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Close your eyes, and imagine waking up here... nightmare? Or bliss? . . . . The edge, for some odd reason, has always called me. I think 5 year old me would be so happy to see that I’m chasing the edge into my thirties. 🧗🏻‍♀️: @jess wandering

2 weeks ago

#ad I got a taste of Switzerland last year, and it's been calling me back ever since... it’s just as beautiful as I remembered. Catching first light in Alpstein. And testing out the new SH/FT shoes from @columbia1938 Love how versatile they are for around town, to mountain trekking. 👟 #moveoutsidetheexpected

2 weeks ago

It’s been a while since I’ve been out of my element and felt this scared. Reminds me of why I went down this path in the first place. Thanks for guiding us @michiwohlleben Funtimes @jess wandering 😅

3 weeks ago

Long Live Italian Summer 🏊🏻‍♀️ It’s a fun challenge to shoot popular places in a different way. I used the slow-mo feature on the new @oneplus 7 Pro, to capture the elegant detail of @still_thatgirl ‘s swan dive. Every time I watch this it makes me want to dive in right after! Reminder: we’re giving away a OnePlus 7 Pro phone along with $3000 travel credit to anywhere in the world! To enter follow @oneplus on Instagram, and follow the ‘giveaway’ link in my bio under story highlights. #shotononeplus #onepluspartner

3 weeks ago

Over here trying to figure out what to write in the caption line, any useful information I can pass along... It’s tough to fake inspiration, and lately, I find myself not wanting to post. Or even touch my phone for that matter. Does anyone else go thru those phases?

4 weeks ago

Finished an eventful overnighter w/ @jess wandering thru the Beartooth wilderness. We hit 4 lakes, experienced rain, sun, and logged a total of 19 miles. Hard to beat summer in Montana. #montanamoment @visitmontana @matadornetwork #travelstoke

5 weeks ago

My vision as a photographer has narrowed. It’s easy to walk up to a spot and instantly know where and how I want to shoot it. This is a good and a bad thing... because the images have increasingly got more staged, to please my ultra particular eye. Rarely am I satisfied with just capturing the moment as it happens. What I like about cliff jumping is that even tho it’s a planned shot, there’s still no faking that jump. I had to get a running start on this one to clear trees and rocks on the way down. I was nervous... can you feel it?

last month

Been off the grid the past week with @churchillwildsafaris and @travelmanitoba I couldn’t get over how goofy these Polar Bears were. Moments later the guy on the left belly flopped off the rock. #churchillwild #sealriverheritagelodge #exploremb #sponsored @matadornetwork #travelstoke

last month

A common backlash I get is that I promote dangerous activities. I try to create impossible looking images. Ones that highlight the resilience of the human spirit, and show off the beauty of our planet. . . . I’ve debated posting this shot. Spent a decent amount of time bringing it to life - finding the location, and angle to make it appear like @jess wandering is scaling a wall high above the ocean. It’s an exaggerated reality, that evokes a feeling. The more feeling I can pack into an image the more successful it is. Is it enough feeling to lead to action? Motivation to put down the phone, to get out of bed? I can only hope so. But a lot of people would argue that I’m feeding into the reckless mentality that photographers sometimes take to get the perfect shot . . . . We didn’t risk our lives for this one - there’s solid ground 4 feet below. But what happens when a feature page shares it without that disclosure? Will I inspire others to emulate the perceived dangerous behavior? Maybe. Should I let that limit my creative freedom? I go back and forth.

last month

Last light over Lake Tahoe - love the clash of warm to cool color. I used a 10 sec exposure, with a polarizer to get the soft water effect. 🧜🏼‍♀️: @jess wandering

last month

Easily one of my top 3 views... it’s been a dream of mine to hit it on a calm Summer day to fully experience it. We paddled under every arch, swam thru the channel, climbed the rocks and dove in till we felt the sunburn coming in.

last month

We’ve been averaging a cliff jump a day this past week... and I think this morning’s was the most memorable. Its been a blast catching up with my old friend @kchainzzzzz while making the drive north. I’ll be based in PNW for the next while, anybody wanna get out? *note- always check the water depth before jumping. This one was about 10 ft deep.

June 2019

Sun’s out, birds chripin, waterfall’s ragin, half dome’s smilin. Anybody else in the Sierras this weekend?

June 2019

Anaconda versus Sloth. My heart stopped when the sloth’s claws wrapped around the snake’s head... turns out they’re buddies.

June 2019

Summer has arrived in @RenoTahoe 💦🌲 Took the Paddle board out today, and found this small Pine tree lined cove with incredibly clear water. #RenoTahoe #KeepTahoeBlue @jess wandering

June 2019

Morning warmth in the wilderness. . All about the simple pleasures out here. @jess wandering

June 2019

Loving the desert rain we've been having, brings out some nice reflections. Been testing out the @oneplus 7 pro on this road trip, and am super impressed with the results so far. Also love that the phone has 3 cameras to choose from - wide, standard and zoom. Stoked to be giving away a new 7 Pro phone and a $3000 Travel Credit to anywhere in the world! To enter, follow @oneplus on Instagram, and follow the link in my stories. #ShotonOnePlus #OnePlusPartner OnePlusPartner Giveaway Rules: No Purchase Necessary. Must be 18 years or older to enter. Winner must live in the U.S.A. Giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram.

