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11 hours ago

Magnificent Frigatbirds...the pirates of the high seas. New video drops on @natgeo this Tuesday.

2 days ago

HEY YOU! Im taking over @pbsnature for the next 2 weeks! Why, because America. More specifically, American Spring Live. This is an ambitious, ground breaking (or healing rather ) conservation movement from PBS. We are featuring multiple locations, wild animals and wild humans that are movers and shakers on our beautiful planet. This will all lead up to a 3-day LIVE broadcast on April 29, 30 and May 1st. So head over to @pbsnature to get your nature fill. Stay wild Wildlife Warriors.

2 days ago

Wanna know what makes the Great Hammerhead so effective as a predator? Duhh you do. See all those black dots spread across its snout, those are sensory pores called Ampullae of Lorenzini which allow it to detect the heartbeat of its prey. Sharks are awesome.

4 days ago

@theriverandthewall comes out everywhere on May 2nd. There is even a theatrical run and chances are its playing at a theater near you. We couldn't be more driven to share the real stories of the border and both the humans and animals that live along it. Nature is worth protecting. Please see the film and tell us what you think.

2 weeks ago

When Rosette Spoonbills fight it looks like a black-tie event sponsored by "4Locos." Fun stuff.

2 weeks ago

Shot with @brianmoghari // Check out this male Fiery-Throated Hummingbird accidentally slap this bee away from its food source. Hummingbirds are notoriously competitive over nectar, but I've never seen an accidental back hand (or back wing ) before. #costarica #puravida

3 weeks ago

This Loggerhead Sea Turtle hatchling was one of the few lucky ones out of the nest that made it to the ocean. How lucky? On many nesting beaches only 10% of hatchlings will make it into the ocean and 1% will make it into adulthood. You can help our global Sea Turtle population with 2 easy steps: eliminate single use plastics from your life, and help keep beaches and the oceans clean. Let's make sure future generations get to witness the nature that we're so lucky to have today. Stay wild and be kind to animals.

3 weeks ago

This is the Volcano Hummingbird of Costa Rica. At just 2.9 inches long and weighing only 2.5 grams, they are one of the smallest birds in the world. Tiny, yet fierce and intelligent. They defend their food supply with the vigor of a thousand Sea Otters in heat. But they utilize strategy when necessary to conserve energy. When there are too many other birds fighting over the same food source, they'll just sit barely out of sight and wait until the action dies down, the other birds tire out or have move on, then come in and feed. How do I know, countless hours of observation...all those hours with a giant grin on my face. Hummingbirds are like ice cream for breakfast in bed, the most delicious (emotionally speaking ) surprise. Filmed at 1,000 frames per second at 4K on the phantom. #costarica #puravida

3 weeks ago

"Under the Lights" was inspired by the beautiful and important work of @joelsartore and John James Audubon. I wanted to catalog the reverence and characteristics of wildlife outside of their natural environment in a way that made them standout. And by doing this on video, we could show their unique behaviors in super slo-mo and 6K resolution using the @reddigitalcinema please check out "Under the Lights" on the Untamed facebook page and let me know what you think. @brianmoghari and I shot all 30 videos at sanctuaries like @greentiquewildliferefuge cr in Costa Rica. Enjoy.

4 weeks ago

Costa Rica is Sea Turtle heaven. With 5 of the worlds 7 species choosing to nest here, it is important to keep its oceans and nesting beaches clean. Nesting turtles travel great distances (up to 2,000 miles ) in between nesting seasons and then have to deter predators, crawl on to land, dig and lay eggs. Could you imagine delivering a baby in a plastic and garbage infested delivery room? So for the sake of one of the worlds most important creatures...please keep all our oceans and beaches clean. And if you want to see Sea Turtles in all their glory, come help with a beach cleanup in Costa Rica. The turtles thank you.

4 weeks ago

After 6,000 miles in a plane and 10 hours in a car in just 48hrs, I woke up feeling a little Slothie today. But no matter how much beauty rest I get I will never be as cute as this Three-Fingered Sloth in Costa Rica.

4 weeks ago

Costa Rica is home to over 50 different species of Hummingbirds, all of which are mesmerizing. But at 9,000ft elevation in the Talamanca mountain range, the Talamanca Hummingbird reigns supreme. The largest in size, these brilliant dashes of eye-gasmic watercolor avian ninjas (too much? ) live their lives in a constant state of friction. They fight off other Hummingbirds from their flowers because there is no way of knowing when the nectar will run dry. All this fighting leads to cross pollination which benefits the whole ecosystem. As they feed, nutrients are transferred often from flower to flower throughout the day. Feeding, fighting and looking good...thats a Hummingbirds life. #costarica #puravida

4 weeks ago

My favorite super model Pocahontas coming down the runway. 📸 in the Bahamas for a recent @natgeo assignment "Worth More Alive." Stay wild and be kind to animals.

last month

This if the male Magnificent Frigatebirds expressional equivalent of..."bruhh." 📸 with @brianmoghari and @acr_conservation_photography on assignment for @natgeo

last month

Cheers to #worldfrogday from the most iconic amphibian ambassador who lives right in my backyard, the Red-Eyed Tree Frog. #costarica #puravida 🎥 filmed with @brianmoghari for @natgeo

last month

This is a 5K still frame from the @reddigitalcinema of a soon to be Osprey mother. The ability to pull high-res photos out of video is a game breaker. I used to keep up with what every single camera manufacturer was developing and coming out with to see how I could cut corners to maximize a cameras performance. Then I got a RED. Now, I spend barely any time on blogs, and more time in the field. Thanks for helping me satisfy my nature addiction RED 😸 #shotonred

last month

In the swamp...only gators get out alive. This is both a nature and @uflorida promotional video. Filmed in the beautiful Paynes Prairie in Gainesville, Florida. Go Gators! #gators #shotonred

last month

What is your favorite misunderstood creature? The Ruppell's Vulture is pretty high up on my list. 📸 on assignment for @natgeo #africa

last month

Pocahontas the Great Hammerhead is perfect from every angle. 📸 taken on assignment for @natgeo aboard the @jim_abernethy Shear Water in the Bahamas.

