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4 weeks ago

“i’m way too good at faking it” 🎶 @sadgirlsloan

May 2019

its true, ya boy shaved lol... well, I didn’t shave, I was shaved 😂 watch the vlog

April 2019

practicing 👶🏻 lol

April 2019

new EP 🖤 available for pre-order now!! but more importantly...happy Good Friday! 😊

April 2019

people let me tell you bout my best friend, she's a warm hearted person who'll love me till the end : )

March 2019

So so good to finally feel like myself again. There’s so much I could say, but to keep it brief, I’m just finally happy and joyful again. Giving myself time to breathe, saying no to others expectations (or at least what I thought they were ), starting over to only working on what I’m passionate about and gravitated towards, separating work from my personal life more, and most importantly allowing God to direct my heart and steps have all been unequivocally important! Its been too long feeling like someone I wasn’t and I finally feel like my heart and mind have been healed and renewed to where I used to be so long ago! I’m happy ❤️ Thanks for listening! - Gabriel 🤓

March 2019

I should really shave the beard soon...

March 2019

I’m a sucker for you 🎶❤️

March 2019

the LA gloom is real, already miss Boca ☀️

February 2019

my beach boo ☀️

February 2019

conte sib squad ✌🏼

February 2019

always got the most beautiful date 😉❤️ going to weddings brings back so many good memories! congrats @thegoodandthechad & @torimasters !

February 2019

she agreed to be my valentine 💞 luckiest man alive!

February 2019

back in Boca baby 🤙🏼

January 2019

one more adult conte...good luck universe 😈 happy birthday sof!

January 2019

new intro I made for the vlogs 🙌🏼🔥 so pumped how it turned out! (inspired by: @sean_erman )

January 2019

happy new year everyone! “behold, I make all things new!” -revelation‬ ‭21:5‬ now, this is going to be an update post, if you’d like to read it. i think it may encourage some of you : ) at the beginning of december i kind of reached the end of my rope, going from day to day not feeling like i had room to breathe or think or rest. i’ve never been one to stress about stuff too much, but recently stress and worry and anxiousness have become a new norm in my life. everyone around me kept encouraging me with this verse: “be anxious for nothing.” (philippians‬ ‭4:6‬ ). i would accept the verse but wouldn’t really think about it for too long. however, after hearing it so often from so many people, i really began to think about those words. God is saying, “be anxious for nothing.” God calls me not to be anxious, or worry, or stress about anything and if i’m doing stuff that does make me feel stress, i am sinning. then i continued to realize...the things that are causing me to feel stressed are also causing me to be distracted and focus less and less on my relationship with Jesus...which is also sin. now, all my work and projects that i was so fixated on weren’t inherently wrong, but the load of them caused me to slip to a place i should not be. because of this, stress and anxiousness slowly turned into what felt like depression. after being at such a low point i decided to simply finish up everything work related i was obligated to for the year, and just take some time over the holidays to best figure out what was wrong with my heart and mind. so far, i’ve realized a bit (as i shared above lol ) but i’m still on this journey of healing. i’ve started therapy over the past few weeks which has been very rewarding thus far. excited to see where it goes and how much it helps! also, my wife, jess, has been such a support to me during this time. i cannot thank her enough! right now we are currently on our two year wedding anniversary trip. it’s been so rewarding and restful spending time with both jess and Jesus, and i couldn’t think of a better way to end 2018 and kick off 2019! “come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and i will give you rest.” -matthew 11:28

December 2018

this time of year is the best 🎄☃️ went ice skating for the first time in years! #ad thought we’d be terrible but we weren’t too bad lol 😂 we vlogged the whole thing haha and used the citi mobile app, which helped us save time to spend the day ice skating and baking cookies. go watch! link in bio!

January 2019

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas 🎄⛄️ I shot this entire music video on the Samsung Galaxy Note9 (go watch the full music video on youtube )! I’ve always wanted to push myself and try to shoot an entire video solely on a phone, so I was stoked to be able to do this with @samsungmobileusa ! Very proud of myself and so impressed with the #galaxynote9 🙌🏼 #withgalaxy

December 2018

#ad but first, coffee ☕️ drinking @gevaliakaffe ’s 2 step cappuccino and i guess you could say... i like it a latte 😂👌🏼 #gevalia #foamathome #cafequality

December 2018

2 years ❤️ Jesus has truly blessed me! happy anniversary my love!

December 2018

lean on me 🖤

November 2018

😊❤️❄️ Jess stole my caption so I had to settle with those emojis...😂 photo: @brandonwoelfel

November 2018

what a view 🖤

November 2018

MAKING MY WAY DOWN TOWN...face is round...mehh shmehhh phhhlaaahh...AND I’M HOME BOUND!! 😂 does anyone actually know the middle part to those lyrics? lol

November 2018

hello hello new york new york!

November 2018

Happy Thanksgiving from the Conte’s 🍁😄❤️ Jess and I are spending Thanksgiving by ourselves this year. Part of it is pretty sad, being away from family on a day like this...but it definitely makes me more thankful to have them in my life : ) its also been really nice to just spend time with Jess today! So thankful for her! What are you all thankful for today? 😊

November 2018

here’s a throw back: “lit family” 😂 just said goodbye to @jackobrazier had such good hangs and laughs this past week and a half! so glad you surprised me with this trip brotha! already miss ya 🖤 see you soon, hopefully next time in Australia!

November 2018

photo: @jonsams

November 2018

Thank you 😌❤️ I woke up early this morning to edit (new vlog is gonna be lit btw 😂 ) and I am absolutely overwhelmed by the response we’ve received from everyone for “I’ll Be Home” ❤️ It’s currently 1 on the holiday charts and 7 overall. We can’t thank you enough for your constant support. We truly are part of the best team on the Internet! Thank you 😊

November 2018

F • R • I • E • N • D • S Look who came and surprised me this morning! Such a good freaking day! 😊

November 2018

Tried taking this one to a pumpkin patch for her first time yesterday...apparently in November they close down all the pumpkin patches 🙄 so naturally...we decided to make our own! 😂😊 also...HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT ON MY STORY!

November 2018

👶🏻 fever

November 2018

conteam clothing...official sponsor of the galactic empire 😂👻

October 2018

yesterday we created something amazing! haven’t felt this way in a while about a project and I can’t wait to share it with you...very soon 😉 lol

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