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17 slime account: @flowslimes youtube: eston tiktok: estonchase ⤵️

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2 weeks ago

since everyone’s coming from @complex , @liljupiterr and @pizzaslime , i just want to do a quick plug for my tiktok (estonchase ) which is in my bio ; ) ) i’m glad that people are finding our video amusing ♥️

3 weeks ago

i can’t stop listening to beef flomix please send help 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

4 weeks ago

@audeez 💞✨

last month

want to see videos of all these 7 froots? click the link in my bio ; ) i made a music video and i think you’d like it, but who knows! maybe you’ll hate it, but there’s only one way of finding out and you and i both know that 🤷🏽‍♂️🤪

June 2019

you need to calm down 🌈

June 2019

the face i make when i realize you haven’t watched my new youtube video (it’s a video essay! ) when you can click the link in my bio and watch it ; ) ) ok but forreal i put a lot of effort into it and i’m really proud of it 🥺

June 2019

just playing with slime by the aurora borealis 🥰✌🏼 with all due respect, get on my level 😳

3 weeks ago

hi i got locked out of my old account which is really annoying so i hAaAaAd to create this one :’ ) but yeah anyway HIIIII