last month

Haters gonna hate...shake em off. 🎥 with @brianmoghari #wilduntamed @taylorswift @spencerpratt

last month

Neotropical Rattlesnake filmed in Costa Rica with @brianmoghari in 8K and at 2,800fps in 1080. I'll let the snake say the rest. On assignment for @natgeowild @natgeo

last month

📸 @brianmoghari // "Tis important to know thyself, then do boo." - Shakespeare page 9. I woke up feeling like I wanted to swim with Sea Turtles this morning. All my life it never mattered what I was doing, I would have preferred to be in nature. That's why I moved to a place like Costa Rica where no matter the location I can always place a camera in between myself and a wild animal. Know thyself, then do boo. #shotonred #shotongates

last month

My good buddy @ambassador4ouroceans redirecting a beautiful and large Tiger Shark that came to greet him in the Bahamas. I am working on a project with @natgeo and @jim_abernethy called "Worth More Alive" about the ecological and economical benefits of protecting Sharks. Since protecting their oceans, the Bahamas has brought in over $115 million per year for their economy. By protecting these important creatures and inviting people to see them, the natural world and the Bahamian economy has benefited. #worthmorealive

last month

This international speaking tour is stacking up my airline miles. Over 20K accumulated this year and not slowing down. Because of technology however I don't have to give a second thought to traveling complications. Some Hummingbirds on the other hand can travel over 3,000 miles on a single migration and revisit the same food sources year after year. Weighing as much as a penny and all that brain power makes them the ambassadors for carbon neutrality.

last month

Magbificent Frigatebird silhouetted by a full moon in 8K...yummy on the eyes. @reddigitalcinema

last month

Happy hour at the watering hole and the loves are all here.

last month

Herbert has been a crowd favorite at these @nat_geo_live events. So I'm just gonna leave him up here for y'all to enjoy. Costa Rica traveling the world with me. #untamed #wilduntamed #costarica #puravida

last month

The Ethiopian Wolf. This is the rarest and most endangered canid in the world. When I went to Ethiopia, everyone told me not to even bother looking for them...way to challenging. Im glad I bothered because this is one of the most beautiful and elegant creatures I have ever seen. 🎥 for @natgeowild @africanwildlifefoundation

February 2019

On assignment for @natgeo @insidenatgeo with @brianmoghari and @acr_conservation_photography // The last week has been spectacular. Up close and personal to an animal I've chased in multiple countries, yet never experienced like this...the Magnificent Frigatebird. So much more to come but for now, please enjoy this sassy chick. #insidenatgeo

February 2019

A beautiful Tiger Shark coming in close, eye-gasmically close. Sharks are incredibly aware of their surroundings, more than any other creature Ive been around. Through sensory pores on their faces (ampullae of lorenzini ) they can detect electrical currents. If you're chill...they're chill. Filming Sharks is beautiful to me. All my awareness and passion is heightened, but my energy is controlled. Sharing the same space with them is the most rewarding thing I have ever done. If you haven't yet...give it a try. Photographed with my great friend @jim_abernethy while on assignment for @natgeo in the Bahamas. Sharks are #worthmorealive @insidenatgeo

February 2019

Grey Crowned Crane that I photographed while on assignement for @natgeo and @africanwildlifefoundation in Tanzania. If the sass attack that is this birds vibe doesn't get you ready for the weekend, then Im out of sass attacks. Stay Wild friends, and be kind to animals. #africa #tanzania

February 2019

I like things fast. Motorcycles, Yoshi in Mario Kart and Mako Sharks. At over 45mph, the Mako is the fastest Shark in the ocean and an important apex predator. Being in the water with one is an energy that is unparalleled. I filmed them for the first time while working with @nakaweproject and @pelagicsafari in Baja, Mexico.

February 2019

This is endearingly referred to as a "boil." These Olive Ridley hatchlings are making their way out of the nest and seeing the world for the first time. Out of 100 hatchlings only one on average will be lucky enough to make it into the water. So as cute as they are, Sea Turtles have a difficult start to life. How can you help? Keep our beaches and our oceans clean. And if you visit beaches with Sea Turtle nests, keep your dogs on a leash and use red lights at night. We all want more Sea Turtles roaming our oceans right. Love y'all Wildlife Warriors. Filmed for season 2 of "Untamed" in Costa Rica. #costarica

February 2019

The Resplendent Quetzal knows how to take care of its backyard. This male feeds mostly on avocados, which he eats whole. He then regurgitates the seeds which falls to the forest floor, germinates and grows more avocado trees. Thats like you eating ice cream, then 💩'ing seeds which then turn into trees who's branches are filled with pints of Ben & Jerrys. Circle of life, keep doing your thing Resplendent Quetzals. #costarica

February 2019

On Fridays, we celebrate Tiger Sharks. Photographed while on assignment for @natgeo in the Bahamas aboard the @jim_abernethy Shear Water. Sharks are #worthmorealive

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