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6 days ago

Girls just wanna have fun✨

6 days ago

How I’m trying to be all summer✨

1 weeks ago

Guess who’s not sick anymore 🙃

2 weeks ago

I’d rather be hated for who I truly am than loved for something I’m pretending to be🙏🏽

2 weeks ago

La que me ha enseñado fuerza y determinación. La mejor mamá @mercybandy ❤️

2 weeks ago

I don’t play tag, bitch I been it✨

3 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

Hi Miami💛

4 weeks ago

Currently in NC🌳 My niece took this pic💛

4 weeks ago

What I eat in a day video is up now💛 Click the link in my bio & subscribe🤗

5 weeks ago

This outfit is cute and all but ya girl rather be in sweats and sneakers for real🤷🏽‍♀️😂

last month

I love this pic of us❤️

last month

MERMAID WAVES TUTORIAL🧜🏼‍♀️ Live on my YouTube now🥰 Click the link on my bio to watch the full video💛

last month

Pretty in pink with @prettylittlething

last month

I’m ready for you summer 19’ 💚💛❤️ Here’s a bikini pic while I shoot 70+ exercises today for my new @wbgsquad app update, give y’all some motivation😂😂 Download the App while you’re at it, you won’t wanna miss the new exercises Im adding - let’s just say, they’re on another level🔥🔥🔥 📲” Workouts by Gabriela” on the app store & Google Play

last month

Last day💘💚 With @places co

last month

Who’s headed to Coachella this weekend? 💚💛☺️ @prettylittlething

last month

The new Blond Absolu range by @kerastase_official is definitely part of my new hair routine😍 This is after using the products once! Hair routine video will be up on my youtube soon🤗

last month

walking out of prison like .. 😂 @prettylittlething

last month

Working on myself everyday. In being more kind, more purposeful. Working on believing in myself & trusting God that things will align for me in the way he wants them to. Being an “influencer” can be a difficult thing, especially when you are focused on accomplishing things & meeting certain goals. It can be easy to look at what others are doing & what they’re getting, it can make you feel like you’re not doing enough or you’re not “cool” enough. Sometimes I feel like a loser even saying that - I know I’m bigger than this. Since moving to the US & going to school, I always found myself trying to fit in. Being the different kid who wore different clothes and spoke differently, I felt secluded. I know who I am & where I’m going, I know my intentions are pure. But I also know that my inner child tends to come out sometimes in certain settings/situations & tries to fit in even when deep down I don’t want to. Im saying this bc I know many people go through this, whether it’s at work or school or even with family. You don’t have to fit in or feel little- you are big, bold, different, passionate, & most importantly kind hearted. & all of that comes with knowing who you are - being self aware. I know who I am, even though sometimes that gets clouded. But I’m young and I’m trying.

last month

Good morning💘💘 Just posted a make up tutorial for this look on my YouTube channel🤪 Check it out 👉🏽 link in bio Wearing @bellamihair “bugatti” extensions ❤️ code BANDY

last month

I’m obsessed with sneakers😍 Heels, not so much😂 they freaking hurt! Which do you prefer ladies?

March 2019

Happy Sunday🌸 Fit from @prettylittlething

March 2019

#awkwardmomentsday with @beremarkable ❤️ I remember this day so well. I was so embarrassed, I already felt like the weird girl and when this happened everyone was so mean and just laughed at me right away😭 School is hard kids but you can make it out of there if you just believe in yourself and love yourself even when it feels like no one does. I remember that insecure little girl & I’m proud of her for everything she endured.

March 2019

(Got deleted so I had to repost ) Sista sista 😝 @nicollevalenciab And I came up with this quick workout! 10 reps each - 4 sets total! —- For more workouts, download my app by searching “workouts by Gabriela” or follow the link in my bio😇 @wbgsquad

March 2019

Take me back😫

March 2019

Don’t talk to me or my son ever again @bubbachubbs Comment when you see it

March 2019

@wbgsquad workouts keeping me lean all year😓 follow our fitness page if you don’t already! (We post strictly fitness content )- Who completed their app work out today? If you did, what program are you following/like most?🧐 Let me know in the comments! I need info for something I’m working on😍 📲link to app is in my bio

March 2019

Mi paisana @lipstickfables came out with her own matte lipsticks & I’m loving these shades🥰😍 Which one is your fav?

March 2019

Quick leg circuit & all you need is a band😛🔥 @fitemfitness One person works while the other holds a static squat (do 30 sec each ) we did less for the sake of the video 1. Alternating lunges 2. Squat walks 3. High knees 4. Traveling squat jump 5. Squat jumps Then rotate the exercise Tag your workout partner!

March 2019


March 2019

Real sisters👯‍♀️ @michyrodriguezz

March 2019


February 2019

Feb 28th, 1994’ ❤️

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