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doing it all brick by brick. tgns. getrichwithyourfriends.👑. [email protected]

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9 hours ago

so also. going on my first nationwide tour this fall. pulling up in ya cityyyyy. the happy + extra sad tour $15 tickets on tobilou.com/tour spotify pre-sale begins tomorrow @ 10am general sale begins friday @ 10am thank you to my dawg @tobilou for bringing me and @liltrxptendo ! add a brick. 🧱

10 hours ago

happy #transmissiontuesday meet shaq and kobe. charles lauste “quarter century crisis” feat me and @ohanabam out now. 📹: @easysreel


hella things happening tomorrow. but ya know. more music is one of them did some of my favorite rapping on this. @charlesimlauste feat me and @ohanabam #qcc #transmissiontuesdays continue. 📹: @easysreel

1 weeks ago

one of my favorite verses recently. i do the fun raps too. #whyya out now. with all my friends. happy #transmissiontuesday 📹: @easysreel link in bio.

2 weeks ago

*new dilla verse alert* “why ya” by @charlesimlauste & @5thofhen featuring @ohanabam and myself. out tomorrow. cause you know it’s #transmissiontuesdays 📹: @easysreel

2 weeks ago

for black music appreciation month, @xfinity and @sofarsounds hosted a intimate show with me and some friends. we did some of my favorite songs. like this one “happy december” which is out now. meet me on tuesday for a new one. #xfinitysofar #transmissiontuesdays

2 weeks ago

last night we were on jimmy kimmel singing the blues. much love to my dawg @taylorbennett for bringing me out. you a real one fr. nothing better than building with your friends. add a brick.

2 weeks ago

#transmissiontuesdays start now. “whole thang” out now. produced by @kingthelonious art by @rubenrodriguezinc link in bio.

3 weeks ago

it’s time. new raps every tuesday starting 7/8. starting with me and @kingthelonious and it’s dirty. welcome to #transmissiontuesdays drop a 🚗 if ya ready.

4 weeks ago

no love realer than home. thank you @lyricalemonade delacreme diaries ep. 1. out now. add a brick. 📹: @easysreel

last month

”my mom oshun in the flesh, atlantic ocean in my flesh, i’m a king in my death” closing an old chapter. opening a new one. to anyone who’s been lost and is starting to find their way, i been there. but watch where we go from here. for everyone that’s joined along we got a lot more to look forward to. happy delacreme month. add a brick. 🎵: “found” 📹: @easysreel #delacreme2

last month

99% sure i was talking shit while this photo was being taken. anyway new music soon. 📷: @mocaveli_

last month

could you love me like bad news love misery? strings love symphony? like rashad love skates? happy one year anniversary to the project that helped change my life. we not done yet. happy delacreme month. #delacreme2 🎵: “your love” 📹: @easysreel add a brick.

last month

eid mubarak. 🤲🏿

May 2019

easy on @netflix : thank you for using my record “exit” on your final season. shoutout @kaliskrap , he one hell of a salesman. #delacreme2 out now add a brick.

May 2019

at open mics not getting picked hoping someone would see us, but now when they hear me they ain’t got no choice but to pledge us allegiance. add a brick. 🎶:”happy december/onourown” 📸: @easysreel

May 2019

empty bottle live. with @themobrep and @lululemonchi #delacreme2 add a brick.

April 2019

not to spoil anything. but if you’re a fan of the netflix series @onmyblock , you can catch my song “lost” on this new season. #delacreme2 is out now. grab a brick.

March 2019

never been in your bracket, the fit i marched in was madness. 📸: @coleschwartz

March 2019

everything is everything. so i’ve been told. 📸: @coleschwartz

February 2019

my head doesn’t look this big in person. i promise. limited run “blue demon” delacreme hoodies out now. 📸: @veesanders

April 2019

shoutout to @ballinthefamily for using my record “ryu” on their latest episode out now. who you rolling with? add a brick.

January 2019

building it all brick by brick. it’s a new year and we coming for everything that’s ours and then some. 📹: @takeiiteasye

December 2018

delacreme live, 2018. come see me live. it’s fun, i promise 📹: @tremaineedwards / @kardiakfilms

December 2018

because everyone has a story to tell. pt 4. thank you @seun_msamazing for sharing your story. ♥️ celebrate putting pieces of your life together because those small moments of clarity could help you see the what full picture really is .

December 2018

till death do us part, told my nigga i got him. happy gday to young tun, the big kahuna. #after25youre40 #soyoureallyjustbeenturning40forthepast4years #happy40th

December 2018

“happy december.” ❄️ feat. @shawnee_dez prod by. @charlesimlauste out now. 📸: @veesanders

December 2018

a whole millibillithouwow. first ever. only right it was done with my brother @_colebennett_ . here’s to many more views and dollars of the same amount.

December 2018

for those who don’t know. ‪so this year i’m launching the “delacreme scholar” scholarship. using some proceeds from my show on the 21st. we’ll be awarding the selected student there as well. trying be a resource i didn’t have. you don’t have to wait to be a somebody to help somebody. see you guys soon. ‬

December 2018

because everyone has a story to tell. pt 3. thank you to @ohanabam for sharing your story and following heart. everybody’s path is custom made.

November 2018

because everyone has a story to tell. pt 3. thank you to @chilottery for sharing your crazy story and shoutout jeff foxworthy lol, you never know when your life can change. don’t forget to grab tickets for #delacremelive link in bio

November 2018

andddd we back. “snowinjuly” video out . tune in on igtv. shot by @ledoox2

December 2018

because everyone has a story to tell. pt 2. thank you to the legendary @thestitchgawd for sharing your story.

December 2018

because everyone has a story to tell. me and some of homies decided to share some of ours. but i figured i’d go first. just a little context into the album.

December 2018

mood. 📸: @moon_mamii

October 2018

dilla, 2018. 📸: @moon_mamii

October 2018

thank you for @chicagovotes for bringing me out to perform at chicago’s women’s march this past weekend. 📸: @stevensjpeg

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