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💌 [email protected] 🥕@cutiepiekaren 🎥 youtube: FruityPoppin 👇🏼ASMR SALON ROLEEEPLAY😴😋

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Karen!!! 🥢 photos and videos

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😈ouuu she ur bb devol 😈 and also plus +, how are you? • 🌈IM EXCITED TO FINALLY HOST ANOTHER INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY🌈 🎁PRIZES🎁 5 winners will receive $25 gift cards from @AESTHENTIALS ! ➖➖➖➖➖➖ 📫RULES📫 1️⃣FOLLOW @AESTHENTIALS , @AESTHENTIALSBACKUP , & @FRUITYPOPPIN 2️⃣LIKE this post! 3️⃣TAG as many friends you can in this post. Multiple entries are encouraged! 4️⃣BONUS Entry: REPOST this as a story + LIKE our recent photos. *NO REPEAT tags and no tagging celebrities/people you DO NOT know! ♥️Giveaway ends Sat, AUG 10, 11:59 PM EST. ♥️5 winners will be chosen at random.

4 weeks ago

this how sea turtles be cuz of the plastic

4 weeks ago

big mind 🧠 = big goals⚡️ = big thoughts 💭 = big love 💕= big future 🙏🏻 • Live with a big, beautiful and open mind for a big, beautiful and bright future 🌞🌟 ja feel ? 太多愛了🤓

5 weeks ago

comment ☘️ if you like cilantro 🤢 ill eat croo croo pigeons but please GET THAT CILANTRO OUTTA MY WHOLE BODILY PROXIMITY 🤣🏃🏻‍♀️ cilantro some NEXTNEXT nastii

last month

FRUITY FAM! After the celeb bball meet and greet event, I decided to walk around the night market and scope out the place for some good eats,, and I ended up running into a lot of you guys!!! ♥️ I had such a great time meeting y’all and taking pics with y’all! 😄 I love you guys so much you’re all so so amazing, adorable and SWEET 😭♥️ We couldn’t film the ENTIRE time so not everyone I met is in this short clip , i’m sorry! 😚 i’m sure we will meet again! 💕 i’m so happy! thank you from the very bottom of my 心心 ❤️ 我愛您們 😘

last month

yellow is my favourite colour because my skin is yellow, and I love my skin - MEEEE HELLOOO 🤫🤪🤪🤪🤪

last month

I need to stop putting my finger near my mouth ,, but anyways hi @_alexanderstewart ! 🔮

last month

my dinners take so long , by the time it’s SOUP time , i’m always so tired 😪 it’s R00D to leave the table with your parents still sitting btw ok 😤😤

last month

TAG A FRIEND 🤣🤣🤣 multiple uses for handheld fans 🌬 FULL video on YOUTUBE link in bio

last month

my mom and dad ignoring me for 2 min straight. FULL VIDEO up on youtube channel VLOGGY POPPIN

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last month

Monday is GRIND day🖤💣yumeko IRL🃏♠️♥️♣️♦️ Top from @sheinofficial , find it at http://bit.ly/2IqSxaE, search ID 713168 ⚔️ you can use my code Q3fruity15 for 15% off 🤑 #SHEIN #SHEINgals

last month

gimme a rose 🌹 in the comments cuz due to personal reasons I will be joining the egirl channel 😋 thank you for all the ❤️! hehe @cutiepiekaren 🖤

last month

tag a friend 🥺😋 y’all heard of this brand befoh? 🤨 不是Dior🙅🏻‍♀️、是🙊🤬🙊!🤣🤣🤣 ((ITS A BAD WORD DONT SAY IT!!! ) ) @fruitypoppin

June 2019

I never considered myself a true ABG but I kinda look like one here 🥺👈🏻👉🏻🤪🤪 - also, the view from @iclub_hotels is 😍😍 thank you for letting me stay! definitely a cozy and aesthetically pleasing place to stay in for you trip ❗️

June 2019

might go crazy and keep it in there to make a pickle 🥴🥒 ohorhor 🤩tag a friend or ur wish wont come true

May 2019

living out my disney princess dreamz 😋 but in black 🖤⚡️ finally flexing my EXTRA 🤪 she DUNNOE

June 2019

God knew i’d be too powerful if I was full sized so she made me too short to be a model 🥺 pocket sized moves I guess ✨ CHECK MY LAST POST FOR MEET AND GREET #hkdisneyland

May 2019

tag a friend who needs to see this 🥳 do the world some good! recycle that fake plastic bich ♻️🤭🙂 no shade no tea just FACTS 🤘🏻mwah! 💋

May 2019

nothing feels better than this 🥰✨🖇

May 2019

wHo gOneEe chEcCc mEeE?

May 2019

i’ve never flexed before so I think it’s my time. look at this ICE and it’s ONLY ON MY PINKY 😪🤙🏻. LITERALLY drippin 🥵

April 2019

you + me ? = oui bb ⚡️🖤👼🏻✨

April 2019

#🅱️atfished how do u feel

April 2019

happy easter weekend y’all! 🐥 how do you guys celebrate? 😋 do yaLL COLOUR EGGS AND GO EGG HUNTING 🥺👅♥️ 🍭

April 2019

sometimes I go days without posting and I don’t even realize! sorry guys 😄 ive been busy with studying for finals hehe ☺️✌🏻but i’ve been living a pretty good life recently! ❣️ wbu? how are you? 💐

April 2019

weather better stop playin and warm up soon times cuz i’m tired oddis 🥶 stop teasing 🥺 - almost forgot #hashtags ! #cuba #warmweather #picoftheday !!! #beach #tumblr ? #yes

March 2019

my armpit is calling me fat

March 2019

i said 👁👄👁

March 2019

sometimes u just gotta ask urself... is you glowin ✨✨✨ or is you a wannabe tennis ball yer feel me 🥎🍀🎾🔫💚

March 2019

My youtube channel is FRUITYPOPPIN 😬I- idk I uploaded a new youtube video for y’all 🤒🥺 link in bio LMAOOOO. it’s different, I hope u guys like it 😄😄😄

February 2019

I love you I love you l LOVE you guys!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😁😁😁😁😁 @prettylittlething

February 2019

ZWEET baby, RAIN berry 🖤 (can u believe they don’t have a berry emoji )

February 2019

tag an asian friend who can relate 🤣🤣 or tag urself.... i’m gonna tag myself cuz I relate LMAO 🥳🥳 also, full video link in bio! ❤️ @fruitypoppin

February 2019

Girl, you got this! 💝 @prettylittlething and I have teamed up in support of International Women’s Day coming up soon! Here’s to building your fellow females up and never tearing them down. As long as we have each other’s back, we can achieve anything! ❤️ #everyBODYinPLT 🤟🏼 I love you all!

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