was me yesterday. And I’m catching up today by getting all the caffeine I can get. Talk about balance. 😅

2 weeks ago

Any day spent with you is my favorite day. So, today is my new favorite day. ~ A. A. Milne for @pooh

2 weeks ago

I wish I dressed like him when I was a kid. #cōlkid #stellanadventures 🚀

2 weeks ago

Land of the Free, Home of the Brave! #july4th

2 weeks ago

I was prepared to post a whole rant about being super frustrated with this new @instagram algorithm and not being in the mood for social media these days, as a result. Then this happened. Once we got back to the parking lot after this short hike (he never asked to be carried 🙌🏼 ), he told us, “I am so happy!” I was then reminded of how my personal IG feed has always been a slightly artsy-er way to document and share tidbits of my life — and our lives — as a mom, a wife, a photographer, and a wanderer. Sure, I would get sponsored posts here and there; that’s nice. But the best part about those is actually being forced to experience and do more than what I normally would. Having to create content for this page encourages me to get up and enjoy some s’mores or churros with @stellanadventures to try new skincare products; to be more proactive about my family’s health. It allows me to be proud of my family, @jei_wanderlust ’s work (and beauty LOL ), Stellan’s antics, and myself for finally gathering up the courage to wear that bangin’ swimsuit. It reminds me of friends/family near and far (mostly far ) who care and still want to be a part of our lives. There’s this collective hate towards social media and social media personalities these days, which I truly believe stems from us comparing our everyday lives to another person’s highlight reel. Why not make your own highlight reel, whether it be for the public’s consumption or for your eyes only. Be intentional about finding your own brand of happiness and share the good vibes! Mine has always been spending time with my boys; yours may be different — but it’s YOURS. And most importantly (and admittedly is easier said than done ), maybe we should try to be happy for other people’s happiness. Believe me when I say it does WONDERS for one’s soul. Having said all that, I will tell you that for the past 2 weeks, we’ve had a significant number of couples who found us on instagram send inquiries to @wanderlustcreatives — more significant than any other 2 weeks in the past 5 years 😱 maybe it’s not so bad after all! #gailesmusings

3 weeks ago

Party Like It’s 1999. 💚

4 weeks ago

Missing last week’s perfect Palm Springs weather 😭

4 weeks ago

Welcoming summer isn’t complete without a visit to my fave dinosaurs, Dinny 🦕 and Mr Rex 🦖(pictured ) in Cabazon. @stellanadventures wishes there was a triceratops though because that’s our fave. #cabazondinosaurs #stellanadventures

4 weeks ago

It is officially #summer2019 ✌🏽

4 weeks ago

Summer Aesthetic: Wild print on print on neon-colored walls 🤩

4 weeks ago

I am tan again. Praise be. 🧡

4 weeks ago

This view never gets old. 🌈 #saguaropalmsprings @saguarohotels

5 weeks ago

Long-overdue R&R starts now. And at our fave town in California, nonetheless. ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

5 weeks ago

One of the most awe-inspiring buildings I’ve ever seen is right here in the US. Major Star Wars feelssss 🤩

last month

Never a dull moment with the best dad ever. Happy Father’s Day, my love @jei_wanderlust ! ❤️ also #hotdadsofinstagram 🤣

last month

Stellan already knows that one of the best ways to celebrate the warm weather is enjoying our S’mores outdoors while basking in the sun! Join us in starting our weekend with some fun: toast to some S’mores, take a photo, and post it using the hashtag #SmoresSaturday I’m excited to see all your S’mores creations! #ad @kraftjetpuffed @hersheys @honeymaidsnacks

last month

We just had the funnest family day out in LA yesterday and it was all because of this super fun explorer buddy! Sorry, I meant Scientist Teacher Ninja Stellan ( @stellanadventures ’ current “name” ). Also, YES to equality! 🌈 @cottononkids @cottonon @cottonon_usa

last month

Feeling cute, might delete later ❤️

last month

One of my most favorite things about traveling is how I’m able to reach, if not surpass, my 10,000 steps a day. Whether it be in the city (in this case, the beautiful Cartagena ) or on the beach, walking is simply the best thing I can do for fitness, plus it’s an amazing way to explore! Getting my supplements at @VitaminShoppe makes achieving my health goals, even while traveling, a lot easier. I am at my best self and I enjoy the best experiences with my family everyday! #VSBestSelf #sponsored

last month

Bali memories because I am v ready to go back 😭

last month

Monet things with @stellanadventures 🍃 #fbf

last month

Um, excuse me if I fangirl over my own kid for a little bit. 🤩 #summerforever

last month

Come with me and catch a vibe ✨

last month

Overheard at a coffee shop. Friends talking about the GOT ending. Friend 1: “I am so disappointed with how it ended. I expected it to be a lot better.” . Friend 2: “You know what? I’ve stopped having any expectations! Expectations from TV shows, from people, from the government, from anything!” . Friend 1: “That is so sad...” . Friend 2: “No! This is the happiest I have ever been in my life. I’m living in the moment and enjoying the present!” . Friend 1: “I don’t get it.” . ***awkward silence . (In my mind ) Me to Friend 2: “Can you be my friend?”

last month

Ahhh Detroit. I’m missing your cool alleys and yummy food/coffee. And how Stellan was while we were there (because I feel like he’s going thru a tough growth spurt right now 😩 ) #travelwithkids

last month

Five years married to this guy ❤️ // 📸 @marionbrunelphotographie

last month

In a span of 2 weeks, we got to see how much the way Stellan talked and the words he used changed. And his memory - OMG - for those who know how Jei’s memory is, well now we know Stellan takes after Jei in that aspect. We were unpacking our luggages today (LOL finally ) and he saw the map of the @gpconservatory He pointed out all the rooms and what kind of plants we saw in each one. He even remembered details, like the artist for the glass sculptures (Chihuly ) in the pond. And a few days back, he blurted out names of the dogs he has met from a few months back (we never talked about them, btw ). I know my son isn’t the only kid like this, but it still blows my mind how these little human beings are like sponges when it comes to info retention; not just memorizing, understanding as well. Anyway, here is a short clip of me interviewing Stellan before we go out - in this case, we were gonna see the Thierry Mugler exhibit at @mbamtl We always hype him up when we’re about to go somewhere, so that he knows what to expect and gets as excited as we are. Too bad he ended up not seeing the exhibit because the very first part of it was in a dark room 😅

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