June 2019

It’s easy to get inspired nowadays, media has gotten so realistic that, in the moment, it almost feels like enough to watch from the sidelines. For me, it took a real life person to fully inspire me to go for it. When I met @klyn8 she didn’t have an overly enthusiastic view on life, or even talk that much. She listened to the big ideas that would pop into my mind. In this way, she lifted me up, and changed my life. . . . We all struggle, I might go as far as say, we are all struggling. Whether it’s first world problems or real problems, it’s important to address it. The best thing about social media is that you can show the world who you wish you were. I remember before this digital web I thought that I was the only one who felt a deep curiosity of what was down the unfamiliar road. Everyone appeared happy otherwise. But now, with social, it’s clear to see that there are plenty of people who value these same things. They’re looking for human connection in the same way that you are. Reach out, meet up, talk with them, look em in the eyes and listen. You never know what you might spark in someone if you listen.

May 2019

Color & texture of central @peru #visitperu #peruredefiningrichness

May 2019

Prior to this trip, I only knew the mountains of @Peru I have a new found appreciation of this country’s diversity. Between the Amazon rainforest, glacier peaks in the Andes, expansive sand dunes, and rich cultural traditions, it’s the ultimate destination. Here’s the desert oasis of Huacachina under a full moon. Shot at 16mm/30sec/f4/iso200. #visitperu #peruredefiningrichness

May 2019

Been off the grid in the Amazon for the past few days... saw monkeys, a sloth, dolphins, a toucan, but the unexpected favorite was this baby Tapir. He is an orphan that was rescued by some locals and will be eventually released back into the wild. He had cool patterns and a funny nose, and followed me for a while. 😊 @peru #visitperu #peruredefiningrichness

May 2019

First trip in the new van was to see the stars with my Mom. My stoke for all this stuff comes from her. Happy Mother’s Day!

May 2019

Been in a creative rut lately... how do you guys deal with feeling uninspired ?

May 2019

Feet ankle deep in the sand, looking out to the waves. Turn around to realize that jagged mountains are towering over from behind. . . Hawaiian beauty, shot at 240mm.

April 2019

Every visitor who enters Palau signs a pledge in their passport - “To preserve and protect . . tread lightly, act kindly and explore mindfully.” This respectful mentality reflects thru their warm culture and pristine landscapes. I have never seen so much beauty, virtually untouched. @savethereef Song by: @phosphorescentmusic “Black Moon/Silver Waves”

April 2019

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to swim with some endangered Australian Sea Lions. Every time they looked at me with their curious faces, it felt like I was looking into the eyes of a friend. Happy to be working with @savethereef to help protect more habitat for my new ocean buddies.

May 2019

Took the last 2 months off to build my dream home. The process of designing, and constructing it felt nearly identical to when I create a photo. Starts with a vision that I can’t get out of my head, then the research, finally commitment to the undertaking, and no stopping till it’s done. I had 60 square feet to work with. And was able to squeeze in a kitchen + dining table, office, bathroom, couch, full bed, heater, ventilation cooling, solar setup w/ battery bank, storage for my gear, oh and there’s an iPad movie theater too. Feels pretty luxurious (for a car ). 👍 🚎 @quinsvan Thanks for helping me out @bradjamin @ourhomeonwheels @andrewknapp @jess wandering . Song: “Lost My Head There” by: @kurtvile This video is being represented by LADbible Group. To use or license this video please email licensing @ladbiblegroup com

March 2019

It took me 5 years to make the trek to this plank suspended over the Qin Mountains in Central China. The journey consisted of a few days in planes and airports, two train rides, hours of climbing stairs, two cable cars, and a few hour long line. When I finally stepped foot onto the rickety plank, I thought back to the mental, physical and financial journey I’d been thru to reach this destination... and was greeted with party music, and hundreds of young people taking selfies with themselves, their friends, and sometimes even grabbing me for one. There was traffic going both ways. I’m pretty comfortable with heights, but passing someone on this plank was extreme. Felt like squeezing past someone seated on an airplane when you need to go to the bathroom and they won’t get up.. but with a few thousand foot drop on the other side. It got so crowded that I ended up squatting down in a ball, grabbing the chain, and hugging the wall, as people leap frogged over my back. These are the experiences I live for.

March 2019

Dusk in the Italian Alps.

March 2019

Highline possibilities. . . 🎵: Radiohead “Kid A”

March 2019

Out of my trips, the Philippines stands out. It’s up there with the American South, and when I road tripped Central America. Good memories with @jess wandering 🍃

March 2019

There are over 6000 cenotes (sinkholes like this ) in the Yucatán Peninsula. Most of which are not tourist attractions, and some of which are still uncovered. Walking around the forest here, iguanas pop out of the bushes, and the locals will tell you stories of Jaguars. Oh and there might be something like this below your feet, waiting to be discovered. . . 🧗🏻‍♀️: @jess wandering

March 2019

When I go trekking alone, the animals speak to me. This goat talked me thru my stresses at the time. So I guess that’s the benefit of solo time, you look to your surroundings, and appreciate them more.

February 2019

Of the places I’ve been, I’d say Zhangjiajie left the greatest impression on me. It was the most crowded streets I’ve seen - on Disneyland’s level, but larger scale. I was a foot taller than the crowd. And the only one with light hair. People were pointing, taking pictures, grabbing my arm and pulling in their direction and throwing out their selfie sticks to pose in front of me... felt like a movie star there for a second. 🥴

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