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Spanish photographer based in Scotland. Inspired by a love of natural light, creating stories... •@franmartwedding Contact | [email protected]

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June 2019

Beyond our forms... Art is a expression of the soul and nature is it’s origin. For a long time now I have believed in the ability of nature and its mantle of wonder that cloaks each of us. It’s in the darkest of times that nature seeks to transform our beings from one form into another; a metamorphosis of hope...

February 2019

Double trouble... The Dark Hedges, Northern Ireland.

December 2018

To live from the heart and to love one another, all that I wish for you these days... Happy Christmas!

November 2018

Those good old days...

October 2018

Kindred Earth... September’s featured @adobestock artist was @tashavanzandt - a passionate photographer and filmmaker who, as a fellow lover of nature, continually inspires me to create a better world through storytelling... #adobepartner #adobestock

September 2018

Sometimes words are not enough... Another day, another sunset in this beautiful part of the world... @visitargentina

September 2018

Every destination has a journey to get there, please don’t give up... I created this photo inspired by @adobestock contributor @andrewling What I love about Andrew’s work is his ability to tell a story that takes you to another time and place... #AdobePartner

August 2018

An image that will stay in my mind...

August 2018

Another walk, another experience, another memory...

July 2018

We always choose the story we want to tell, especially the one we tell ourselves... This month for @adobestock , I’ve been thinking about what personal history means to me. If I’ve learned anything from photography, it’s how to be in the present moment, seeing myself on both sides of the lens. Storytelling is such a powerful way to grow ourselves, inspiring us to create our own story beyond our wildest imagination... #adobepartner #adobestock

July 2018

An adventure of a lifetime... Scotland you have my heart...

July 2018

We live in a dream called life...

July 2018

Fields of gold... back when James thought he was a kangaroo...

July 2018

Our imagination creates our reality...

June 2018

This world spins from the same unseen forces that twist our hearts...

June 2018

There is just one reality and it’s the one that we create...

June 2018

Choose faith, not fear...

June 2018

Love more...

June 2018

Home... Relax, recharge and reflect. Take time to rediscover the important things that matter to you most...

May 2018

Go your own way... We live in such a rich world made so through many wonderful human expressions, all deserving to be celebrated. This month as an #AdobePartner , I wanted to focus on diversity. I want the photography I contribute to @adobestock and the world to represent the introverts... those quiet, reflective, heart-sensing, inner-feeling people who do often go unnoticed in a world that favors attention. We are the out-of-the box creatives who see the details and bring meaning to the noise. For me, it’s these moments of solitude and silence that bring about not just my creativity but also my inner peace and balance. It took me a long time to figure this out but now you’ll often find me walking the mountains with only James and my thoughts... #adobestock

May 2018

This place puts a peaceful smile on my face...

May 2018

Remember, you’re not alone...

May 2018

Adventures with this one, we feel alive here...

May 2018

An abandoned ship... There are so many stories that I would like to hear...

May 2018

When I travel I never know what I might discover, but my soul always finds something it needs...

May 2018

It’s all about how much light you let into your life...

May 2018

On the road... You just need to look at James's stunning moving images to know that he is passionate about showcasing the best of his home state of Utah. This month for @AdobeStock I wanted to create a piece inspired by @jamesdcawley passion, so I went to the Highlands to immerse myself in the nature of the place where, like the desert for James, I feel most alive. #adobepartner The sun does not appear much in the Highlands but when it does, it appears in all its majestic glory... #adobestock

April 2018

The smell of the lake and the feeling of the woods...

April 2018

It’s curious how a simple moment could turn into a memory...

April 2018

You left a hole inside that is once again being filled with beauty...

April 2018

My mind is always seeking answers...

April 2018

When all the elements around seem to be in tune...

April 2018

The meaning of life, for all animals, is a life of freedom... -Anthony Douglas Williams. Exploring life in Germany...

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